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iPhone Fever in China

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While we have written, rewritten, criticized iphone; the fever seems to have just started in China. Apple and China’s largest carrier service have not made their deal legal but yet it has not stopped iphone from being sold everywhere in China. What is more the iphone fever has been dubbed as Ai Feng or “Love Craze” in Chinese.

A search result for iPhone in China’s website has come out with numerous website and blogs which only means that people have bought, analyzed and playing around with the illegitimate phone. In order to curb the recent increase in the black-market of iphone’s Apple has regulated the sales in the form of using credit cards to buy the phone and even restricting iPhones to only two per user. But these have not stopped people form buying iPhone.

The other side of the story is that iPhone users can receive and make calls, connect to their wi-fi. But in most cases text messaging in the Chinese language seems to pose some problems. Many depend on third party application to send and receive message in Chinese; but this definitely has not stopped the people of China in falling head over in heals in love with the iPhone. China’s tech. savvy population has definitely gone Ai Feng over iPhone and have proved that they would go to any length to own it!

Source: Wired News

The U.S Effect

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Let me give you the good news that the news of the launch of “Market Simplified” is reaching some major cities in India, and the response has been great. Yes there will be blogs on the various Press Exposures we have been having over the last week and snippets of the conference itself. But before that I guess we need to look around and really get a feel of what is happening around us. U.S Market has been a case of major concern for all, the spill over effect is taking place and let us see the sectors that are affected and likely to be affected by the same.

The Automakers seem to feel the brunt where in the recent ‘Reuters Auto Summit’ held on Sunday. The three major automakers of Detroit are all set to face a downfall in 2008. They expect the sales to be between 15.5 million to 16 million US $. The Auto sector is already facing ‘layoff’s’ and is expected to counter react by cutting down on Factory production. The good news is that the Auto makers are confident of a revival by 2009.

As far as the Technology sector has been concerned, there has been no technology downturn. But Cisco has reported that is hit by a decrease in orders from the U.S. Bank. The spill over effect is still not felt in Europe but soon would and the entire Tech. sector is vigilant.

Well this seems to be the effect of the U.S Economy on various sectors and on Europe. I would also concentrate on the Indian Economy and where the boom is heading. So watch out more for INXS news as well as news on the Economy.

Our Mobile Application featured in You Tube

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This is Market Simplified application featued in You Tube about three months back. We have since then updated a lot of features in the application itself. In continuation of this, my blog will provide you with the podcast of the ‘Press Conference’ announcing the launch of ‘Market Simplified’ which also contains a brief demo of both our latest mobile application and web application. Keep watching!

Pics from the Press Release

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Here are some of the Pictures of The Press Release announcing the Launch of ‘Market Simplified’
…while addressing the audience.
Members of the Press who attended the Release

Our Application on Blackberry
Informal Interaction with the Press Dignitaries

Press Release- Launch of Market Simplified

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The Press Release:

As expected the ‘Press Release’ announcing the launch of ‘Market Simplified’ on 13th November was a good success. The turn up of a number of eminent Journalists from some of the most respected house of publication, made us feel quite satisfied. The event itself kicked off as planned without a hitch. The team that went into making this Press Release a success did a great job. Here is the gist of events;

The Welcome Note to the conference was given by Vinod, our Business strategist.
Next was my talk on ‘Market Simplified-Present and Future’ wherein I talked about the pains in the existing system for retail traders and how Market simplified strives to do away with all those. The space that we occupy in the present scenario and what we strive to achieve were some of the topics that I spoke on. Basically my talk was aimed towards the retail investors who could access information irrespective of the time and place. A never before freedom that the investors would experience by logging on to Market simplified. After experiencing the type of success that we had after our launch in U.S
I am pretty much sure of the success rate of Market Simplified with our Indian Investors. There are some features that would be added in the near future that would complete the entire post investment requirement that a retail Investor would have. Being a Wealth Management Solution Provider we strive to analyze the Investors Investments and infact help him to be better informed and better equipped in all his future investing activities and to better his present investments. When a retail investor is equipped with knowledge and tools to improve his wealth management, he can consolidate and expand his investments in a much better manner.

A video demonstration of our mobile application was shown to the audience and it was well received. Later Nagendra, our CTA and co-founder talked about the technicalities of Market Simplified and how the technology is unique in such a way it is built to make it investor friendly and to provide information in such a manner that it does away with the place and time hindrance that any investor would face. Market Simplified is not only a web based application but also a mobile based and hence a boon to retail investors who can now access the market on the go! Later ‘Market Simplified’ was unveiled by our
Sr. Vice President, Mr. Gopinath, who went through the various unique and important features present in Market Simplified and how it could address the problem of the retail investors. He talked on the Wealth Management Solutions and how Market Simplified can be used as a tool for the retail investors Wealth Management.

After this we had the Question and Answer Session with many relevant and important questions posted by the members of the press. This gave us an opportunity to explain how different we were and what difference that Market Simplified could make to the community.

To say in a nutshell the conference was a success. This article would be followed by the response that we had from many eminent publication houses, snaps of the conference etc.,

Celebration Time

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Hi all, with Deepavali just a day away, I know that you would be already in the festive mood. At INXS too the festive spirit has set in, along with the celebrations and distribution of good will gifts to all our close associates we are also getting ready for our Press conference, in a few days. Guess it will be a couple of days before I make my next post.

Will keep you updated on the conference and much more in my next post. Till then have a prosperous and safe deepavali.

Market Watch

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Asian stocks seemed to rise a little on Tuesday. But the credit problem seems to have made a deep impact. News of Citigroup facing a credit crisis of about $11 billion, and Merrill Lynch losses has added to the ‘performance’ of the Global economy. The credit situation seems to worsen as banks are not coming up with more losses and companies seem to downgrade stocks.

Would further rate cuts help the economy? Actually speaking it won’t. As the rate cuts offer temporary relief and is not the solution to the problem that the economy is now facing. Rating system is now pressurized to ‘rate-down’ some of the big names like citigroup. Citi’s rate has been downgraded from AA+ to AA. S&P is also considering
Cutting its rating on Citi.

On the Commodity side, Gold seemed to be on an all time high in three decade. Termed as ‘Safe-Haven-Buying’, people are willing to invest more in gold (hence increase in demand) than in equities as they fear that the credit crisis would affect the stock market too.

Citigroup’s Woe

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Charles Prince, Chairman of Citigroup, stepped down on Sunday, and Robert Rubin was named as the new Chairman and Sir Win Bischoff was named the acting Chief Executive. Citigroup is expected to write off nearly $11 billion sub-prime mortgage losses. The write down is one of the biggest and may actually increase if the market continues to rise if the market worsens.

Reuters reports that Citgroup expects to come back to normal capital level by June 2008. It is also reported that the 54cents per share as dividend would not be changed or lessened. Taking responsibility for the state that the Bank is in, Prince resigned and said that this was the right course of action which he advised to the board.

It is one of the most talked about resignation after Stanley o’Neil of Merrill Lynch also stepped down. We need to wait and see how Rubin plans to change the course; but he has reiterated that he supports the Prince strategy.

Taking stock of the situation!

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Airline Industries might seem to make profit this quarter, but their stocks continue their downswing. The share prices are low and investors are offering suggestions to improve the situation. Such suggestions include spinoff’s, mergers etc.

According to a report by ‘reuters’, frequent flyers and aircraft maintainence system can be sold off. But as another argument goes if the airlines seperate themselves off core business then there is less to offer as merger. Spin-off’s leading to subsequent consolidation is another way to ensure that investors get good returns.

Having said that it has become an accepted fact that merger talks are being help in private by the Airline industries, and are not publicly known.

When Dark Clouds of Pollution descend

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Thomas A. Steward, editor of “Harvard Business Review” has dedicated this recent issue of HBR to Business Climate and Climate Business. Yes you guessed it right, it is all about climatic changes and what effects would that have any organization and vice versa. I found this article very interesting, as we are waking up to the fact that we are indeed responsible for such a change in the climate change in form of
global warming et al.

One such thought provoking article in HBR was from Michael E. Porter and Forest L. Reinhardt. They have analyzed the effect of climatic changes on business houses in the form of ‘Inside Out’ and ’Outside In’ effects. They have also analyzed the cost benefit analysis in the form of ‘Carbon Cost on Profit’; i.e when a price is put on the emission.

Giving case studies to support the ‘Outside In’ and ‘Inside Out’ effects, he gives the instance of Wal-Mart of how it has reduced usage of “emission” to mitigate the potential effects of emissions on costs in its value chain. Do understand that in a business like’Wal-mart’s’ there is lot of logistics and transportation involved. It can hence choose to invest heavily on reconfiguration of its value chain and reduce emission which is difficult for its competitors to copy.

In case of ‘Outside-In’ theory a climate change can affect the ‘input’ of an industry and thereby affect the demand for the product. Well this holds true for companies which depend on agri products or agri related products for raw material. When the input is affected so is the process of production in such a way supply is affected and the customer is left with no choice but to seek alternative products. Think in terms of companies like Nestle which are depended mostly on diary products.

Well this was a gist on the entire article, and my suggestion is instead of crying over carbon emission and other forms of pollution, it is time to take off and think about the effect of climate and what could be done to reduce the effect. This would not only reduce emission, but in the long run it would profit the organization. As the article puts in California Venture Capitalists invest more on “eliminating Carbon rather than exploiting Silicon”.

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