February 2008 -

Mortgage Aid

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Analysing the state that the U.S. economy is in right now, many facing the crisis in the U.S could recognise themselves with the federal program. Henry Paulson U.S Treasury Secretary believes that the Mortgage aid could infact bring about more harm, than good. Paulson feels that homeowners instead of simply walking away should meet their obligation. Paulson also said that he expected the economy to grow this year. Subprime mortgage is acting as catalyst for turmoil caused by the subprime mortgage. Paulson believes that policy response by the Government could deal with issues like securitisation, rating agencies, disclosures and valuation issues.

After making observation of the China economy an interesting quote made by the Paulson was that ” Frankly if China does well economically, it benefits us in our economy”!

Source: Reuters

A lot is happening!

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Today is very happy day for me and the family of INXS as our friend and colleague, Vinod Mutukrishnan has taken his ‘Wedding vows’. We wish him a prosperous and happy married life.

In the coporate world, the most important event seems to be that of positioning iPhone as the ‘Corporate Phone’. Next week, iPhone is planning to add some ‘exciting new features’. This seems to be after Steve Jobbs announced to bring about a ‘software development kit’ for iPhone. News is also that AT&T has allowed business accounts to be opened in iphones from early this year. The first ones who had adopted the new technology seems to be executive who wanted to use features like email while on ‘the go’. Also it is the hot topic of discussion as to how ‘Apple’ would view third party application development on iphone. RIM might be a participant in the third party application development program!
Source:- ‘Tom Krazit’ blog on CNet news.com

Bytes for Bites

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My look out for start ups with novel concept never cease and this article in ‘Red Herring’ on e-menu really caught my attention. Read on…

This is the concept of a new start up in Israel aptly called Conceptica. Accordingly customers can now order their food via computer using the e-menu technology which not only provides the menu with its respective rate but also provides delicious illustration of the food which might seem hard to resist for many customers. Conceptica has installed the e-menu technology in many of the restaurant. Frame a trendy sushi bar in Tel Aviv has adopted this technology and claim that their sale has increased by 11% in tables where the e-menu is installed.

Europe, U.S and Japan are getting used to the e-waiter technology where diners can now order from their table by clicking at the menu. The delicious pictures make customers to order more! This technology can be extended as part of the TV dinner or even computer game dinner.

There are mixed response to this technology while many welcome it as a different dining experience. Other feel that there is a lack of human touch even though it is only a waiter or waitress who bring the order even while adopting the e-menu technology. Europe might be a difficult market to breakthrough as many of the Europeans prefer the conventional dining experience.


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Macbook Pro is the most expected product of the week. Tom Krazit in his blog has analysed the product. With Intel bringing about new penryn chips, the upgrade seems logical enough for Apple. Rumours are abuzz that the new book would use the ‘Trackpad Control Technology’ (which was actually introduced with Macbook Air), it is similar to the touch screen technology used in iphone (wow that is really something to look forward to, in a macbook). The only hitch seems to be delay in the shipment (reported by Best Buy), Tom Krazit feels that probably “it was running low on inventory ahead of a new system introduction”

Advertising gets Online

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Microsoft has adopted a new way in which marketers can look at clicks and internet ads. Researching on how clicks are being evaluated today, Microsoft has given an example of how an consumer sees an advertisemnt on a video, goes to the retailer site and then clicks on the banner which eventually lets him buy the product that he wants. But according to the’Engagement Mapping model’ adopted by Microsoft 40 percent is attributed to Video, 20 percent to retailer site and 20 percent to the banner. Origianlly the Video ad. would have been undervalued. The Microsoft new Engagement Tool is all set to release this week. This tool is all set to be released in Phoenix at the Interactive Advertsing Bureau’s annual meeting.

The effect of Recession

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What effect is the U.S economy having on the east? It was quite evident from the report on the ‘Reuters’ online news. Japan is facing the brunt as Tokyo sheds 2% as investors take shelter in Government Debt. Crude Oil prices rose at $101 per barrel early this week. What more Japan’s index Nikkei shed around 1.9%. The situation seems to have worsened when news of Credit Suisse $2.85 billion write down and Societe Generale’s scandal promising to reveal more have sent the Stocks spiraling down. Is U.S in the grip of Recession or not? is an argument which many like to indulge in. But the apparently it should get out of the recession period by the third quarter of 2008 and the index should reflect this outcome by the second quarter, so does that mean that the stocks would show the positive results by second quarter of 2008. This needs to be seen!

Gate’s stand

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In a recent interview given to Cnet, Gates talked on various aspects of the Yahoo and Microsoft. Gates felt that the combination with yahoo and Microsoft would accelerate things in a great way. The speed in which innovation could happen would definitely be big. He was drawn to yahoo because of the People in ‘engineering’ section of the company. On the different culture prevailing between yahoo and Microsoft he said that there is no different culture and feel that “People in Yahoo would definitely would want to compete against Google and other companies….” On the future Digital Decade, Gates feels that Interactive TV and location based software’s are definitively present and the qualitative changes are sure to happen.


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I wouldn’t lie to you, I am still under the ‘blue’, and not recovered from my extensive travel, so another reason for me to pick up the ‘entrepreneur’ and read through before a meeting.

As readers of my blog, you can see the number of articles I write on the U.S. economy. I have always wondered about the ways that people would adopt to safeguard their earnings, savings (if any) and protect themselves for a unpredictable future, the answer I found in the ‘entrepreneur’ magazine titled ‘Turning Point’ ;featured was the story of John Gaines who is feeling the heat of the inflation and decided to take a step to safeguard his and his wife’s future. Well what did he do? He invested in TIPS or Treasury Inflationary Protected Securities. As far as my knowledge goes I think it was introduced in early ’97. They are quite secure like nominal bonds but yet differ from them greatly. TIPS are quite attractive in case of Inflation and nominal bonds are not.

According to the article, TIPS follows the rate of inflation as followed by the CPI (or Consumer Price Index) for all urban consumers and is adjusted daily. The coupons is constantly fed from the inflated principal and is paid on maturity. Many agree that TIPS is the saving grace of the lot in ‘fixed Income category’. Well that TIPS is the great option for these categories in these time for the U.S economy is because the Government guarantees the original investment regardless of how the inflation rate travels, even in case of the deflationary market. Well what more the U.S treasury Dept. sells TIPS directly to investors in the category of five year, 10 year and 20 year maturity.

The other side of the story being that TIPS is highly taxable (Where else will the Govt. make money) in addition to the annual addition to inflationary adjustments. Well there is a way out of this too, just buy the TIPS through Mutual Funds. So here is one good TIP!

Sell-In a unique way

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Constant traveling, presentations and meetings especially in different continents of the world, does take its toll; And so here I am taking off for a few hours………..I guess. Well entrepreneurs are restless lot and I am no exception. I had to run through ‘Entrepreneur’ before my suggested sleeping schedule and here is what I liked.

It is an article from ‘Entrepreneur’ titled Sell by Barry Farber. Many of his observation did agree with mine and hence here are some views: One creates his own style of selling. There is no one way to do it or a single person from whom it can be imitated from. From past 25 years of his learning, Barry Farber feels that each seller has his own unique style and there is no one set way of doing it. I agree with it entirely, infact each situation is different and might demand a different way of selling than the other. He discusses the process in three words called CDC which is Collect, Discard and Create.

As very obvious ‘Collect’ is to be in a constant learning process where you can pick up a lot, especially when you see other successful people do their selling. It is important and inevitable to collect your information from the high quality stream of resources and people.

The Discard theory is quite obvious but very few adopt it. The art lies in to let go of things which are not useful to you. It is important to keep filling your head constantly with new things and discard those which you feel are old and stagnant.

To strive is to create one’s own unique style of selling based on the knowledge which we have gathered. To keep reinventing oneself. Success lies in recreating and succeeding to the ever changing world of sales. These three theories need not necessarily attribute to ‘Entrepreneurs’ alone but to the thousands of individuals who have sales management and even personal goals.
The information present might be known to many, but it is important that one keeps in mind the three simple steps and pursues them.

The most talked about deal

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and you know what it is? Yes I am referring to the Yahoo and Microsoft’s on going deal. It is arguably one of the most watched and expected deal. In future it would be used as reference. Well what is the big deal? Well as all of you know Microsoft is in the process of buying Yahoo. The unsolicited bid amount is to the tune of $41.7 billion by Microsoft. It comes to about $31 per share which Yahoo feels is undervalued and Microsoft feels is fair.

Many investors in Yahoo have also invested in Microsoft and are interested in the net gain from the deal. Thos who have more shares in Microsoft obviously feel that the company should not overpay while in case of those who have more vested interest in Yahoo feel that it should extract much from Microsoft. In totality almost all of them want the deal to be a success. The scenario is that Microsoft might clinch the deal by sweetening the offer to around $35 per share.

Legg Mason Yahoo’s second largest shareholder feel that the deal should sealed with Microsoft offering around $40 per share to Yahoo, which he feels is fair. Many who cross-hold both the shares feel that Yahoo must extract much from Microsoft to the extent that it does not destroy the benefit that the deal is to offer!

Well this is the story so far, let us see how it continues.

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