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Microsoft set to acquire more…

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In a new bid Microsoft on Wednesday has agreed to buy ‘Virtualization technology firm Kidaro. Desktop allows the computers to run more than one Operating system at a time and also allows users to use applications which are not compatible with other Operating system. According to Reuters “Kidaro’s technology allows an organization’s technology mangers to manage and deploy virtual desktops”

Virutalisation seems to be the ‘most in; technology as it is a deviation from any conventional business model. Microsoft just has the right kind of aptitude to recognize the potential of any good business

Boeing Not Happy

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My interest in Aviation is a well known fact; here is some fuel to the fire. Apparently Boeing is not very happy about the failed proposal of $35 million ‘Aerial Tanker’ submitted to the U.S. Air force. Boeing says that the granting of the contract to Northrop Grumman Corp. is unfair and that the evaluation procedure adopted by U.S Air force was itself seriously flawed. Mark McGraw, manager of Boeing’s tanker programs says that Boeing was not at all informed about certain changes in requirement.

Contesting the remark by Boeing Pentagon justifies its stand by saying that there obviously were some major difference between the substantial capability and cost difference. While the Air Force is sure about Northrop handling the requirement, Boeing does not think so, and so the argument continues…

Kyte….flying high!

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Mobile Social Networking! I felt it was the most obvious thing after Internet Social Networking, and I am all praise for Kyte to have realised the potential and to have started the Mobile Social networking site. It is known that online social network tops the chart, and Mobile Social Networking is yet to gain popularity; but neverthless the VC’s seem to have full faith and have poured their resources. Hence it is of no surprise that Kyte after shortly announcing its first rounds of funding is ready for the second one and was sucessful in raising about $21.1 million with the help of Steamboat ventures and Intellect Capital Ventures.

Kyte is best known for its Music ‘band’ club, wherein a seperate channel is created for the bands and things like Photos, videos, blog are created for thier followers or fans. It actually works on the ‘give n take’ policy whereby fans get to enjoy exclusive articles, videos of their beloved band and in turn provide their databse for Kyte.

Let me not forget to mention that according to Red Herring the VC’s who played a major part i.e Intellect Capital ventures, is the VC arm of Telia Sonera and Steamboat Ventures is associated with the Walt Disney Company.

Apple RIM’s Rival?

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In one of the major step towards securing its place as the corporate phone, iPhone has announced on Thursday that it would soon support corporate email. This is obviously in response to questions raised by many as to the relevance of iPhone as a Corporate Phone. The news means that it would directly play opponent to the RIM’s dominance via Blackberry as a corporate Phone.

I see it as a strategic move by Apple to combine style, usability and as an enterprise device; According to ‘Reuters’, this definitely would help Apple to achieve its target of 10 million phones by the end of the year. This seems to have affected RIM’s share price, whereby it fell to about 3.8%.

“Apple said the iPhone would work with Microsoft Corp’s Exchange software for managing business e-mails”
Like all of you out there I am eagerly awaiting the next release of iPhone!

AT&T’s Investment

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In one of the major steps taken by AT&T, it proposes to invest $1 billion on undersea cable network facility. Most of the Investments would be out of the United States mostly concentrated on Asian countries. It is reported that AT&T spent around $750 million of its total investment of 18 billion outside United States. The Undersea cable would be to Japan and rest of Asia. AT&T has also proposed to build a a data centre in Bangalore. This apart from increase in FDI would also spell a great employment opportunity to the Indian software professionals. What is more Red Herring reports that India is considered a seperate entity by AT&T and the revenue grew by a whopping 85% in 2007.

AT&T might considers India as the most promising section and would really increase its investments, which will only lead to a two way advantage for both the countries.


Auto woes

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After my blog on the ‘auto’ industry in U.S. One more news which seems to make a foray into the auto market is the fuel consumption of cars. Top executives from GM Corporation and Toyota Motor Corp., are testing the viability of hydrogen fuel cells in the near future and feel that electric cars seem to stand a better chance. Not only it is the answer to the fast depleting and highly priced non-renewable sources of energy, but would also help in reducing emission in a big way.

As far as the Indian front is concerned Tata Motors feel that it is the right time to eneter the auto market of the U.S Market. Tata Motors ranks third in India, and is yet to test waters in the U.S market, the high level of confidence that Tata Motors has received by launching the ‘People’s Car’ last year has initiated it to launch the high end version of the Nano in U.S. So Detroit watch out!

Auto Industry

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The February saw a tumble in auto sales due to the slumping economy. February also marked the double digit decline in some of the major auto makers. GM Corporation, Ford Motor Corp., and Chrysler LLC. The statistics are as follows the fall was at 16%, 10% and 17% respectively. The only Motor Company to have seen any gain was Japan’s Honda Motor Company with an increase of 1%. Japanese Auto Makers Toyota Motor Corporation and Nissan Motor Company reported a decline of 6.6% and 3%. As we all know Auto sales is a reflection of the overall U.S Consumer demand, at the moment it does not look very encouraging. Ford is planning to lay off some 2500 employees or 5% of the remaining workforce. According to reports the overall industries February sales was down by 11%. The second half of the year is likely to see some increase in sales, with the revival of the U.S. economy.


Intel’s ATOM

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I love to keep track of what the ‘big wigs’ are up to. And Reuters feeds my hunger. Intel Corp. has launched its new Microprocessor ‘ATOM’. the Intel ATOM processor, is one of he new family of low-power processor. ATOM finds its usage in powering Mobile Internet Device and Low Cost Small Notebook and Desktop Person Computers. Well to talk about the size of the ATOM, it seems to fit into one’s pocket; the chip is less than25 square millimeter. Well ATOM is in line with other Intel brands like core, Core2, Celeron and XEON. Speaking to ‘Reuters’ Sean Maloney, Chief Sales and Marketing officer, Intel says that ATOM provides the fundamental new shift in design. To summaries in a few words ATOM is ‘Small but Powerful’.

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