December 2007 -

Beginning of a New Era

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Today is 31st December 2007, a year to look back and evaluate once achievement and disappointments. One can learn from disappointments and take in achievements humbly (this everyone says but seldom practice). Looking back I feel that it has been a productive year for INXS with Marketsimplified being launched both in the U.S and India and having a good response, we have much expectation for the year ahead and are well to make use of the various opportunities that INXS will have. Yes everyone at INXS is in a joyous mood to welcome the New Year and it just reflects in the kind of productivity that we have been putting in.

Reflecting on the Year that was, I have compiled many article from CNet, Business Standards etc., CNet reports on ‘Green Tech Solutions’ and ‘Social Networking’ are as follows

Reports suggest that this year about $2.6 billion was funneled by Venture Capitalist into Solar and Bio fuels. One of the most sought after technologies for 2007 is supposed to be’ Solar Thermal’. The biggest investment of the year was in Great point Energy, where about $100 million was invested. Please note that Great Point Energy has the process of converting coal to Natural Gas. The recent trend being that most people are willing to pay more for Green technology, so the most profitable and sought after business is clearly ‘Green Fuels’

‘MySpace.Com’ was the most popular social networking site of the year; it continues to expand both in case of New language and original Media content. But the Social Networking site that made its mark is ‘Facebook’ it was catapulted into glory after its CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the site would be releasing a code which would allow third party users to developers to create applications that would run within the service itself, this profited the site so much that Microsoft was ready to invest $240 million(Please see my earlier article on Mark Zuckerberg). The other Social Networking site that has come to forefront are club Penguin which is acquired by Disney, and Stumbleupon acquired by eBay. Even though both Myspace and Facebook are faced with security issues, they remain the most popular social networking site of the year.

At home it was good news from the beginning with the Rupee appreciating, Sensex crossing the 20,000 mark etc. In a recent interview held with the many prominent CEO’ s of the country most of them are of the view that the Rupee would appreciate. A little more than half feel that Interest Rate would come down while around 30 percent feel that the Interest rate would be stable.

Well things are really looking good in case of technology, capital and for Indian Economy; what else could one ask for except thank our lucky stars that we are at the “right place at the right time”!

A ‘Flat’Friday

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Yes, I am referring to the market situation in U.S. With the Home Sales not very good, it shows that the mortgage problem faced by U.S might well go into the New Year. U.S Home Sales fell much lower than that was experienced in November. Though Oil Prices did comparatively end lower on Friday, but for the week they were up by nearly 3%! The Home Sales and the unrest in Pakistan seems to have led to this ‘Flat Ending’.
The DJI was up by 6.26%, the S&P up by 2.12%. But we need to understand that the volume are well below the usual level because of the Holiday season. But hopes seems to be on the rise for the New Year as the Market though Flat, is not ‘Bad’ and a good starting for the New Year is expected.

Japan’s Stock Market

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Friday which is officially considered the last trading day of the year, ended with a 11 percent loss for Nikkei(Japan’s Stock Market Index). This is considered by many analyst as a reciprocal of the performance of the market for the entire year. The Market did start with a positive note in February, but it was soon overshadowed by the booming market conditions of other Asian economies, especially that of China. It looks like the Subprime crisis faced in the U.S and Europe did have its impact on Japan. other than these there are other reasons given for the this disappointing result; some of them being Japan’s unwillingness to adopt the ‘anti-takeover policy’ and the failure of the Government to bring about structural change in the economy itself.

In the Past Japan’s stockmarket did good especially in the year 2006 because of expectations of many mergers and acquisitions within the Japan’s companies. The future though looks bleak and analyst feel that the impact of the subprime crisis has not yet come to an end and the ‘bleakness’ could well follow into 2008.
Well when its neighbouring economies are in their boom period, Japan definitely seems to be facing a bad start for the coming year.

Apple touches $200 mark

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On Wednesday, Apple touched the $200 mark for the first time. In the past year Apple had traded between $74.77 and $199.97. This year saw Apple unleash the new iPod range, that replaced the Nano model. The new model can play video. This year also saw the new line of notebooks released by Apple.The new range of iPod’s and other Apple products has really helped Apple and analyst are projecting a good year for Apple with the stock price likely to touch $225. Well according to analyst Apple is still going strong and a good buy! Well I really hope it is a good year for Apple!

Welcoming Christmas and New Year

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It was celebration time at INXS with Christmas and New Year dawning in. We at INXS hope that the New Year brings in lot of cause for celebration to INXS. INXS had a new glow to it on 25th of December with our premises being decorated and the festive mood setting in.


iPod to become responsible

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After a man filed for a lawsuite against Apple saying that using iPod can lead to hearing loss, Apple has released a new software update for iPod which let the users set the maximum volume. The software caluculates the quet time i.e the time at which the music was switched off and then restarted, also the best part is it caluculates as to how long the user has been listening to the song and what volume before turning the volume to a safe level gradually. This action by Apple would greatly help iPod listners. The growing concern about hearing loss that an MP3 or an iPod could create in the years to come has led to the research team to come up with this software which could put the users concern to rest. But do bear in mind that this software can be used only in case of some iPod’s.

New Year Gift

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What happens when two legendary companies work in unision, you are right a great product. Apple has decided to use Intel’s Silverthrone Chip in a number of its product set to release in 2008. Cnet News and other source reports that Apple’s 3G iPhone and Newton-like Tablet PC might use the Chip for the year 2008. This move can be considered Intel’s strategy to capture the mobile market of the world. Though reports are not yet confirmed it is widely believed that the Tablet PC might have more likelihood of having an Intel Chip and an iPhone might not.
According to a blog report in Cnet News, it is widely believed that the Silverthrone draws much less power and hence cannot be compatible with an iPhone, but Intel’s 2009 release of a chip called Moorestown might see Apple and Intel coming together on the mobile market.
Well I could only say that we need to wait for official sources to confirm the news and probably Intel might find a way to capture the mobile market in the year 2008 itself! But all said and done I am amazed at the Product line that both companies are planning for the year 2008 and 2009.

Celebration time at RIM

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Santa seems to have descended in the premises of Research In Motion or RIM the makers of Blackberry, a little early this year. According to an article in CNet News, RIM is celebrating due to the upbeat third quarter earnings, much higher than its expected level. RIM has earned around $370.5 million as compared to around $175.2 million earned last year.

It is estimated that more than 30% of its client base are non enterprise clients. Added statistics reveal that about 1.65 million blackberry users have been added to the list. It has also shipped about 3.9 million devices. Black Friday seems to have been the most profitable day of the year. The more than estimated forecast earning led to the soaring of the share high on Thursday to around 11.2% before it closed at $106.99 on Thursday. Though many are skeptical if RIM would maintain its robust growth, insiders are confident that the corporate demand is quite high and would fuel its growth.

China gets stake in Morgan Stanley

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In what could be a new turn of events China has reportedly injected around $5million dollar into Morgan Stanley as Morgan Stanley reported an all time low of $9.4 billion as losses in subprime mortgages. This move though had saddned many associated with Morgan Stanley had increased its stocks to around 4 percent, as many investors found hope in Morgan Stanley due to huge write downs and with China Foreign Exchange flowing in. This seems to have raised hopes to many and they hope that it would be the beginning of the end of the Subprime Mortgage mess.

Another news is that unlike his counterparts Morgan Stanley’s Chief Executive John Mack decided not to step down but instead to forego his bonus. These may be tiring time for the executives in Morgan Stanley but hopes are still there with the incoming of fresh funds.

The Positive Side

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It looks like people in U.S still have their confidence on the tech. sector, and that is the reason that there were huge buying of IBM and MSFT shares on Tuesday; people are hoping that the tech. sector would withstand and weather the present crisis. The positive aspect became stronger when ADOBE showed positve forecast about their profits. The big gainers seemed to be IBM with a rise in 17% and MSFT which climed to 1.02%.
Need to wait and watch if the positive attitude continues this week.

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