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Facing 2009 – Return to BASICS

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Touch late to wish Happy new year, still….Wishing a very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2009.

Someone sent me a sms which read, “Happy, Prosperous, Healthy, Wealthy (of all the things in this recession), Tsunami free, Earth Quake free, Recession free bla bla bla..
Think of it I really feel this was the kind of prayer you would actually do, though surrounded by realities of recession and downturn. But who care about all that when we decide to be optimistic at least when we start a year.

We started a new year with some optimism and did not even see a few days of it, and a ton of bricks lands on your face in the name of “Satyam”, shaking the entire country and the very software industry which has brought India to what it is today. First I didn’t know how to react, to feel bad for the share holders, or feel bad for the 50 odd thousand employees (now even this number is under scanner) the support staff, like taxis, canteen etc, all the above’s families or feel bad for the entire country which is in such a state where we give all the room to allow people to do such scams, stay calm and keep watching everyone from all sides attacking the citizens, immaterial of which religion or region he belongs to.

Last year we saw the biggest downfall in the financial industry triggered by PURE HUMAN GREED. Whats all this? Is this the world we want to live?

Take our own country. Is India actually the country what we see today! What happened to all our great culture, great ethics and great morals we had as a country praised in all history books we read today.

There needs to be some revolution in this country to bring a change. A change in peoples attitude, a change in peoples compassion towards other fellow citizens, change towards being clean by all means. And this change has to brought in only by the youngsters who’s count is more in number today than all the old people with. We as youngsters should try and inherit all good values and omit the rotten systems and values carried through generations. Bring fresh change in this world as responsible global citizens. We all know what to do and what not to do, simple things like:

– Keep the country CLEAN of everything including corruption and litter
– Have road sense including respect for pedestrians
– be a responsible citizen in using any public property
– be good to everyone immaterial of his religion or caste and treat everyone on par
– VOTE, this is the most powerful medium of bringing about the change we all expect
– try and educate people below poverty line
– try and be healthy to take care of your family

Lets look at bringing about this change in life within ourselves first. Small changes lead to a big revolution.

Please save our world and give our next generation a better place to live in. Looking forward to a great year ahead.

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