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Much awaited weekend

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This looks like a much awaited weekend, for both Yahoo and Microsoft. All might not be lost between Microsoft and Yahoo, as there seems to be a last minute effort to bring about some sort of consensus before the deal is totally done away with. News has that Microsoft might increase its bid for a few dollars more. The deal is now worth around$42.2 billion. Yahoo seems to be on the gaining side with its share prices rising up with the news. Yahoo supporters seems to believe that Microsoft might have the deal with the prices at $35 or below per share.

Yahoo’s Tieup

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Internet voice over Jajah, became a part of the Yahoo group on Tuesday. Jajah became the phone service for Yahoo Messenger. Jajah will replace the current VOIP of Yahoo. It looks like that both Yahoo and Jajah will be in an advantageous position. Yahoo will be relieved of the obvious problem that it faces with the ever changing VOIP. Jajah will also be in a more advantageous position too as it gains from the partnership monetary side and in terms of exposure.

With the ever changing quality of voice over internet services it has become imperative that both the quality and the numbers are kept up. So this wise move by yahoo would definitely turn in its favour!

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