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Pictures of my trip

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Cant believe that I have started getting my life more disciplined. Sleep early, get up early, eat properly…too much, but really feels good and healthy. My running is also streamlined, doing about 4.5 to 6 Kms per day. Should tell you that when you get up early it feels as though you day is too long and you have lot of time for everything in life.

Ok now you should have guessed it by now, I am saying all this because I was able to find time to get all my photos in to my laptop to upload it here. So you get up early I am sure you will also find lot of time for all the extra activities. Now lets get to what this post is all about

Swiss or French Alps from the Plane


JFK Space Center in Orlando


Old Space Shuttle on Display, cant believe we could touch and feel one


Space Attire, strictly no other dress code in Space 😉


The good old NASA building where the Space Shuttle is Assembled before it is taken to the launch site. Massive Structure I should say. The Flag you see there is suppose to be the size of a Basket Ball court. Then imagine the size of the building (if got to be to fit in all the rockets and the space shuttle in one go)12052008050
Govi and Praveen at the WES Conference in Orlando, cant believe Govi in Formals

Will try and upload some pics of our Helicopter tour shortly

Vodafone bids adeiu

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Vodafone would be soon bidding adieu to its erstwhile CEO Arun Sarin. Sarin has announced his decision to resign after a span of five years. Arun Sarin has led the company through the times of rapid change and has timed the Hutchison Essar’s bid in India at the right time. The group is expecting to adjust its operating profit to rise between 11 billion to 11.5 billion after a 6% growth.
Arun Sarin would be replaced by deputy CEO VIttorio Colao. During Sarin’s tenure the return on Vodafone’s share was 70.1%.

Investments -India Vs. China

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Red herring’s Ken Schachter has written an article comparing the Venture Capital Investments in India and China. According to the article investments in China has gone up to more than 46% while in case of India it has dropped to around 81%. Accordingly investments were poured to the tune of $719 million into china which is a 46% increase than last year. Start up’s in India got around $99 million in around 16deals which though might look like a good figure is actually around 27% decrease than last year. The area of investment in both the countries were consumer/business.
In case of China, the highest investment was in case of ‘skyflying media’ for outdoor advertsing. One trend which is quite surprising is that all investments seems to have made to already established or matured industries which seems to be making revenue or profit!

Celebration time

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Back from a meeting in Mumbai, but my team Inxs seemed to have had fun, with a B’day celebration of one of our members. Here are some snaps.

I know you are thinking about the U.S trips pictures that I promise you, well they would follow shortly!

Taking a look around

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Looks like the Fed’s forecast might put many a spirits down and analysts might be quite apprehensive about its global impact. In its recent announcement the Fed. has put down its expectation of the U.S economy growth. According to ‘Reuters’ Fed. has put the growth rate from 0.3% to 1.2% from the range of 1.3% to 2% (forecasted about three months ago). It might also be expected that Fed. might not lower the ‘rate’ any further due to increasing risk of inflation. In spite of the vigilant measures extended it looks like the inflation might be quite high for the U.S, another alarming factor that the economy could be facing might be increasing unemployment rate. With lower growth rate, increasing inflation and unemployment rate looks like it would be while before all the three factor settles down.

Meanwhile what would be the global impact in such a scenario is yet to be seen. On one hand is the rising price of oil which many expect to touch the $200 mark in such a scenario what could be a corrective policy measures that varios global economy would adopt is to be seen.

Updates from my US trip

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Last 10 days was really super hectic for me measuring the length and breadth of the US sub continent.

Started my trip with New York, then about two days in Orlando, Florida. Was here for the WES Summit of Research in Motion (Blackberry). I was really happy with the progress we made there in terms of getting good exposure to our product and the platform. Have taken some good leads from there. Lets hope we get some good deals from this trip.

The other interesting part is, that sunday early morning we drove down to Kennedy Space Center which is about 50-60 miles from Orlando. This is the place from which all the manned missions are launched. Yes including Colombia which killed Kalpana Chawla. Also this is the place where the shuttles land after their mission. This place really taught me a lesson, they have made it so interesting and the visuals teach you so much that children taking interest in science will be far more than just reading books on science.

Also I was in cloud nine when my life time mission of flying on a chopper was achieved in Orlando. Flew a Robinson 44….oops flew on a Robinson 44 with a pilot 😉 this is really superb experience in life. Sat in the front with the pilot, of course with my hands tied from not touching the controls. Saw the entire Orlando including the Disney world in about 8 minutes. 8 heavenly minutes I should say.

From Orlando, went to Chicago with my sailor colleague where I had to complete some works with my company secretary for Market simplified Inc. From Chicago went to San Francisco again on some meetings I had with some VC’s.

Flying within the US is one hell for sure, as we get used to all the pampering of the Asian airlines. Indians for sure are very pampered I should say, not blaming though…..we deserve it anyways. All we get is peanuts to eat and sometimes not even that. I am not talking about low cost airlines, all are full service carriers like AA and UA.

Getting back was one back breaking journey, started Sunday morning local time in SFO, reached New York in the evening, left New York Sunday evening local time and reached Chennai Tuesday morning Indian time. In all I flew for more than 32 hours including the breaks in New York and Brussels. What kept me going was the service in Jet Airways and the food they served. kudos to them!

Will shortly upload all the pictures I took ,interesting ones only 😉 been too lazy to download it to my comp. promise to do it tonight and upload.


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My team and self are heading to the WES (Wireless Enterprise Symposium 2008) summit to be held in Orlando, Florida better known for Disney World.
This is a week’s trip to U.S – we would be spending two days in Orlando, two days in Chicago and the last two days in New York. Will keep you updated from wherever possible.

So Ciao and keep watching the blogs for some great snaps and updates!

Global Economy

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It looks like Global slow down in growth and the rising inflation is the prime issue now, with the Oil prices shooting up to $123.93. It is upto the Central Banks of respective countries to counter the slowing growth and rising inflation. The Banks stocks are down to 1.2% at present.

With the recovery of the Stock conditions and the credit conditions, the focus is now on rising inflation. Energy, food and commodity prices seem to be surging high which seems to be eating into corporate profits according to an article by ‘Reuters’ and this could pose as a serious problem.

This situation might prompt Central Banks around the world to increase the interest rates to couter react to the increased prices.

The Fall out

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After the fallout of Yahoo and Microsoft talks, it looks like Yahoo is on a lookout for a likely partner in ‘Google’. Many analysts feel that the talks fell through after Yahoo increased the bid from $31 to $37, while Microsoft was willing to settle in at $33. Reports have it that shareholders are quite upset over the fact that Yahoo did not consult them or they did not vote on the deal. On Monday Yahoo’s share is expected to fall down to 30% because of the fall out. Yahoo most likely would look at Google for a deal. Meanwhile the fallout might increase the share of the software giant Microsoft.

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