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Microsoft has just closed a $6billion deal with aQuantive, to better its online media outlet and taking advantage of the Internet boom. This is one of the biggest acquisitions by Microsoft. This acquisition was approved by the aQuantive shareholders on Thursday. The software giant has decided to make the best of online Media offering and to make the best use of online advertisements.

Google is waiting for the regulatory approval for its purchase of Double Click, which cost it about $3.1 billion. Acquisition of Double Click will enable to serve and track ads online. U.S anti trust are studying the deal after being reported that the deal might give ‘too much’ control on the online advertising sector.

Well the purchase of aQuantive is sure a costly deal, but through this Microsoft is trying to carve a place for itself among competitors like of Google and Yahoo and to mark its presence in online advertisement.

The Trickle down effect!

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As per the Reuters report on the market situation, it does seems to be a rollercoaster ride for the retail investor. The two major events of last week which sent jitters to the entire system was that of filing of banktrupcy by the American Home Mortgage and that of freezing of funds by BNP Paribas. Major Central Banks offered liquidity to the credit sector, to calm the nerves of the investors, this did send some amount of positive signal. But the worst part is that the creditors are imagining the worst and are dumping stocks like mad!

The credit system has gone haywire because of bad investments in the past. Home loans were given to people with bad credit history, also the investors had put the money in very risky sections and the people who had taken the mortgage were unaware that their notes were held by some one else. It looks like this problem has affected the corporate credit as well as many of the business houses have started hoarding cash and thus making credit very costly or rare.

But thankfully the job market is not affected and there are people who saw this situation coming and had moved their fund to more safer areas. The most important thing is to bring the confidence back in investors and remove the panic from the system.

Source: Reuters

Draining of liquidity

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Liquidity which was seen in plenty in the recent times, seems to have all dried up in the U.S. economy, this in turn has lead to increase in Bond’s selling. Dow Jones fell to 387.18 to 13,270.68 its second worst loss in the year. The S&P has lost about 44.40 points to 1453.09, the NASDAQ fell to 56.49 points, and this was NASDAQ’s third biggest drop.

Many analysts feel that this is a “momentum swing” and that all is not bad with the economy. This situation though has resulted in more fund issues and exposure to sub prime.

But yes liquidity is an issue right now, in some cases it is hard to get liquidity and some times it is not available at all. But again there are good things to look forward to like the growth of the global market and the corporate balance sheet seems to be pretty strong. Hope this period passes off and things improve with such a positive future.

Apple unleashed!

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This post must have belonged in yesterday’s date, but I guess no harm in analysing things! Well it is an old news by now, but anyways..let us take a closer look at the Apple’s various range of products released by apple’s CEO Steve Jobs. A detailed write up was CNet news blog, and here are some of the excerpt, the first and the foremost were the 20 inch and 24 inch, latest addition to the iMac’s version. The 20 inch is priced between $1,199 to $1,499 and that of the 24 inch is $200 less than the 20 inch model.

Next in line is iLife, Apple’s range of application. iLife ’08 will be released soon. iPhoto is the new range of photo management system, next comes iMove, iWeb, iDVD and Garage bands.

The best that I like is that of iWork, that helps to work with keynote and pages. iWork enables to drop pictures, graphs and photos alongside with spreadsheet table, import and export of Microsoft Excel is also possible with the help of iWork…now I feel this is a great news the compatilbiltity with MS office helps to solve so many transisition problems, one faces while adopting different applications.

I was sure that iPhone is the not the only thing in Apple’s kitty (but I accept that it is one of the major one that Apple banked on though!) but these ranges only show the innovtive policy that Apple follows in all fields from hardware to application!

I know you guys are now checking on Apple’s performance right now…I am doing the same, will update you on the same right now

And here it is!

Cisco on its growth path!

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Cisco Systems CEO John Chambers has given assurance to both investors and employees that Cisco is bound to do good and much more in the years to come. He is expecting a major boom after the Internet boom in ’98 which had catpulted Cisco to new height. He believes that the Internet is all set for its new high in the coming months. As far Cisco is concerned its earnings have increased to 1.93 billion in the 2007 fiscal, this quarter has been quite good for Cisco.

Chamber has predicted that Cisco’s growth would definetley increase from 13 to 17% for the fiscal year 2008. Cisco’s telepresence product is a major highlight for this fiscal year. Thus investors and analysts could be rest assured that the going would be good for Cisco for some time to come.
Source:-CNet news

Take a moment and think!

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I might be writing this a little belatedly as the ‘event’ took place on August 5th 2007, but I wanted to put my heart and soul into this and had hence taken my time.

5th of August, Sunday, was a great day for me, and it all started while I was having my shower (dont smirk, this is serious), fortunately I did not jump out crying ‘Eureka’ but was almost close to it! If you are thinking what happened? well an Idea hit me and the next thing I knew was that I was expressing it to my wife Viji, who was as excited as I was upon hearing the same. Ok Ok I will come to the subject.

Just think, not a day goes without us expressing displeasure or criticising the system or Government, like hygeine, Bureaucracy etc. But “have we taken the initative and done somehting about this”? The most probable answer is ‘No’. This two letter word does make a lot of differnce!

At the same time I remembered our ex-president Mr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam and wondered who would take his legacy forward, a sudden surge of energy hit me like lightening. The thought process had already begun in me and I decided that instead of waiting for things to change, or for some one to bring about a change, why not initiate it myself.

In continuation of this I called around thirty of my friends and asked them to spare an hour of thier Sunday. All I said was that I needed them for a good cause, to my surprise every single one of them turned up and this lifted my spirit. They all had either cancelled or postponed their Sunday appointments for me!
This single act alone showed THE POSTIVE ATTITUDE IN TODAYS GENERATION BUT THE LACK OF MEANS TO EXPRESS THE SAME. Their presence itself provided me the drive to start this revolution. A revolution which is neutral to religion, place and time.

Coming to the meeting, it started well and on-time(a rarity in today’s circumstances). The small confernece room at INXS prooved to be a comfortable zone for all my friends( I also knew that some thought the entire meeting was for a multilevel marketing that I required, but they were all in for a sweet surprise).

Well with this small group, the motive was established, a motive to bring about awareness in every Indian about the division between haves and haves not (believe me even today this gap is still huge as much as it was few years ago when we learnt about it in our civic lessons!) and to bridge this gap. The only means to bridge this gap is through education and education for all. I put forth the same to my group and reiterated that everyone who had to ability to contibute should do so but not necessarily in the form of money,as it might not be practical and justifiable. Instead he/she could pick up one kid in his close surroundings, be it his/her maid’s or drivers child, should take the responsibility of the Kid as his own and do everything in his strength to see that he/she gets good education and all the means for achieving same. This problem (lack of education) might not be solved immediately by the group but would definetly make a difference over a period of time. Hence ‘VISION 2010 INDIA’ was formed in the small conference room of INXS.

This group would operate from the net. I am sure youngsters who spend major part of their day on social networking can afford to spend one hour of their time to a noble cause and to their community, to this site
-this is one way of spreading this awareness program, and I am sure many in the group have their own concept and idea of spreading awareness.

One led to the other, and we decided that the members of the community should start disciplining themselves first and try to preach others to become disciplined citizens of this country which is but a simple task. I

If there is a community or forum, there are bound to be rules, the rules I requested the group to follow were something on these lines:

– To put the garbage in the garbage cans (not around it!)
– To obey traffic rules
– To save trees
-Say no to corruption (in any form)

Imagine a situation where would have 2 million members over a period of time and all the members follow the rule of educating one kid! I am sure it will be the start of a great revoilution.

I am sure everyone of you reading this blog will help in building this ‘responsible citizen community’. I require all your support.

Very shortly I should be posting the site ID to all of you…Look out for the same!

Market Watch

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The article “Four on Four: Decoupling from Dow” by Joanna Osinger of Market beat analyses the trend last week and of Monday. It reports that Investors were little cautious on Monday after the major sell off that the market witnessed on Friday, but the gains eventually took off. Dow gained around 287 points on Monday. The S&P 500 added around 35 points on Monday. The one index that seemed to have lagged behind is that of Nasdaq as it was able to do only 36 out of the 65 points.

The two things that bother the economy are that of Labour and that of ‘corporate defaulters’. The article says that as far as the hiring continues, it might be good for the economy, but as caroline of Bloomeberg (as cited in the article) says that demand for goods and hiring are related, and obviously hiring would increase only if there is demand. I agree by that completely.

The article goes on to say that investors are fast loosing confidence in corporates as the number of defaulters are increasing and Moody’s reasearch only points that the percentage of defaulters have grown from 1.5% to 3.5% in July 2008 and anything above it is really bad. Well only a good policy in place can aid them.

Energy Bills

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In what could be the historic turn of events, the senate stripped $16 billion dollars from tax incentives to ‘Oil’ and has redirected it to the development of renewable sources of energy. It is dubbed as the ‘no energy bill’ because there is no drilling incentives. But it is historic because it marks the ‘American Independence’ from Oil and the shift of preference to renewable sources like that of solar and wind. The bill has also set new codes for appliances and building efficiency codes. Yes the increased tax is a matter of concern and that of the ‘effienciency’ codes like that of 35 miles per gallon by 2020 might give a headache to major players at Denver but the states have to decide about it and work it out among themselves, given the fact that about 29 of them have already adopted the same.

This change was bound to happen to bring about a long term consensus on the ‘oil problem’ and to reduce the dependency of America on “oil’.

A good Concept!

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Today I was browsisng through Business 2.0 and came across an interesting article which has defined a concept which we are all in need for. If you are asking what? then look into your Inbox. I am sure each of us have atleast about a dozen email (for some like me more than a dozen) , but the problem is each and every mail get the same importance. Gone are the days of secretaries and office assistants who could sort out the mail according to their genre and importance and bring in those which requires immediate action. I guess some of the companies do have assistnance in sorting emails too!

Well taking in these lines Om Malik feels that an Intelligent mail box is required which would easily categories spam under Junk (of course this is already being done by many) Company news /information or memo under RSS feed, intelligently negotiatge appointment with one’s calender in the background etc., Dont you think this idea is great, well I think so.

I really agree with Om and feel that such an application is really in need and hope and somebody catches the hint!

What’s up Uncle Sam?

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The citizens of U.S are not at all high spirited nowadays, the reason-they feel that the economy is in recession, if not it would soon be in the next year. This poll was taken by WBC/ NBC News Poll shows. Such a feeling is prevalent in spite of the sustained growth, low inflation and rising stock values. Also the poll shows lack of confidence among the leaders and the heads of corporate as well. There is anxiety as well as loathing; the feeling is that the leaders are in pursuit of their own betterment than that of the public they serve! But the bright side is that Small Business does seem to do doing well!

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