September 2008 -

Guilty of not running

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It is disgusting that I have to do a public confession to get over my own problem, but this will at least be a kicking in my ass and get me to running more regularly…..

Have been most irregular runner of my group for the last 2 weeks, reasons I am giving myself start from beer the previous day to me having antibiotics for my stomach problem (WARNING: don’t relate beer and my stomach problem….if you relate don’t come and tell me that)

Morning I went and spoke to my wife and said, she will make me feel DOUBLE YUK if I didn’t run that day…

Lets see how this works.

Sweet Read

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Read this somewhere:

If u had purchased $1000 of Delta Air lines stock a year ago, you would have $49 left!

With Fannie Mae you would have $2.50!

With AIG you would have less then $15 left!

But if u had purchased $1000 of Beer a year ago, drunk all of the beer and then turned in the cans for aluminium recycling refund, you would have $214 cash!

The best current advice is to drink all that you can and recycle!_

Disclaimer: I am personally not responsible for people who take up drinking after this ;)……nor did I write this…..but who ever wrote it made me read this more than once hehe


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We really had a great day out on 28th September 2008. It was a day that none of us could forget. I for long had wanted such a get together for INXIANS & and of course the families who had been a very important part of INXS. Product launch came as a big reason for this awesome outing.


Fisherman’s Cove in ECR was the destination and we couldn’t asked for more. What was unexpected and which eventually led for more fun and frolic were the rain! The dark clouds initially looked like they could prove to be spoil sport but must have heard us cursing and it had stopped raining as abruptly as it started to leave way for a beautiful weather which was great for a beautiful evening and night!
The families had great fun together with lots of games organized on the beach and in the banquet hall. It had started with a game of cricket for our men folks, not be chauvinistic here, the women choose to play volley ball, not the beach one 😉


The game of identifying the animals proved to be hilarious when each of us trying to prove our worth or what we were to the audience.


There was ‘Antakshari’ which bought into forefront great singers in the form of Kumaresan and Ramya (wife of Admin. Vijay). The games session ended with ADZAP and ‘Know your Spouse’ with kudos to Praveen and Smitha for product planning (which was quite expected of him!) and Smitha respectively.


“Johnny Walker’ was a great product Praveen (hehe what else) and we had some great ‘Walkers’! I must say. Smitha’s enactment was really natural and great. The best couple who were viji and myself (never had any doubts about it!) and of course Praveen & Smitha was a great revelation to many of us. Sorry if ended in brickbats at home for some 😉

It ended with Cocktails and Mocktails and of course some great food courtesy The Taj, with the children finishing off the ‘natural juice’ sources at TAJ.

So with our energy revamped, refreshed and raring to go for the rest of the months. Here we are back to work kicking ass! Great Going INXS .


My IIT Golden Jubilee Marathon

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Last week was the IIT Golden Jubilee Marathon. It was one of my best runs ever in Nambba Chennai.
Couldn’t believe that just greenery could change Chennai in to a paradise. Now if I extend this we will have to talk more on global warming and what trees could do to this.

Continuing on the run, it was really THE climate and environment a runner would expect. Trust me, you just should run inside IIT Madras for this experience at least once, that too when it is slightly drizzling.

As usual Chennai runners were a super group with our part to contribute to the crowd.

Spot me in the Chennaionline video if you can in this Chennai Online Video

Our Chennai Runners Group:

$700 billion CLEANING program by the U.S Government

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With a tremulous week that was, we have come back to a situation wherein regulations and interventions are being sought to calm down the situations. As all of you would have known by now, the $700 billion bail out program by the Government is a measure taken to bring the situation under control and to ensure that it is insured against such a downfall in the future. So how would the $700 billion cleaning plan help the economy? would such a program ensure that the economy would be resurrected?

In my view this should not happen, yes it is good for economies around the world, but then whats the punishment for all the wrong decisions that these companies took in investing in JUNK instruments and leveraging their capital absurd number of times? What happens to the companies who did good business and survived this situation on their own without even entering in to this mess? Its like this, you cry more you get what ever you want in spite of the mistakes you did. Not Fair. Evolution should take its own course, that is survival of the fittest. Don’t you think there is a big shift happening from capitalist to a socialist!

Bottom line ” Privatization of profits and make all the losses PUBLIC”

Every sector should come and lobby with the good government to bail them out, its after all bad decision and bad management of business which put them in loss….airlines are you listening!

So what is the plan with the $700 billion? The most obvious one, the Government buys out the distressed assets and tries selling them during better times. Now with what the economy needs is a lot of capital and with the capitals flowing the investors might ease a little and the investments would help in making the situation better….that sums up the plan in brief!

The bail out plan might prove to be a rescuer. Now with lot of lobbying and representations to the government and the Fed, it looks like the asset buying scheme of the Government would also include insurance companies. It would also include foreign banks. Now that is quite natural with the foreign banks engaging the United States capital and lab our resources.

As you can see the above said situations would act as a ‘cycle’ by itself wherein the bail out plan would bring about confidence in many including the investors and the investment banks changing their role would mean greater confidence in the investors and the public and hence capital flow which in-turn would ease the credit crunch and the capital crunch that the economy is facing.

In short what the ‘Capitalist’ requires is lot of ‘CAPITAL’

Back to life after a good product launch

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Yippee…product launched and people using our software in the US now. It surely is exhilarating after your product launches successfully…talk about it after a long, hard and sleepless times spent in the product creation by INXS team.

With lot of pride I can say that we are now enabling people in the US to monitor and trade the stock markets from their mobiles. Now we have launched the product for TD Ameritrade clients to trade from their mobile.
Download the app from

Currently we have launched for the Blackberry Models, and hoping to launch the Apple I phone application shortly.

Will update you guys with the progress of the product in the coming days.

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