March 2008 -

Blessed with a Baby Boy

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This is the one moment in life everyone looks forward to and I am glad to be promoted as a father of a little baby boy. Yes we have been blessed with a baby boy on Friday 28th March 2008 9:34 AM. Trust me this is the greatest moment in life when the nurse comes out and hands over your kid to you. You all of a sudden feel very responsible when handling that small little helpless baby. Mother and baby both are fine. Will upload pictures of my little boy shortly.

Two days hence and two sleepless nights to with the baby deciding when we should sleep and when we should be awake. But all said I think its worth it guys. It surely is bundle of joy in life.

Motorola’s Spin-off

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It is time to take a peek into the happenings of the major companies. As you all know I have been posting on some of the companies which have made difference to technology. One such company which has a great brand name but yet is falling into troubled water is what we would be talking about. Any guesses, well it is Motorola.

Motorola has not been having a great year, infact the loss value for the company is around 60% for one year. This has led the management’s decision to split the company into two for better management and administration, the proposed split is to be completed by the year 2009. The company would be split into two sections, one taking care of the Mobile Phone Device and the other of Networking and Set top boxes for television. Now let us observe the possible outcome of such a ‘spin-off’s’ as per some analyst reported in ‘Reuters’.

Some are of the view that the split would help the company to attract possible mergers or even prominent investors; it would also enhance the recovery of the mobile devices (as there are no breakthroughs after the much celebrated ‘razr’ phones). On the other side many feel that this split would discourage many of the top engineers and other professionals in the company from continuing and in the process might loose on its human asset. Even Brown (CEO of Motorola) has not clearly defined as to how Motorola’s 66,000 employees would be split between the companies.

The split as I envision is a slow and a difficult process, during which time Motorola might loose some of its engineers and other employees, but after the split it would be much easier to restructure both the companies and work on lines of strategic improvements. Motorola still enjoys a great brand name and I agree when analyst say that the Mobile device unit should utilize Motorola’s brand image.

Shamshabad Airport-Needs Improvement

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I had to post this today, to tell you people of my experience at the New airport, the Shamshabad Airport in Hyderabad. I had a meeting in Hyderabad on Monday, the 24th March ’08. Since the day I was landing was only the second day after its inauguration, I was full of ‘super’ expectation and was thinking that finally some kind of a step was being done to the infrastructure facility. But I was in for a big disappointment as soon as I landed. You might think that I am seeing things entirely in a ‘negative’ aspect, but I feel that for an Airport built in 2008, it looks as if research was done for it in the ‘pre-development’ era i.e somewhere in early 2002.

Here is my account. As soon as I landed at the Shamshabad Airport, I could see that there were only six ‘aerobridge’ for both the domestic and international sections. It was shocking to see that there were only two baggage carousels in the Domestic Airport and two baggage carousels in the International Airport section. I am well aware of teething troubles that any start up’s or for that matter airports could have and we were there only in the second day of the opening of the ‘Airport’ but my biggest astonishment was, when I found that for every traveler there were hundred visitors and I felt that the Airport was not just equipped to handle that type of a crowd. I happened to take my return flight on the same night and to my horror I found that I had to travel a good two hours and thirty minutes to the Airport. Apart from that I had to wait around one hour and 30 minutes for the aircraft and around 20 minutes inside the aircraft, the travel time itself was for one hour and thirty minutes, and taking into account the delay in the air for around 25 min. (when the aircraft was finding parking space!) and finally landed near the flying club. The captain said that the matters were beyond his control. In totality the time taken for the travel was around six hours. Just imagine if I had taken the train I could at least been assured of a good night sleep!

With this experience behind me, I am all geared up to face the next which should be between Chennai and the New Bangalore Airport. Not sure what would greet me there and would not be surprised if it would be the same as I had faced in Hyderabad. Well one could never say and be sure to find my post on this as soon as I reach home. We need improvements in excess!

U.S in the same situation as Japan?

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In an article in ‘reuters’, Investment Analyst Elvis Picardo compares U.S situation currently to that of Japan’s during 1980. According to picardo in the 80’s Japan was caught in the vicious circle of real estate and debt crisis, the mistake was lack of transperancy, delay in the measures by the Central Bank etc. But in case of U.S the situation is different and I couldnt agree with him more. Every effort is taken to make sure that the crisis is arrested, there is absolute transperancy in fact about $200 billion has been declared as mortgage related write downs in the U.S, Fed has been giving rate cuts to boost the confidence of the people and to increase the investment level.

In conclusion the debt trap might be identical but the U.S economy has been handling the crisis in such a way that it is arrested and situation is being reversed and it is quite soon that we would see the morale of investors surging and the economy on an upward swing. This is quite vital as the same would affect the global economy too.

A Long weekend

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It might be the day after ‘Good Friday’ and the second day of a long weekend for many. But at INXS we toil to make the coming weeks good! Yes at INXS we are busy preparing for conferences that are scheduled for the next month in U.S.A, the detail of which I will be posting in the consecutive weeks. At INXS where we design and create with passion, the conference becomes our adernaline push to make things perfect!

With these happening at INXS, reflecting on the global economy I hope that the Fed. rate cut and the promise for more would only bring about a ‘positve attitude’ to the global economy. With news of Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Lehman Brothers Holding Inc., have been put on the negative outlook by S&P (of course without changing their respective positions), forecasting decline in profits of these companies; much remains to be seen.

Facebook gets a Facelift

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Considering the privacy issues that haunt the many users of ‘Facebook’ , some radical changes have been made in the world no. 2, social networking site. Now there is an option that users can choose called as the “Limited Profile List Friends” whereby they can include the less intimate friends in the section. The ‘Friends of Friend’ list helps them to communicate with their friends friend and only those information that they deem necessary can be viewed by them.

As you can remember Facebook was started about four years ago keeping in mind the ‘American College Students’ but now after 67 million users of whom two thirds live outside the United States it is important for Facebook to maintain itself as the top ranked social networking site.

visibility and Privacy are the core issues which are the most important segment in any social networking site and by taking this step ‘Facebook’ has tried to solve some of the privacy issues raised by users.

It has to be noted that no third party application would be affected by these changes.

Rate cut boosts the economy.

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The Federal Reserve on Tuesday went ahead with its plan and slashed interest rates to 3/4 points. The reaction of the economy was good after the rate cut. Infact the global market was up after the news, by the end of the U.S trading the DJIA jumped to 420 points or to a tune of 3.5%, NASDAQ and S&P 500 rose to around 4%. Fed has also assured to those who had expected a further rate cuts that there is room for further rate cuts in the future but those cuts would take into consideration the ‘inflation rate’. Fed has not ruled out about the slowing economic growth in spite of the rate cuts.

The rate cuts have so far given positive response and the market would definitely be on the up with anticipation of further rate cuts. Taking the conditions of the economy the Fed. have promised reducing the borrowing rates in case of need. The Fed.’s as you now have been on a rate cutting spree since September when the economy started slipping down.

The rate cut not only spells good news for the U.S economy but also to the world because the other economies have been acting on cues or signals sent from the U.S economy and this would only help the situation to get better.

Guy Kawasaki does it again!

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I was running through ‘Red Herring’ and Guy Kawasaki’s new venture caught my attention. Might be an old news for you people but what amazed me was the budget that Guy had actually invested to start this new venture called as the ‘Alltop’, it cost him around $10,000 for the site, which includes the domain name, three Apple Laptops(of course it has to be Apple!) and developers expenses!

What does Alltop do, well as the name suggest it is a news site on the 40 most popular topics like celebrities, fashions, Mac etc. I went to the site to check it out: – It was nothing flashy but a culmination of the hottest topic from about 40 to 80 sources (according to redherring!) which gets refreshed every 10 min! I did venture into sections like journalism and Mac. Under the Mac section i came across quite interesting heading like the ‘Secret diary of Steve Jobs’ and ‘Macrumors’. It really is a conglomeration of the hottest and happening news, well Guy you have got a reader!

His early venture ‘Truemors’ encourages participants to submit news and rumors which are then ranked. Apparently Alltop is inspired by the traffic that Truemor and generated.

Dubbed as Apple’s former Mega Evangelist, this entrepreneur and blogger never ceases to amaze me!

Follow Up: MSFT & YHOO

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Like the rest of you, even I am quite curious to know about the outcome of the Microsoft and Yahoo partnership. As a best source of information like always I trust Reuters. Apparently both Microsoft and Yahoo met on Monday for a session, in which Microsoft talked of the ‘vision’ ahead of a combined company. No bankers were present at the meeting and hence no negotiation could have been done. Well as you all remember the entire process was stalled when Microsoft’s offer for $42 billion was considered too less a sum by Yahoo. I guess it has been almost three months since both the companies since the first talk. What would be Yahoo’s reaction has become the most interesting guessing game.

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