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Yahoo’s new tool

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When the corporate world is deep into mergers and acquisitions, Yahoo has decided to introduce a new advertising tool called as AMP, through AMP Advertising agency or advertisers can purchase or sell a variety of ad. inventory.

“AMP’s code name is APX. which is again a part of the Yahoo’s internal development and part of the technology acquired by Yahoo”.

According to RedHerring, advertisers can use AMP to locate ad space in over 600 U.S newspaper. Redherring reports that AMP would be introduced in the third quarter of 2008. While many welcome the new tool which was built on the observations that even committed customers always look at other sites, many are are of the view that there is a mismatch between Yahoo and AMP.

Google an active bidder!

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Reflecting on the future of wireless communication, Reuters reports that Google has accepted as being the most active bidder for the U.S audits for licence to create a ‘National Wireless Network’

According to the reports, it also plans to be active in the rule making of the U.S. Federal Communication Commission as to how Verizon communication (winner of the bid) should operate its network.

All the rule makers including Google ar all for making the wireless world look much more like one open platform on the net.

iPhone Application

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Ever since iPhone has changed its positioning as a ‘corporate phone’ many business houses are adopting iphone for business application. Some of the companies which have adopted iPhone as a application tool are SAP, IBM, Salesforce.com and Sunmicrosystem etc. SAP is developing customer management tool for iPhone. IBM is developing a version of lotus email that will be compatible with iPhone. We need to wait and see what salesforce.com and sunmicrosystem would come up with.

Only time would say as to how these application would fare in the future as of now many third party applications must be underway and in a short while we would know as to those which would fit the bill.

Lehman’s move

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In a move to defend its stability issus, Lehman Brothers have decided to raise $3 billion, this has resulted in falling of the share price to 2.8% to $36.60. The raising of capital is meant to end questions about the banks’ capacity to raise funds. We all know that shortage of capital due to the credit crisis is taking its toll on the financial sectors.

Lehman is of the view that it has more than sufficient access to fund and raising of the present amount was done by selling convertible preferred funds, the demand for which is quite high. After the downfall of Bear Stearns the stability issues has been rocking the ‘Finance’ world.

According to ‘Reuters’ shares have been trading below the book value and the boom period, which is the end of 2007 has seen the shares trading twice the value. Well now that Lehman has proved that it can raise capital (from prespective point of view.)

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