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Reaping it Early!

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Some incidents within the office had confirmed the facts that India is indeed booming and what more the citizens are cash rich; so much against the PPP theory published in today’s dailies.Dscn0693
Well to give you proof here are some pictures of our Good Old Kumaresan; I was left wondering whether he was all soaked with money or if the money were all soaked!

TiE Entrepreneurial Summit 2007

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TiE Entrepreneurial Summit 2007

Though I missed the first day of the Summit, I was lucky enough to catch the rest of the Summit and it made up for the loss. On Day 2, C.K. Prahalad’s Keynote Address on ‘Entrepreneurship-Essence of Development’. Mr. Prahalad spoke on development of India, and strived to find answers for questions like ‘How to develop India?’ on the subject of ‘economic development’ he said that solutions to the answers lied well within the society itself and took the example of ‘AMUL’ movement, which not only about ‘Milk Revolution’ in the society but also led to upliftment of the society itself.

Mr. Prahalad spoke my mind when he said that the answer to many problems in the society does not lie in providing employment, but by creating Small and Medium Entrepreneurs who could exist within their surrounding itself and don’t find the need to shift base and this in turn would help in solving problems like that of Urbanization. Mr. Prahald also stressed the need and the importance of education saying that the society could change for better only through education. I could so much relate to his speech as I could relate this to ‘Great Indian Dream.Org’.

The other eminent personalities who chaired the Summit were Mr. P. Chidambaram-Hon. Finance Minister,Ms. Rama Bijapurkar-Strategic Marketing Consulting, Mr. Kris Gopalakrishnan-CEO and Managing Director, Infosys Technologies, Shekher Gupta-Group CEO Indian Express Group, Russell Parera-CEO, KPMG India.

After the first session was over, it was time for some socializing and networking, which lead to a lot of interactive sessions with eminent VC’s and fellow entrepreneurs to share ideas, and was aware of the presence of many angel investors. On our Part we Stressed and showcased the Platform on which Market Simplified was built, this I must say was very well received.

Coming back to the Session I was quite impressed by the Speech of Mr. Gopalswamy, the Chief Election Commissioner on entrepreneurship.

Some of the most impressive session were ‘Small is Big’ by the Keynote Power Panel which consisted of dignitaries like V. Vaidyanatha- ICICI Bank, Sanjeev, Balram Garg-P.C. Jewelers, Sanjeev Narula-Lilliput, S.K. Jindal-Jindal Dyechem. Another session which I could relate to was the ‘Scaling Up’ session held on the Second Day of the session.

With such eminent dignitaries and powerful speeches it is hard not to get influenced and relate ourselves to those present in the Summit. The Summit on a whole was a successful affair for both the Organizers and for Entrepreneurs like me.


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Friday saw the Reranking of NASDAQ 100 Index. The companies that got removed from the Index include Ericsson -‘ERIC’, Ross Street-‘ROST’, Sepracor-‘SEPR’ and XM Satellite Radio Holidings-‘XMSR’. Those added in the list include ‘HOLX’, Focu Media Holding-‘FMCN’, Hansen Natural – ‘HANS’, Steel Dynamics – ‘SLTD’ and Stericycle ‘SRCL’ a medical waste dispense.

NASDAQ-100 s holdes the larges number of technology company. The reranking is expected to come into effect on December 24
Source: CNET news

Entrepreneurial Summit

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I had the pleasure of attending the ‘Entrepreneurial Summit’ along with some of the team members of INXS. The summit proved to be a great learning experience, and had the opportunity to meet up with some of the ‘who is who’ of the Industry. My next post will provide you with a description of my very fruitful experience at the Summit.

Watch out for Intel

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In a statement released in Helsinki on Friday, Intel plans to increase its global market share of semi conductors to 12.2%. On a whole the market is expected to increase about 2.9% from that of last year the reports say. Intel’s revenue growth can be attributed to incrase in sales of ‘Laptop chips’. As far as the Vendor list is concerned, Toshiba’s revenue was expected to surge 28% in U.S dollar.

The report also adds that increasing Semi conductor Vendors performance seems to be directly connected to the end users spending pattern.

Interesting Innovations

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I thought I will share this news with you; According to the ‘Popular Science Magazine, two of the popular innovation seem to be that of ‘CESSNA 162 skycatcher’, a light sport vehicle which is cheap as well as sophisticated. It comes with equipped with modest but useful gadgets like that of ‘user friendly digital instrument’ that makes it easy for navigation and flight information. It is priced around 1,09,500.

The other is the ‘Eclipse Concept Jet’ or ECJ which has removed the constraint of price for many corporates and individuals who till now had to spend in many millions to own a private jet. Not only does the ECJ fits the buget but its beautiful design is treat to the eye as well as technically impressive; its Single Pratt and Whitney turbofan jet atop the fuselage and forward of the V tail enables it to have greater balance, aerodynamics and engine efficiency. It can run upto 390 miler an hour at upto 41000 feet and costs around one million.
wish I could provide you with the photographs but unable to do so, probably in the near future I would be able to provide you the link on these two Jets which features it s photos too.

Airline Shares

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After the disappointing rate cut, i decided to see the effect of the same and that of the rising oil prices on Airline Shares; and the pictures are not quite rosy. The Airline Industry seem to be suffering, the IATA or the International Air Transport Association has reduced its forecast for the year 2008 to $5billion. Northwest Airlines shares were down 7.7%, UAL corp down by 6%.

After the IATA’s forecast was out, and due to the increase in oil prices the fall in share of Airlines shares were inevitable.

On the whole with no hope of further rate cuts, and surging oil prices, it looks that the fall in shares would continue. But we need to wait and see about the proposed policy of the Government to deal with foreclosure and what change that could bring for the economy.

A Depressing Week

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On what started as a positive note, has ended in disappointment. Investors were expecting a 50 point rate cut in the Interest rate but the Fed’s seems to have just trimmed the rate rather than to cut it. Investors feel that the Fed should take an agressive action or the economy might just lapse into recession and this might be one of the reason why the stock market had tumbled around 2% on Tuesday. Large manufacturers like Boeing and Citigroup were worst hit because of the ‘trimming’. Also the Fed. has not made any promise of further rate cuts in the future.

DJIA dropped to about 2.14%, S&P 500 to around 2.53%. The Key Federal Fund rate was cut to 4.25% to 4.50%. As I had earlier said, the positive attitude which the people had on ‘Foreclosures’ also plumented leaving the economy a little down.

From2 to 5

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Apple seems to have increased the limit of Apple iPhone per individual from two to five. In October,
Apple had said officially declared that the limit per person would be two, and the reason given was to meet the demand for the holiday season. Well the holiday season is well under way and without much fanfare Apple has increase the limit. One speculation is that Apple has taken the step after the ‘Europe market did not give the desired result during the iPhone release’.
According to both Cnet and wired, Apple is still not accepting cash for iPhone and is accepting only credit card as the company is still worried over the resale market of iPhone. Credit Card payment ensures protection as far as unlocking and unauthorized resale of iPhone is concerned. One needs to watch out for the volume of iPhone sold this holiday season to access the impact.

Saturday Night INXS

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Saturday the 8th of December 2006, was a night to be remembered as one of INXS family member, Prashanth celebrated his First Wedding Anniversary. We all gathered at his residence around 8 PM and really had a great time. With Prashanth’s wife gracing the evening with her beautiful voice by rendering some melodious Carnatic Music, we had our own little kutchery of December in Prashanth’s Place. The day was also special to me as it was my better half’s B’day and the team at INXS had wonderfully coordinated both the events. Here are some pics of the event.


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