October 2007 -

More news on Google!

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The news for the week is to watch out for Google; why? Because the ‘Search Enging’ giant is currently in talks with Verizon wireless for aparently running its Mobile Operating System on the phones that Verizon offers. The talks are completely on the basis of business models like advertised sponsored services reuters has said.

The effect has already begun to show with a 2.3% increase in share prices of Google. It is also reported that Google is supposed to come out with a higher end software model for mobile, by mid-2008. Well we need to watch out for this one! Google is sure shrinking the world to the size of your palm.

Markets Up on expectation of a Rate cut.

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Stocks rose on Monday in anticipation of a Fed. Fund Rate cut on Wednesday. Analysts are expecting a rate cut by the U.S to save the economy which is experiencing low housing prices and tighter credit policy, this would also help the economy from lapsing into recession! The rate cut is expected to be by about quarter percentage point to 4.5%. The companies making most of the rising oil prices (when it touched the $93 price) are Exxon Mobil.

The Dow Industrial Average had increased to 63.56 points; Nasdaq went up by about 13.25 points. But many analysts feel that the Fed. might not cut the rates this Wednesday keeping in view the inflationary tendency. But given that the economy is quite fragile and the expectation high on the rate cut, the damage much be might more when the expected rate cut does not happen.

Meanwhile with the crude increasing to $93 per barrel and coming down by about 1% on Monday, made investors vary of buying oil shares at such a high price; but did make most of the increased prices and made money. Though rising oil prices are an issue of concern, some companies like that of Exxon Mobil did make profit; and according to sources the prices are sure to remain high!

That was the U.S. economy is a gist compiled from various reports from ‘Reuters’; not a very rosy picture. With the recession some time away and with expectations on the high one has to see if the Fed. goes with the expectation or not.

Leopard facing a problem

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Yes, it looks like those who attempted to upgrade to Mac OS X faced a ‘blue screen’ after the installation process was ‘supposed’ to be completed. Tom Krazit in his blog in CNet News has observed that a view of the Apple’s discussion forum also confirmed the news about the Blue screen which many users had to face while attempting to upgrade their software. or in other words the Mac screen would ‘hang’ on the initial boot screen. Apple has observed that the problem might be due to “application enhancement software” and the problem might have arisen due to the ‘Unsanity’s APE Software’. BTW Unsanity develops software to customize the look and feel for MAC users.

Apple has also admitted that the problem might be before Apple had installed Intel chips, but many deny the claim saying that it affects other wise too. Therefore Apple has recommended two solution for the problem one is for the novice and the other for the little experienced. The solutions are to ” Archive and Install” method and the other is to use the ‘command line’ respectively. But if the problem persist it is recommended that you visit dedicated Apple forums!

Well guess Apple has to deal with its teething problem before leopard can be analyzed for its features and usability; till then there is no choice but to watch and wait for more development on this front.

Inflation Pressure contained

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It looks like Ben can plan a broader economic policy with the Inflation pressure relatively contained. Of course the slow growth rate, and increased oil prices remains a problem. According to Reuters It is crucial for the economy as the FOMC or the Fed’s Open Market Committee would meet on Tuesday and Wednesday. The last rate cut was in September decreased the rate from 5.25% to 4.75%.

The value of the U.S Dollar is quite low and has affected the import led economy; and hence the risk of inflation is always there.

To ease Air Traffic

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Remember my observation on the delay of flights in my post two day’s back on ‘My Travelogue’, looks like the FAA or the Federation of Aviation Administration read my thoughts and of many others like mine. They are in the process of bringing about a planned Air Traffic Control Network ‘NextGen’. The present ATC or Air Traffic Control system was built during the World War II and obviously the aging process is beginning to show; it is forecasted that the system would become obsolete by 2015. Already the non compliance of the sytem with the present day Air Traffic is shown through Plane delays, Technical problems etc.

So what does the new system do; for one the new system would install GPS systems on the Aircraft which not only provides information about Ground stations but also about other planes within its range, this would eliminate lot of problems like that of landing, avoid collision etc. This new system is based on a satellite based system called as the Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast orADS-B. Pilots can also receive weather forecast which used to be verbal relayed from the ground station.

This new system would definetely help in easing air traffic and help in predicting the range of other airoplanes and weather. I really hope that the ADS is implement at the earliest, to help people like me who find it real fustrating waiting in airports for hours together; can you think I could have clinched a deal in those hours!

Source: Wired.com

It is a Deal!

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The latest in the ‘on-going’ deal news is the buying of 1.6% stake in Facebook by Microsoft. This $240 million investment by Microsoft in Facebook, is expected to give boost to the ‘online advertisement’ section of ‘Microsoft’. The social networking site scores over in terms of the number of unique visitors growth from its counterpart ‘Myspace.com’. Facebook is a three year old company founded by Mark Zukerberg, which offeres a platform for young people to interact and create their own webpage. It is expected to break even this year with revenue of about $150 million. Behind the enormous success of ‘Facebook’ is its business plan and they are already planning to launch the non-English version of the page!

Well what does this deal have in store for Microsoft? I must a great deal, because Microsoft has recognized the potential of online advertisement. Advertisers are expected to shell out about $900 million alone on online advertisement. Well why facebook? The answer lies in the enormous potential that facebook has got in terms of data, it has information on people’s likes and dislikes , hobbies and their interests, that becomes easy target for advertisers.

In case of Facebook the deal offers much more that it could ask for; in terms of equipments, infrastructure and manpower.

So it definitely is a great deal!

Source: WSJ

CTIA meeting- iPhone

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Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer observed at the recent CTIA meeting about iPhone lauding its performance. Many discussed the iPhone and what it means to their business and the future of the Industry. Steve Ballmer also observed about the use of two or more phones by a single person and says that it shouldn’t be this way.

According to him a device must be able to manage many things simultaneously that should be the goal of Microsoft and other industries. They must be capable of running business application, unified messaging and also do the part of a gaming device.

Ballmer has observed that a mobile should be a multifunctional device in other words
“We have to think about the phone as almost a universal remote control for your life”

About the added features, many are raving about the wi-fi enabled iPhones. This could infact increase the demand for wi-fi networking city wide. Along with its many other features iPhone would also sport the added feature of an ‘web forecaster’. Well with so many features and advantages packed into one, iPhone will be the most popular device.

Source: Reuters

Asian Market

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Asian stocks saw a rebound, after some good news from Apple and some tech. shares. Of course the upbeat may not remain for long because of the rising oil prices and the slow growth of the U.S economy. Some suggestions are that the FED’s need to go for a rate cut, but with the oil prices hovering around $90 do you think that would be easy!

Now who are making the big bucks; According to Reuters Hon Hai Precision shares were bought in good numbers, BTW Hon Hai makes the iPod for Apple. The other one is the PC maker Quanta Computer which again supplies to Apple. Banks were doing well in the Asian region too, like that of Australia’s Macquarie Bank and Japan’s Mitsubishi UFJ. Of course the Government Bonds fell a little on the face of rising stocks.

But the scenario may change with the U.S economy ‘slow’ growth and rising oil prices. So tomorrow is another day and let us keep the prediction on hold as of now.

My ‘Travelogue’

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Hi there! U guessed it right! I am writing this from U.S of A. Guess with so much going around this country it is only obvious I am all excited. Yeah I am talking about Bobby Jindal being the first Indian-American to be elected as the Governor of Louisiana. Of coursed the U.S Dollar hitting the record low and Iran causing concern has put the U.S in spot.

Well I guess we can keep the economy for the later part. Now let me talk about our travel and experience, ‘ours’ as my wife viji accompanied me. Of course I am treating you to pics. from my trip. So here goes.

We took the Jet Airways from Mumbai to Newark, and man was it an experience! I was bowled over by the food, interiors, seat and great service. Jet Airways at its best as always! I was proud to fly the brand new Boeing 777-300ER of Jet Airways.

Our stop was at Brussels which was about 2 hours. I must say that Brussels has a beautiful airport; I then took a 7+ hour’s flight from Brussels to Newark, my first entry
point in the US!

Newark airport was full of surprises; they had announcements in
Hindi in the customs and immigration area! And Indians to welcome you
and guide you! I was in doubt if I had landed right 

Then we experienced what we were long expecting and it happened near the baggage trolley, I had to pay $3 for a trolley! I do travel a lot and never had such an experience; but then what can you expect from a ‘capitalist’ economy. Of course I did not have a choice but to pay.

If we thought this was surprising then there was more, we took a continental airlines flight to Chicago, the flight was delayed and so had to wait a long 4 hours in the
liberty international airport. The reasons for the delay; captain hadn’t arrived yet, and then bad weather in Chicago. I believe the previous day lot of flights was canceled. Then at last the plane moved out of the terminal but then we were parked in a hold area as were waiting for clearance to take off. It was an endless wait for about 45 plus minutes. Now I lost count for how long we waited in the terminal!

Landing in to Chicago was one of the worst I have seen with super bad
cross winds. Then , my baggage didn’t arrive…..I was informed that I
have to come back in about 2 hours and check, as my baggage
was coming in the next flight, and didn’t have any choice but to thank them for their service.

I know that flying in the US is really an awful experience but
never thought that everything would go wrong in one go. Believe me Asians coming to US will first find that flying is equal to going in a town bus. It will be a cultural shock that from the aircraft to service here will be below standards! You know what is the best part is we just get peanuts for what we pay……literally ladies and gentlemen just a pack of peanuts for a 2 hours full service airlines flight!

Anyways I am staying here at my cousin’s place. I got adventurous after I landed and decided to self drive a car to commute around. I learnt how to use GPS, fed the
address and kept following what the GPS says, and viola I reached my
destination! SUPERB…..this is really so convenient. This for a change was good experience and driving in the US is such a song.

For car enthusiasts, I am currently driving a black Pontiac 2008
G6; cool car will update the pics also.

I just got over Jet lag without any problems. Really can’t
figure out how though!

Went to Sears towers yesterday, just drove down to Downtown, again with
GPS. Now I can take anyone to any where guys, I know the US (as much as
the GPS knows US 😉 )

If you are thinking ‘wow’ what an experience, dont be! I am living life ‘Inxs’

That’s all for now…it’s Sunday, not decided what to do… have to get
ready for work for tomorrow….will keep you guys posted.

Birthday Time again

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Seems to be a party month, Sriram celebrated his Big B day Yesterday. We were ready with our paper plates and cameras as usual. This time I got to smear some cake on the Birthday Boy’s face. Birthday cakes seems to be becoming our deserts almost everyday! more the merrier. Well here are some snaps we got of the cake both on the table and on the face!

Download DSCN0653.jpg

Download DSCN0660.jpg

Hey one more thing. I am leaving for Chicago, USA on a business trip and hence would resume to share news and stuff with you people on the weekend, Ciao!

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