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Middle East in U.K

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In what could be one of the latest investment news Qatar’s State Investment Fund might buy the 31% stake of NASDAQ in London Stock Exchange for a price of a little over $5.6 billion. This decision to sell its stake was taken by NASDAQ after its decision to buy the Nordic Stock Exchange, OMR (see my earlier article on this topic). The total price offered by the Qatar State Invesment Fund is about 1,400 pence per share.

The interesting news is that Qatar Invesment Fund might not go into the bid alone and other Middle East Funds might be involved in this investment. Other Middle East investment in U.K includes, Qatar Investment Authority’s decision to buy the U.K. superstore J. Sainsbury PLC. Dubai Ports World bought UK based Port operator P&O.

Looks like many of the Middle East Funds vest their investment interest in U.K. and Europe is surely gaining from such invesments.

Help in disguise!

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In my blog I try to reflect on some of the unique and useful innovation, which would make a differnce to the ‘Tech’ world. In my search for such innovative ideas I came across the news on ‘Virtualisation’, read on to see the differnce it would make.

‘Virtualisation’ a technololgy by VMware which in the future might bring about a sigh of relief to the system administrators. Mendel Rosenblum (Co-Founder, VMWare) while addressing the VM Ware’s VM world conference demonstrated the use of two servers running email software, wherein he unplugged the primary server and the second one took over from exactly where the first one left off. Rosenblum promises that it would take on any load and strives to make the technology usable. This technology called as the ‘Virtualization’ runs on a virtual layer called as the ‘hypervisor’ rather than on a physical machine! This is leads to higher effeciency and performance.

Well as of now the ‘virtualisation’ software seems to be only on the demo phase but plans are to make it marketable and when it does hit the market is sure to be a boon to many system administrators!

The state of the Economy.

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Dollar seems to be limping up from a fifteen year low against a basket of currencies on Thursday as per the ‘reuters’ report. Investors seems to be making profit from the sliding currency and are awaiting the rate cut. It is widely argued that the Fed would cut the rate anywhere between 25 to 50 basis points of the existing 5.25%. Though many are glued to the rate cut, yet the housing led detoriation of the economy seems to be ruling the roost. The dollar seems to have been ignored by many investors leading to an all time high euro.

Asia seems to be gaining from this and actually made some gains from the sliding dollar. Japanese Prime Minister Abe’s resignation does not seem to have an impact on the Japanese yen. The Aussies, Kiwi and the Cannadian dollar all seemed to have benefitted from the latest run-up in the commodity prices.

Biofuels not the answer afterall!

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Biofuels may not be the answer to the surging oil prices and reducing the dependency on oil producing natinons after all. According to the report submitted by OECD or Organisation for Economic cooperation and Development, “they may offer a cure that is worse than the disease they seek to heal” It is widely believed that biofuels would help to counter the rising oil prices, increase the economic standards of the farmers etc. But the usage of toxins in the form of fertilizers, pesticide is one of the major concern, added to it is the rising price of the food products like that of corn, also there could also be possible food shortage in the economy. OECD feels that the answer does not lie in the Governmentvoffering subsidies to the Farm sector but should instead try to invest in research that would not have ecological or climate change.

Car pooling, walking and regular cleaning of engine may infact help to conserve more oil and in balancing the demand instead of creating the so called ‘green’ fuel which might infuse ecological and climatic imbalance.

Innovative Ideas

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The products displayed at teh St. Johns innovation centre ranged from Flying saucer to sniffer bees. The St. Johns Innovating centre provides support to the various start ups which proivdes innovative and useful Ideas. I was attracted to some of the products featured like that of Flying saucer developed by GFS project which provides an alternative to the search and rescue operations done by helicopters. The second is a read aloud software which when loaded turns a smart phone into a camera and scanner, it is especially helpful for people suffering from Dyslexia. The last and the most bizzare innovation is that of sniffer bees where the bees are trained to detect food contamination, diseases and even liquid bomb, a special software is required to deted the bees which gives sign (apparently sticking out its tongue) of a possible threat! But of course security issues were given importance and some of the ideas were quite innovative, to read more visit the Cnet News site.

Citi to be listed in Tokyo Market

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Citigroup has decided to enter the world’s second largest market, Tokyo. Citigroup would be listed in Tokyo market as early as November. Japan boasts of millions of wealthy along with $13 trillion stored away as household assets. Citi had decided to re-enter the economy as a local bank, and this move would definetly help to open up new branches in the country. Citi seems to have planned its entry quite right, as most of the fastest growing economy are in Asia. It is of no surprise that many corporates have started looking east for their investment and trying to get in line with the local economy!

As far as I can see Citi’s listing would help the bank to get the best of both the west and the east. It would also be easy for Citi to assess the development of the other East Asian countries.

Apple is in News again

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Apple is making to the front pages, of almost all the tech.magazine and for many reason. Well I can perceive only one thing from these, Apple has decided to stay on top. The first was the reduction in the price of iphone from about$600 to $400. This angered many a consumers who had bought the phone, when it was priced high, Apple recognised the brewing trouble and steve Jobbs immediately agreed to compensate $100 to those who had bought the instrument within 45 days of the price drop. Well for one the market did not take the news very kindly when Apple had decided to slash the price, but after the announcement of the compensation, the market is bound to recognise the goodwill gesture and is sure to react in the positive direction.

As for the other news, it is the new range of ipod, called the ipod touch. Many are making a beeline to acquire this new instrument. The sad news is that it can accomodate only 16GB of space, almost half of the bigger cpacity ipod. The problem seems to have a solution in the form of Z group which has come up with the app. called the ‘shrinkmytunes’ which actually cuts some finer details and helps to reduce the size such that more music can be stored. Some feel that this shrinking affects the quality of music, while many feel that the compromise on the quality is very negligible. Well all I can perceive is that Apple seems to come up with a solution to all their problem and just in time….’A stich in time saves nine’

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