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Contd…’My Travelogue’

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I am back to My Country and believe me; the feeling of belonging when you return back just cannot match up to anything. The week that I stayed in U.S was majorly devoured by business activity so I got very less time to see around. As far as the economy is concerned, it is not reflecting any positive vibes, with people’s attitude about the economy seems to be low. Our economy boom is quite apparent, because except for a few stuff I really did not miss much.

One thing that I fell head over heals in love in U.S was the Infrastructure, great freeways and much more than that is the civic sense that seems inborn in each and every driver, this apparently lacks in India. I still strongly feel that the Infrastructure is a major hurdle in India’s development. As long as we lack in this any progress we make would still be incomplete. Saying this, I also add that we are making a headway into these clogs but I guess a faster pace would be better to make use of the boom that we are presently in!

Here are some snaps that I tool while in Chicago;

That’s me and my (temp ownership!) Pontiac.

That’s ‘Sears Tower’ for you.

That was treat: an assorted line up of ‘Harley-Davidsons’ and ‘Honda’s’
Viji and I with our temprory possession.

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