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Celebration time at INXS

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It was celebration time at INXS on 28th September, it was Vijay’s Birthday. Our Admin head who leaves no stones unturned to get the office functioning smoothly day after day celebrated his Birthday on 28th. some of the snaps we took during the occasion. Dscn0597…well the wordings says it all!

Waiting for Vijay…there was a ‘small delay’ before he showed up for the celebration 🙂
I am being honored with the first piece of cake. I was touched Vijay!
Inxs tradition of giving gifts.
The cake as usual was a hit, and in no seconds was devoured by our ‘ever hungry’ team…the last call for the last piece.

World Economy

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Welcome back all of you from your looooooooong weekend. A holiday filled with confusion and disparity at the state level. On a happier note the Asian Market marked a rise earlier this week.

The Dollar seems to be rebounding, after the initial hurdles followed by the currency due to the rate cut. Australian Dollar seems to be doing quite good against the U.S currency. Friday seems to be a crucial time for the U.S economy after the Job Indicators results are out. Gold and Oil seems to be keeping their rate steady.

We need to wait and watch as to how the Indian Currency would perform this week and what are the effects that an appreciating rupee would have!

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