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Ready for the Apple iPhone-NEXGEN?

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Everybody is expecting the Apple’s second release of i Phone. Contrary to believe other smart phone makers like RIM and PALM would not taka hit. Infact it is expected to increase with the release of the new iPhone on Monday. Betsy Schiffman of Wired explores this phenomena in the Wired online magazine under the heading ‘What is good for Apple is better for everyone else’.

According to the article with the introduction of iPhone the sales of RIM and PALM have surge by around 38%. Now what is causing this phenomenon, according to an analyst this is because iPhone has caused this ‘uproar’ for Smart phones but when people decide to buy they find the ‘Blackberry’ more affordable!

The same phenomena also applies to other Apple products like example, iPod had created the market for MP3 and so on. Is it possible about the packaging and marketing efforts that Apple is putting in?

Verizon and Alltel

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The next most discussed topic is in the area of communication. Verizon wireless and Alltel are entering a deal. Wherein Verizon will be buying rural phone service Alltel Corporation for a said sum of $28.1 billion. This deal would catapult Verizon to the Numero Uno position replacing AT&T. It is estimated that Verizon wireless would acquire the equity of Alltel for $5.9 billion and the debt burden would be that of $22.2 billion. The share price would definitely increase by 6%.

According to Reuters, the deal is expected to be cash flow positive with estimated integration cost at $1.1 billion to $1.2 billion in the first year. Guess Verizon is in a top notch position now!

Yahoo’s Stand.

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Yes the Presidential Elections seems to be on top of everyone’s mind. Especially after Obama’s win against Hillary. There are other things of interest too, that seems to be brewing in the U.S. For one is the recent statement by Susan Decker, Yahoo President on Wednesday that there is a possibility of some type of deal that could come up between Yahoo and Microsoft.
Yahoo meanwhile has not taken too kindly to the recent remarks by Icahn and is firing back.
Decker in the Advertisement 2.0 conference in New York had once again reiterated on the deal between Microsoft and Yahoo and said that a conclusion could be expected somewhere next week. Other than the talks with Microsoft Yahoo is separately holding talks with Google.
Guess news other than the Presidential Election to be looked into in the possible Deal of Yahoo and Microsoft or should we say Google! Well guess we need to wait to see.

As ECB turns 10…

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As the European Central Bank turns 10 there are many problems that the bank is facing right now. First are the rising inflation and fuel prices. Jean Claude Trichet who is heading the ECB is having his hands full dealing with the various problems that the European Union is facing. A man of steel he is definitely showing grit and determination in handling situations. According to ‘Reuters’ the common decision taken by the ministers of the Union is that countries belonging to the union should not slash taxes or ‘wage awards should not be indexed’ as this would only aggravate the problem and makes it into a long term one. One important suggestion by President Nicolas Sarkozy, last week was capping of fuel prizes by European Union if the prices kept rising.

With a global problem of rising inflation and fuel prices, policies must be framed in such a way that not only caters to short term problem but looks into the long term aspect too.

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