September 2007 -

Advertisements get bigger and better.

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Advertisements necessarily are the backbone of any marketing unit. With the increase in the usage of the net, newspaper sales will decline about 5% by the end of 2007. In order to increase their profit margin the newspaper are eager to get more out of their website. The best way of targeting audiences is through local advertisements.

According to the article ‘What’s Next’ in Business 2.0, a Canadian firm called Newsdirect is offering a ‘new kind’ of ad. it allows the traders to interact. Interaction can be between traders, to fix appointment for a meeting, to even book a table and for a test drive. It is something like how eBay offering sub stores within their main website. An opportunity for the traders and the public to interact with the advertisers.

This interactive advertisement is supposed to replace traditional advertisements. And usher in a new era of advertisement.

Microsoft making waves.

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Microsot’s Corporation has launched Halo 3 video game, which seems to have surpassed some of the major earners both media and online. Halo 3 has recorded an earning of over $170 million, has surpassed $59 million of the movie blockbuster Spiderman 3 and Halo 2 earning of $125million in its first day of launch. The users are finding the game more intrguing as ever and is based on the fight betwee Humanity and aliens. The backdrop and graphics seems have made the users glued to their seats.

This profit is necessary for Microsoft’s investor and has given a year round profitability for the company. By launching Halo 3 on XBOX, Microsoft seems to have lifted itself up and above Sony (who were considered as the erstwhile gaming inventors). The two ways in which XBOX and Halo 3 seem to have overridden the others are the cost and the graphics.

Do bear in mind that it cannot be considered as a casual game and is targeted at professional hard core male audiences. Well Microsoft sure seems to have made the investors and the shareholders happy.

Further rate cuts!

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There was a surge of positive waves in the market when expectation about further rate cuts by the Fed’s grew among people. The crude oil price went below $80 per barrel, which helped to boost the shares of Boeing and United Technologies Corp. But everything was not positive on Tuesday morning when Housing chain Lowe’s Co’s gave a profit warning, Target Corp reported shorter earnings than what was forecasted for September.

The Housing sales did come down and showed people of economy that the housing effect does have a great impact. But also since a rate cut was expected in the near future, i.e during the october policy meet, it increases the positive attitude in the economy. The DJI gained around 0.14 percent, the S&P dropped 0.03 percent. NASDAQ did show a good improvement, due to AAPL. Technology does not seem to have been affected due to Housings downward surge, and this definetely improves the expectation of the economy.

Making Life easier!

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Yes this seems to the motto of Charles Simnoyi, whose Intentional software’s latest release help in writing programmes! Yes one has to just lay down few paremeters and viola it will write its own code, apparently no programming skills are necessary. I was as appalled as you are when I read about this in Business 2.0 magazine in an article titled ‘What’s Next’. The advantage of such a software is to make the experts much more innovative and leave the programming to the software. What’s more one can see the resulting software immediately.

Simonyi’s greatest hits as titled in the article are the worlds first graphical word procesor release in 1974, MS word in 1984,MS Excel in 1985 and the latest is all set to create ripples in the IT world. According to the article ‘Intentional technology caters on the Domain Workbench, a human language and graphically friendly representative of the software.’ Apparently users write directions on spreadsheet, flowchart or even forms to describe what the software has to do. But as Intentioanl attempts to patent its product many are skeptical of this move, in this age of opensource.

But whatever be the shortcomings or hurdles that Intentional may have to face, I beleive it is a great technology breakthrough which would save time and would help in channelising the professionals skills in a more defined way.

Halo is here!

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The final part of the trilogy which was started in 2001 will now be officially available for sale on Tuesday. Yes as the gaming community is waiting with bated breath for Halo 3, the latest video game to be released, there are rave comments by the first time users, saying that it is one of the best and it was so good that one could buy XBOX just for the game. The device itself cost around $280 to $450 dollars as per the features required.

Of course it is not all great news for Microsoft, some feel that the ‘titles’ were not upto the mark and the behaviour of some computer controlled enemies were not very realistic. Criticisms is expected in any release, but the postive features seems to have overpowered the negative traits and the entire package is designed in such a way that any gamer would find his favourite in it!

To take away the monopoly enjoyed by Sony seems have been Microsoft’s motive. Scoring a perfect 10 in one of the leading gaming magazine, Halo seems to have fulfilled its promise! So gamers have much to look forward to, and so does Microsoft.

The Aftermath.

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After the Rate cut announced by the Fed. it is time to take stock of things. Wall street is in the watch out for more from the Fed. after the rate cut and due to the weakening dollar. With the rate cut, Wall Street got the desired results in the form of upward surging indexes, the Dow Jones and S&P 500 did a 2.8% increase with NASDAQ in the tow increasing the rate to 2.7%. Multinationals welcomed a cheaper dollar but imports expensive which might increase the inflation rate.

The dollar is in par with the cannadian dollar after 1976 and many dont feel very positive about this. Indicators like the Consumer Price Index are something to watch out for, especially with the surging gold prices and oil price, which touched to $80 mark. Wall street will have tab on the Personal Consumption price Index which happens to be one of the indicators of Inflation. The housing sector will definetly crave more attention from wall street and from those across the world.

Looks like it is a taxing time for U.S and a tensed third quarter for the economy.

Oracle emerges a winner!

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Oracle has reported its first quarter earning, and the figures look quite impressive. Oracle reported a net income earning of $840 million. This increase in earnings were due to the impressive line up of products, which it has recently included from acquisition of various companies like that of Hyperion solutions, stellent, Metasolv and various other software maker.

Oracle is into manufacturing of business database, and No 2 in business application behind Germany’s SAP AG. So those holding Oracle shares have much to rejoice this week and for the coming weeks.

The Next Big Thing

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As Tom Krazit puts it in his article. “Intel has new ideas for mobile computing”, talking in the
‘Intel Developer Forum’ Dadi Perlmutter and Anand Chandrasekar exectuvies, Intel unleashed the new Mobile Internet Device, and also the plan to bring about a whole new network services to service them. For the past many years Intel has been concentrating on Mobile strategy on notebooks, but looks like they would like to take it more than PC’s nowadays.

As far as processor sections are concerned, Intel plans to ship silverthorne which has many integrated features. Discussion was also on ‘Moorestown’ a low power concept which is promised to consume ten times less power. Intels another strategy is to increase the demand for MID as an alternative to smart phones, to get the Internet in one’s pocket. This strategy is adopted by Intel after its failed attempt to get its chips into the mobile phones!

Next discussing on WiMax Krazit feels that Intel would also publicise the use of WiMax as an alternative to cellular networks and would be ready to test many of its product on this technology.

Next year Intel is planning to bring out ‘Montevina’ which has many of the features discussed above. After unleasing many of its product in the forum and discussing on the various technology, Intel seems to be all geared to prove its dominance on technology to the world!

Rate Cut!

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Well the news that is occupying everybody’s else blog or the article which is being covered in the first page in all the papers will be in my Blog too. Yes it is regarding the Fed’s rate cut, at last it has happend and has set the wall street in an upbeat mood. The stocks as expected did go up, the Dow Jones Industrial average went up by 335.97 percent. By the way the Fed’s decision to slash the rate to almost 50% did raise many an eybrow, contrary to the belief the Fed Rate was cut to 4.75% from 5.25%!

Many did think the rate cut might reflect inability of Fed. to honour its decision to defend the Inflation rate. But many welcomed it saying that though it might not provide a permanent relief, it definetly would lead to more ‘positiveness’ and forestall the adverse effect on the broader economy.

A decline in employment rate in August, showed that the housing related strain were trickling down to Industries and to Household and it was time that Fed. take some charge and forestall some of the negative effect.

As soon as the Fed. reduced the rate, the bank’s followed suite and reduced their Prime Lending Rate in loan to many of their top customers

Yes this might not be a permanent solution to the adverse effect that the economy might face in the future but it definelty would try and forestall some of the effect and bring about a psychological ‘positive’ atttitude in the investors, which might inturn lead to more investments in the economy.

Education via phone

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I came across this article by Jessica Marshall in the ‘New Scientists’ and wanted the share it with you. What attracted me to the article was the research by the people at the University of California regarding the medium to spread education.

The University found in their research that the teachers in Mysore, India were not quite well equipped with language skills to teach children English, and also that many of them kept away from school to provide income to their family. But the research also found that 19 out of 47 had cell phones and hence decided to use this medium to spread education! Well smart phones are not only for the well informed and for the corporate bigwigs, it could has help in imparting education and theryby providing equal opportuity as this report clearly shows. Well the method used by John Canny’s group at the University ofCalifornia found that they could use a very popular game in South India to impart the language skills. For eg. they use the game called ‘tree tree’ in which the user have to move the on screen figure, which is called out. The other one is where the user has to move one of the animals among the many and help it to cross the road, this way one can learn about animals, plants, vegetables etc.

Canny’s group plans to incorporate bluetooth, and to include speechrecognition, so students get feedback on their pronounciation based on whether the phone software recognised what they said.

ZMQ has developed a software for HIV education for cell phone users in Africa and India. Now this is what I call as ‘Optimum use of existing resources’!

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