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Fed supports growth

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Let us take a brief look at the ‘going on’ in U.S. Bernanke has assured the lawmakers that Fed. would support growth and this gave an indication of more interest rate cuts to help the economy. As per Mr. Bernanke’s prediction, the growth is to pick up later in the year, although the outlook of the economy has worsened in the recent months. The central Bank chairman has also reiterated what was felt and said that stronger expansion is expected in the second half of the year.

It is to be noted that Benchmark borrowing cost has been lowered by 2.25% since mid september taking the overnight federal funds rate to 3%. It is a well known fact the reduction rate should not be attributed to immediate relief and would take some time for the effect to be seen. Meanwhile the credit crunch has affected the small business too, as the noose tied around lending money has tightened during the recent months. While many including Greenspan speculate U.S to be on the edge of ‘recession’ we need to really observe if the economy is able to tide over it and in the least show some positive sign later this year.

Chilly Chicago

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This is a continuation of my travelogue. After taking part in the O’Reilly conference, I was ready to embark on the Journey to Chicago. This I hoped that I should not be anywhere near the bad traveling experience I had last time, but as fate could have, it was not to be. I had reached the Newark Airport at 3:15 in the afternoon. The flight was postponed from 4:15 to 6:30PM; finally we did take off at 6:30pm but were put in hold area till 9:00PM and reached Chicago at 11:00PM. I did anticipate Chicago to be very cold but nothing to the extent that I experienced. As soon as I had stepped out of the Airport towards the Rent-A-Car section I felt my face growing to a ‘beetroot’ red with the cold, leaving me with no other option but to rent a Taxi and head for my home in Chicago. Behind_the_houseBehind_the_house_deck

Next day I saw a ‘White’ Chicago totally engulfed by snow. It looked like snow queen had embraced Chicago with all her grandeur leaving no trace of green. It was beautiful. I realized that I cannot pick up a small car for my travel and hence got myself a large SUV, a Jeep Commander.

Except for the Cold the scheduled meeting went off quite well with the prospective investors. I was able to navigate my way in and around Chicago thanks to the GPS. On my last day of my stay I had to return the GPS to my relative and had to venture on my own to the Airport. As I returned from the house to the JEEP I almost froze (literally) had it not been for my relatives I would have got a frost bite.

Yet Braving the cold I drove the JEEP to the return area in the Airport, all the way my teeth were chattering and my hands trembling in cold, even below all the layers of protective clothing! It looked like the agony was all in vain when I found in the ‘return’ section of the ‘Rent-a-Car’ that my agency was not listed! Along_the_road_side

But thanks to the lady in the counter I got a map to the agency (remember I did not have a GPS) which was quite far off from the Airport. The result of the long drive to and fro, made me miss my flight! I had to take the next flight from Chicago to the LaGuardia Airport from where I landed in JFK and took the Jet Airways flight to Chennai!

Merger of a different sort

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The United Nations ‘World Food Programme’ or WFP has joined hands with Vodafone for a noble and a very important cause. They are working on a telecommunication system for aid agency so that they could improve on the logistics and response time to disaster. All agencies are being trained to work together in unision to re-establish communication that could improve the response time. After the 9/11 attack the improtance of effective communication system was felt. The group together has pledged around $4.3 million to develop training program, which is open to all humanitarian organisation. It is estimated that 500 Information and Technology workers would be trained to deploy quickly. The effectiveness of a single and effective communication in case of disaster recovery is widely acknowledged and hence all agencies would work on a single communication system which would inturn lead to faster recovery and response time.

I think when developed fully, such a communication system would be adopted worldwide.

The state of Economy

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Technically almost an entire day before I land in India, the experiences at the Big Apple and Chicago are something I want to share with you once I am settled in my homeland and breath the ‘Indian’ air. Being out of a country which is in one sidecaught in the grip of a likely recession, a country and on the other side might see history being made if it selects ‘Obama’ or ‘Hillary’ as they might be the first ‘black’ or ‘woman’ president of the country respectively is an expereince in itself. The plunging house prices vand a credit market which is showing no sign of improvement are some of the issues which quite apparent in the cities that I visited.

The purpose of my visit being accomplished I am ready to share my experience with you…so hold on until the next post.

The O’Reilly Conference

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Hey all, the O’Reilly conference as expected was a huge success. On a personal note, INXS got a lot of exposure and we were able to associate and identify with many at the conference and really really am happy to have been part of the coference.

Iam on my way to Chicago from New York. Will be there for the next 3 days, and Iam having a road show for investors. News is that the temperature is about -8 in Chicago and its snowing heavily. Lets see how I will be able to cope with this extreme temperature 🙂

My Travelogue begins

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As I said in my earlier post, I am all set to make a couple of trips which are essential and can prove to be the beginning of an important phase for INXS. I am leaving for New York tonight to be part of the consortium of ‘Web 2.0 in Wall Street’, I am looking forward for the same and am sure that the event would be a success both for the organisers and enterpreuners like me.

My next stop from New York would be Chicago wherein I intend to stay for about three days to meet investors, who have expressed their interest in INXS. I would be conducting a roadshow for the benefits of the prospective investors. This roadshow would be one of the most important steps which I would be taking on behlaf of INXS to reach our intended goal of putting INXS on the global map.

As usual I would posting snaps during various stages of my trip. So adieu until I catch up with you in my next blog.

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