June 2008 -

Technology and Celebrities

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Have you wondered about people like ‘M.C’ Hammer, Ashton Kutcher and Andrew Shue. If you are raising your eyebrows as to why I am? Well the answer is a featured article in the wired magazine about celebrity startups and the names that were mentioned were those of above. For example Andrew Shue has started something called as cafemom.com as the name suggest a social networking site for moms and M.C Hammer is busy with managing business which is a Youtube counterpart, but which specializes in uploading dance videos ….. quite interesting don’t u think? Technology does enthrall everyone.

A Day out at INXS

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Yesterday, we had a day out-actually lunch. The occasion was My Birthday and I decided that it was a reason to go out and relax, especially since it has been a while the team had gone out together. What would be better stress buster for the amount of work that the team was putting in! Well we decided to explore a new place for eat-out and decided on the ‘The Cascade’ in Khader Nawaz Khan Road, Nungambakkam. The first thing that hit me in KNK road was the number of high profile banners it was carrying and that too in a medium stretch of road. KNK is definitively a brand in itself!

The spread was Chinese and since we were divided into veg and non-veg I must say that all of us had our stomach and aesthetics senses satisfied, as were seated in a private room and the ambience was good. Starting with starters to the main course and desserts what could be a better way to celebrate when you are among your friends and team that has shared everything right from the start. The lunch was sprinkled with lot of heart filled laughter and satisfaction. With so much to look forward to I hope we can keep up this tradition and happiness. Here some snaps which speaks volume about the day and the happiness that we shared.


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Strategies are something we talk about everyday, but do we follow some of the basic ones? Under the strategies outlined in the ‘Entrepreneur’ magazine. Barry Farber in the sales/marketing strategies has outlined some of the basic rules required for sales/marketing effort to become successful. Physical Conditioning, Mental Focus, No Limits and Attitudes towards change are some of the basic and important rules.
Physical Conditioning as we all know matters most as the state of the body defines state of mind and for a tough mind, it is also necessary to work out. Focus is something we need to definitively to have, setting no limits to learning is very very important as every event is a learning process and it is important not only for the sales team but executives in every position needs to be continually in a learning process. Attitude about accepting change is what defines a successful business.

So with these very few basic but important points, it is easy to refresh our thinking process and think anew. Thanks Barry for those important and essential points!


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Reengineering (or re-engineering) is the radical redesign of an organization’s processes, especially its business processes. Rather than organizing a firm into functional specialties (like production, accounting, marketing, etc.) and looking at the tasks that each function performs,

“reinventing the wheel” is an important tool in the instruction of complex ideas. Rather than providing students simply with a list of known facts and techniques and expecting them to incorporate these ideas perfectly and rapidly, the instructor instead will build up the material anew, leaving the student to work out those key steps which embody the reasoning characteristic of the field.”

The above definition is from Wikipedia. Reinventing, Reengineering are the most commonly used phrases. What is the need for reinventing oneself or reengineering the business process? Well when a person achieves his or her said goal, it is not the end of things, it is important to maintain the level and all the more to achieve higher plains, well how does one do it if one is already exhausted the strategy and planning to achieve his goal; here is where ‘Reengineering’ and ‘Reinventing’ the process comes into play.a When one approaches a fresh goal or tries to maintain the standard one achieves. This not only gives a fresh lease of life to the person but brings in new perspective where process of doing the same thing can be viewed in a different light and this makes achieving the goal all the more interesting and fresh.

It is also important to put in those ideas and tools that we already know to proper use and practice such that the consequences are better. This gives added values to both product and process.

It is important for any person or a business establishment to reinvent itself to bring about freshness, zeal and of course to achieve a whole new height!

Bloggers Help!

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Nowadays Marketing strategy involves making a beeline for all the prominent bloggers. Some of the practice involved might make the bloggers to take notice and write about you but some might just not be the case. As an ardent fan of Guy Kawasaki (No this is not any marketing technique by me!) I came across an article written by him in ‘Entrepreneur’ magazine and hope this would be helpful for all those executives who are trying to adopt a ‘bloggers’ attracting strategy!

Some of the points are self explanatory, and some I really liked. I don’t want to reproduce the entire 9 points that Guy wrote but would point out some which is quite interesting and informative like that of ‘Create a Product’: Be sure that you have a great product in hand which can be talked and written about-simple and straight forward.
Secondly is to make connections to bloggers before you really need them and not that you approach them when you want to market your product alone, this would also help both of you to know each other and the blogger to really understand about your product and you. The last but definitely not the least is to be a ‘foul weather friend’, i.e even if the blogger seems to write negatively about your business or product, instead of steaming away at the blogger or ignoring it is best to see the actual point and see if there is room for improvements. Great compilation Guy, I really enjoyed reading it

Dasavatharam Movie

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Was really thrilled to get Dasavatharam tickets that our office Vijay arranged for yesterday at Drive in theater. Should say driving in and watching a movie from your car or out in the air is a real good experience for sure. Imagine eating dosa or samosa, lying down in open air (please take your own mattress and pillows, not part of the ticket 😉 though) and watching your favorite movie.

Movie was super, I adore Kamal who himself is a very tech savy person and great learner. He never stops learning. Movie is got loads of technology, I think no Indian movie has seen, at least as far as I know. Especially the scenes where Kamal plays the role of a grand old lady who is shown shorter than the people walking next to her. I am sure synthesizing this role in to the movie would have been a great task. Tsunami was another scene. Attention to details is really great.

Story is very small though which is literally dragged for 3 hours, in my opinion. No usual love story and duets so lots of non sense is avoided. I am not sure how this will be taken commercially but for sure its a brilliant effort by Kamal Hassan as usual. Good watch for sure. Don’t expect a story when you go. Just try and connect the 10 characters he plays, else he will connect it for you end of the movie.

Microsoft is out, Google In

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Microsoft has announced that it is no longer interested in the deal with Yahoo and this has paved the way for Yahoo to go ahead with talks with Google. The announcement of Microsoft came in even when the Software giant was ready to pay around $33 per share. With the new announcement of Google and Yahoo coming together, both the companies are looking at ways to expand the partnership.

Yahoo will control how Google’s ad would displayed along with its own advertising. It is said that there would be three and half a month delay for regulator review.

The ongoing talks with Yahoo and Google also paves way for for Yahoo to pursue a deal with Microsoft.

EU Guidelines

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EU’s Telecom Commissioner Viviane Reding, has proposed guidelines for Telecom Industry. The objective of the guideline would be provide a fair sum of return on investments by the investors. In Ms. Rending words The guidelines would prove to be more beneficial now as the EU telecom industry is on the path of providing or proposing to provide high speed internet infrastructure facility and hence it becomes a necessity to exploit the existing EU framework. According to her it would also facilitate new entrants for a share of the infrastructure being provided by bigger companies, though of course for a fee. Hence this guidelines aims to provide a fair share of returns and also a fair share of the infrastructure that is being build in order to make investments in telecom much more attractive and lucrative. I guess such a guideline would serve as a great encouragement to investors and new entrants as well.

What to expect.

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James Caron, Morgan Stanley’s Co-Founder and Global head strategist spoke on Reuters Investment Outlook Summit and has reiterated some interesting points.
For one Fed. Rate would hold the interest rate before 2009. According to him the CPI might peak at 5% to 5.5% before reducing to 4.6% by the year end. Similarly the U.S Treasury yields could hit 4.75% with the current level of 4.10%.

It is a know fact that, Bernanke has reiterated his stand on inflation and is strongly opposed to any sort of policies that would lead to inflation. It is also widely believed that the Fed. might follow 75 basis point of tightening. Caron feels that we can look forward for a below the trend growth rate for the U.S though not a long spell of recession.

The Announcement-3G iPhone

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I guess what holds the attention for others will hold the attention of mine too. It is the features of 3G iphone, looks like most of the rumors about the features were true. In the article ‘Apple confirms iPhone Rumors’,by Lalee Sadighi. The second generation i phones supports 3G which makes it faster and even Steve Jobs confirmed that it is as close as Wi-Fi. The other much expected features were the built-in GPS (already present in Blackberry). Appearance wise it looks like it would be sleeker in the in the edges and the colors would be in Black or White. Many of the Apple followers would be happy with the announcement.

Apple iPhone second generation would be available in 70 countries by the end of the year.

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