August 2008 -

A quick look

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With election around the corner in the U.S.A there is much to expect from the economy. Trends have shown a positive effect on the market due to the elections. Right now the situation is that there is less on IT spending. The outcome of the lower IT spending is that DELL ‘s share is down by 10% on its quarterly profit earning. Perhaps there would be a turn around with the announcement of the Election results.

Verizon and Google’s Deal

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Verizon and Google’s partnership is something that many look forward to. According to the deal, Google would become the official search engine on the Verizon phone. The home screen would show a Google search bar. According to Reuters there are some issues which are being discussed between Google and Verizon before the deal could be made official. So I am sure that Verizon users are looking forward for the deal to come through!

My life and Running

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Not only am I running to complete my target delivery dates with my projects, but also doing some real running to keep my training going.

Yesterday was a super day with Chennai Runners, we did the reverse of the proposed Chennai marathon which is scheduled this 31st of August. It was a very good practice session for everyone of us. I could do only 16 KMS running and the rest of 5 KMS I completed with some help…hopping in to an auto hehe. Common its not that bad when you land the previous night and sleep early morning at 12:30 and then get up at 4 to run 😉

Hope to complete the Chennai marathon at least, if not in some record breaking time.

Drowned in launch deadlines

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The going is just CRAZY at INXS with all of drowned with our works piling for the launch of our product with TDA. Doing crazy hours at work and not able to spend time with my dear son is really killing me and for sure annoying my wife.

Will get to sleep only when traders in the US are able to trade from our mobile application peacefully.

hhmm! lets hope this is really sooner than we anticipate

China-VC’s choice

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My Account of my trip to U.S of A would shortly follow! Meanwhile to keep abreast with the happenings here goes…..

Olympics with its fun and glory seem to have also bought investments into China!
According to reports venture capitalists have pumped in around 1.37 million into China. Red Herring article says that about 71% of the investments have been concentrated into Information Service/Media content. Same article reports that the highest investments were for Oak Pacific Interactive.

China seems to have gained more popularity with the Olympics and its potential for development is quite apparent in its support and infrastructure facilities!

Unusually tiring Journey to US of A

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Finally made it to Big Apple just now.

Can you beat this, just when we landed in Brussels on Jet Airways the airport went on strike. We were supposed to have taken off to NY on the same flight with two hours break, but everything went haywire this time.

I thought we (Indians) were the only one’s accused of doing something like this, but was surprised to know that Europe has unions which will beat the Indian counterparts just like that.

Once we parked (luckily, unlike most others who landed later) the airport went on strike, so no baggage handling people, no one push the aircraft back, it was chaos at Brussels airport which is otherwise a peaceful airport. Finally strike was called off or they arrived at a compromise with one group and they cleared the planes after about 5 hours delay.

Now jet lag + long flight+ no sleep = battery critically low

So going to hit the bed early now. Will update tomorrow.

Off to US of A

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Going to be in New York 11th to 13th and 13th evening to 16th afternoon I am in Chicago, and back to India on 16th. Meeting with one of the largest brokers in the US for a possible business synergy. Hope all goes well.

One of the good things to happen, planning to run in Central park in NY. Great place to run I believe, hope I don’t get lost in Central park, many have told me in Chennairunners that they have.

Will keep you guys posted with pictures and posts as usual.

Nokia’s Gesture

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How many of us have unused mobile phones lying in our drawers, i think most of us have. Nokia in its recent press release in its website has reiterated the importance of recycling Mobile phone. Among the various mobile phone users across the globe, including India many do not know that phones are recyclable. Nokia’s site claims that about 74% of mobile phone users feel that they dont think about recycling. It seems that about 80% of Nokia’s mobile phones are recyclable. And do you know to what the various parts of mobile phones can be put to, well I was amazed at the number of uses – the list is from a kitchen Kettle to a dental filler! wow I surely did not know about this. According to the site even “if each of 3 billion people using mobile phones can bring back unused mobile phones, about 240,000 tonnes of raw materials can be saved and an equal amount of green house gas emission can be prevented”. So now you know what to do about your unused mobile phones!

check this site

Air Bus in all forms

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Looks like Wired has dedicated an entire article for people like me. Their autopia sections talk about ‘Electra Flyer C’ which runs on a rechargeable 5.6 kWh lithium battery. Second article was on the ‘Superluxe Airbus A380’ where a first class ticket which comes with a whole load of luxury stuffs is priced at $14,000, of course the plane makes a round trip from New York-Dubai, where else! Here is a good and interesting news for all the ‘Virgin America’ frequent fliers. The article talks about points being used for a trip on space on board the ‘virgin Galactic’. Wow ‘virgin America’ flier kindly check your points and head to space! and a lot of other interesting tidbits are loaded.


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In spite of the one-child policy in vogue in China, it still faces the problem of growing population. But yet the progress that the country is making is quite phenomenal. Technology wise China might have a long way to go but are sure heading in the directions. After the infrastructure support that the country provides, i am in awe of the means by which its people arm themselves for the modern world. According to blogs and reports especially by the ‘China Internet Network Information Center’ about 253 million Chinese were online in June, it even surpassed the number of Americans online on the same period.

“With the Largest Amount of both Netizens and ccTLDs in the World, a Big Internet Power Is Taking Shape

by the end of June 2008, the amount of netizens in China had reached 253 million, surpassing that in the United States to be the first place in the world. This is according to a newly released Suvery Repot by China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC).”

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