May 2009 -

My Blog, my RUN and my life

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I have faltered in keeping up with my blogging, but have promised myself to begin with a new vigor and hope you would encourage me on my new resolution!

Well I cannot definitely keep you updated on the day to day happening for the past five months that I had not blogged, but to put it in a nutshell it has been going great guns!

Market Simplified has been touching new pinnacle at every stride. Do check us out.

Meanwhile on my running, the story is I had a great year to begin with but like every other professional runner I am recuperating from week muscles and hope to recover and run again….man getting up everyday and seeing your shoes and NOT running is the most depressing thing in my life. By the way Dr told me that this happens to all runners who take a break from running. Some chemical goes to brain when we run or do some cardio exercise and when this stops it puts you in to depression. Hope I am out of it soon. Today I have a review with the Dr and will know when I can start my run again.

So far so good, will give you a more detailed version of happening around me and REGULARLY!

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