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The CEO’s Approach

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Can I be ever far away from a good article? The answer is No. It was one such very interesting article that I came across in Wired Magazine, which I would like to share with you. The article is written by Leander Kahney- News Editor of Wired.com and is called ‘One Infinite Loop’.

According to the article, it traces the evolving of leaders in leaders in Silicon Valley and how all the top companies CEO had adopted eglatraian approach in managing business and most importantly managing employees. There is one small exception though in the Form of Apple’s Steve Jobs. Tracing back to the times when CEO’s left their cubicles to understand their employees: It is a known fact that Bill Hewelett and David Packard introduced in what is now called the ‘Managing by Walking around’ which encouraged employees to communicate to executives informally. Intel executives gave up the comfort of their offices to become on par with engineers by using the standard issue cubicles used by all. The Mountain View campus of Google is famous for its perks in the form of roller-hockey games and Google’s engineers have autonomy on what projects to choose and to work.

Steve Jobs seems to follow a different pattern altogether in the form of the ‘fear factor’, even the best performing asset seem to have come at least once on the receiving end of Jobs, who demands perfection. Then what makes them stick, one may argue it is the standard that he sets that becomes an obsession for many to achieve, since it is difficult to get a phrase of praise from him everyone in Apple seems to be toiling away to earn the same. But one thing about Jobs that many seem to accept is his ability to get the best out of anyone. Though Apple might differ from others in the Silicon Valley on many heads, it has the ability to bring about the best products in the form of iPod, iMac and iPhone and continues to defy recession to this day and this might be attributed to Steve Jobs strict vigilance.

The argument apart at INXS tries to combine the best of both worlds in the form of egalitarian working environment and freedom to take ownership of one’s work, the perks offered etc. But yes we try to bring about a organized way of doing things and the result it great products and a good support!

The News

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Back home, the news seems to be the increase of the CRR by the RBI to tackle inflation. This move is aimed at making the rupee stronger, but since tuesday there seems to be no change to this effect. It looks like the favourable position of the Rupee would be around 39/- per dollar. In a move that was supposed to make the Rupee stable, one cannot see any such improvement. One of the reason might be that the oil dealers had bought dollars in large numbers to tackle the growing crude oil prices. This increased buy of dollar might have off set the effect that increased CRR should have had on the rupee.

Well Since the RBI has involved itself and has bought in monetary measures to tackle the inflation, we need to see how the policy would improve the situation. RBI in a statement on televisions had said that they would like to reduce the inflation to the tune of 5.5%

Apple’s win over recession

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Yes extensive travel does take its toll on people and I am no exception. But what made me blink and sit up was Apple’s results (yes it was released last week!) one company which seems to defy every prediction made and came out stronger than ever. It is one company which seems to look at ‘recession’ at its eye.

Mark Selfe’s blog on Apple iMac did give some good statistics. The second fiscal quarter for Apple was quite good, with a profit of $1.05 billion and a sale of $7.51 billion in sales, which is a 365 increase in profit. As I have repeatedly said before I believe in the strong product line of Apple. The two products behind the whooping sales were iPod and iMac. iMac sold around 2.29 million units and that of iPod 10.6 million. The next product which seems to have fallen below expectation was iPhone which fell a neat 26% than the previous quarter. The reason for the fall is because all the iphone followers are waiting for the next better version.

So until the next better and sleeker version unfolds, I guess I will joint the Apple followers bandwagon and wait!

Wealth Management 2008

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The Wealth Management 2008 conference held by the CFA institute in Atlanta was a great venue for us to participate and to showcase our products. As told earlier, our product rockstaradvisor was well received and we had a good reception for our Mobile Application too. Here are some of the snaps that we had taken during our conference which was held in the Grand Hyatt, Atlanta.

Meeting with Mr Murali of Businessline

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Yesterday was really a day for me to remember in life. First time I went to a press office, yes none other than our good old Hindu building (Kasturi & sons) one of the oldest building on the Mount Road….ok Anna Salai….wanted to go back to history calling it Mount Road. This was for a meeting with the Dy Editor Mr D Murali. Must tell you that he was one of the most positive personality I have met in life. The purpose of the meeting was for Businessline to do a feature on INXS, if found interesting. I cant promise if it was interesting to them, but it sure was an awesome experience for me. It started with him listening to what we did and our idea of changing the world, then we moved on to have lunch with all his colleagues in the Hindu office. Again one of the best corporate lunch places I have been to. Have to learn a lot from them. Got to see the who is who of the writing world.

The highlight of the whole meeting was Mr Murali handing over a questionnaire with about 10-12 questions to be answered in 2-3 minutes max. It was like asking questions to myself for the first time and bringing the answers out of my heart, things like who is the teacher whom I admire the most to what makes me think I am a leader. In my view I think everyone who wants to be something meaningful in life should answer these questions in life. After I answered these questions, the first thing I felt like doing was to go back to my school and meet the teachers who made me in to what ever I am today. Thanks to them for everything and thanks to Mr Murali for bringing my memories back.

It really makes me wonder how an organisation runs for 100+ years and the best part is successfully keeping pace with the latest trends though sticking to their values and culture. Great going Hindu family. You sure are an inspiration to me.Thehindumountroadmadras1944_4

Financial Crisis Extending?

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Yes, you guessed it right, I am busy traveling, but yet as many others I do keep a tab on the happening of the global economy. The Financial crisis in the United States as you all know does have a global impact. When many analysts are speculating if the time has come for the economy to take a ‘U’ turn, the crisis just seems to present itself in a whole new picture. This time it is the worlds largest brokerage firm ‘Merrill Lynch’ which has posted its first quarter loss, after taking down billions in write downs. The first quarter net loss seems to be in the tune of $1.96billion. This news did have an effect on its share prices and according to ‘Reuters’ the shares were down 16.4 percent.

What impact would this have on the rest of the economy is quite understandable. The effect of the financial crisis is definitely affecting the global economy and measures to curtail the effect need to be implemented at the earliest.


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With the skyrocketing fuel prices, and slower economic growth, the U.S Airline industry is poised for a downturn and reports have that about three smaller airlines have closed shop. One of the major solutions for this seems to be consolidated airlines; yes I am talking about mergers. According to ‘Reuters’, Delta Airlines will buy Northwest for more than 3 billion, to create the worlds biggest Airlines.

After taking up $35 billion in losses in 2006, mergers seem to be the only solutions which would lead to higher fares and preferably lower cost. Never before has the Airline industry felt the need to cut cost in a combined effort. The new combined Airline is awaiting regulatory approval, on receipt of which the new Airlines would be headed by Richard Anderson and would be headquartered in Atlanta.

With both the management awaiting regulatory approval there seems to be some ‘union’ issues between both the Airlines, which is yet to be sorted out. The issue seems to be that the unions could not come to an agreement as to how to work under one security umbrella!


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Our two members Business Team seem to be rocking in the Wealth Management 2008, summit held by the CFA Institute in Atlanta, Georgia. So far the response received for our Blackberry Application and for our ’Rockstaradvisor’-
http: //www.rockstaradvisor.com, seems to be really rocking. I would surely give you more updates on the conference as soon as our guys are back from United States.

At INXS we had really worked hard towards both our Blackberry Application and for the CFA summit infact at INXS we work hard and play hard….here are some of the snaps taken of few of our INXSIANS who celebrated their Birthday during the past week and this week.
This is our good old kiran who is soon getting married.

This is Hiran whom we all look upto at INXS literally!
Next B’day was of our important team member whom we shower our love and appreciation at the end of the month…yes he is our Corporate Head who is incharge of depositing our pay every month….oops the pic. of his cake seem to be the ‘header’ for my blog!
Corporate as he is fondly called celebrated his B’day in style……and successful in noth appearingin any of the photographs!

Boeing in for Trouble?

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Boeing has put forth a further six month delay for its 787 dream liner plane. This is a third time that there has been a delay, first delivery is to be in the third quarter of 2009 (initially the release was in to be in the May of this year). Well looks like Boeing would have to pay the price for this delay, Air New Zealand, Air India, a Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines say that they might lay claims for the delay.

It looks like that there are 50 airlines are waiting for 892 Boeing 787’s worth $145 billion at list prices. Even with such a trouble brewing it looks like they seem to be performing well at the market with their shares jumping to the tune of about 4.8%. 787 is still the most sought of the airlines and looks like the customers of 787-3 would have to wait for the longest, as Boeing plans to concentrate on 787-8 and 787-9.

Where is the economy heading

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I have always wondered about the rate of growth in India and the growing rate of Inflation. What would be the outcome? My question seems to be answered with Reuters blog, which seems to analyze both Indian and Chinese economy. Elvis Picardo’s * article in ‘Reuters’ has analyzed the trend in both these markets. According to a study, India and China though boasts of a growth trend in the stock market as follows:- “China’s benchmark CSI-300 index is still up almost 250 percent over the past two years. India’s BSE-30 or Sensex index has surged 390 percent over the past five years.” Yet this year there is a massive drop in the performance with a drop of 28% in case of China and 22% in case of India.

In the flip side both countries currency seems to have appreciated by about 16%and as you all know inflation in case of India has touched the staggering 7% level and that of china at 8%. The second concern that Picardo writes about is called as valuation and when investors take a hard look at the stock markets in both the countries, it may be that the stock markets might be overvalued.

Yes I agree with Picardo when he says that the party has been good so far but both the countries need to look at the situation right now and take steps to improve the situation

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