December 2008 -

My first Professional half marathon exp

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Give it to Singapore for this truly AMAZING marathon they have organised. Forgive me for being over enthu about this, as this is my first Singapore marathon or professional marathon I would say.

From the time I woke up I was just telling myself that I need to complete the marathon sub 2 hours ( too much of asking for the bad training I did). Ran down the hotel stairs to get a taxi to the race point, my ankle twisted and I fell …..damm this is the third time and the same leg in the last 3 months. The pain in my left ankle made me really nervous if I could even run the marathon. But I just decided I WILL and went to the start point with Ravindhran, Madhavan and Hariharan from HYD.

Over all it was a very good run for me, Hariharan really pushed me hard all through the run, though he claimed that I was setting the trend for him ( good joke). I dont think I would have done 2:27 if not for Hariharan. Race day, ankle pain and crowd towards the end was the downside for me. I am personally happy about my performance, though could have done better.

Me at at the finish line after my race:


My Race Stats:

Truly inspired by our Harishankar, I was at the finish waiting with a video camera to shoot our Chennai runners Finish, but could get only Hari’s video, he entered the finish arch and my camera battery was out.

Hari after a SUPER finish


Hari and me with our Medals

Now I am looking forward to run the full marathon in Pondy. Lets see how long this enthu stays, I only hope it stays till I train and complete the full marathon in Pondy ( of course thats the start of my marathon life)

Congrats Chennai runners for this amazing finish. Great news is every Chennai runner FINISHED the marathon. Tiger is a Tiger, Ram was Ram , Hari was HARI this time, Mohamed was Mohan……list goes on…

Chennai Runners on their way back

My focus hopefully will be to start running full marathons from now…..

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