August 2007 -

Yahoo’s Kickstart

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Social Networking has now got itself a new dimension, called the social job site. This new venture of Yahoo is called as ‘kickstart’ and is much much different from an ordinary job portal. Kickstart helps to find college students their ‘in’ jobs or companies they are interested in and connects them to the alumini in that particular company. Of course Kickstart requires the members to put in their photograph and add a short resume in the webpage. Also the page contains some information on the company that the student is interested in.

The idea is definitely social networking but the mission is to get the jobs for college students which they desire. The second part is something similar to facebook, and is called as the university page. Here the students get to have their bulletins, discussions etc.

Now anyone who are dreaming of their ‘in’ job get connected to you alumini, who know, your ‘in’ might be waiting for you!

Ben in the helm of affairs.

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In an after effect of the economy downturn, Ben Bernanke is under criticism for being slow in bringing about a policy change to change the situation for better. But this is not the first time that the Fed head is under fire, Greenspan has been held responsible for the increased foreclosure due to increased interest rate cuts. The Fed has been in the helm of affairs and the chairman has not been spared. With all these in the backdrop the Fed. Continues to believe that the economy will change for the better once the inflation worry is taken care of! Ben has been hailed as someone who sticks by the forecast, and any change would be alerted by Ben.

Fed’s Decision

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After the August 7th meeting, Economist weigh on the decision made by the FED and the conclusions drawn have been analysed by many authors in the ‘Wall street Journal’ blog. Of the various analysis, it has been felt that the increased inflation would outweigh other monetary policies. The falling value of dollar has also been seen to increase the risk of inflation along with lower productivity and higher labour cost. Many people regard Ben as an academician and not as an one experienced in real market conditions, this might prove to be the reason that Fed still feel the earlier conditions can be revived. Though a week of financial mayhemmight have taught the Fed. that some sort of policy intervention should be there to calm the market.

Alternative LifeStyle

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Alternative Energy might be the call of the day, but this has been preached and practiced by many belonging to the ‘sustainable living movement’. More that 10,000 people came to attend the ‘Sol fest’ held in the hopland California. Among others the major sponsorship was from Toyota and Sharp. The popular products showcased were the geodesic dome, bamboo pyramid and Yurt. Automated Teller Machine which runs on solar power, a solar powered carousel, a solar and hydrogen powered model house, Yokayo Biofuels and Imperium Renewable also showcased their products which were vegetable oils and gallons of biofuels. Of course a Benz run by biofuels and solar power was showcased. The show entirely was dedicated to sustainable lifestyle using renewable and environment friendly sources, and it was huge success. The only thing remaining is to make these inventories into mass production.

Henri Richard of AMD steps down

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After 20 years in PC industry and five in AMD,Henri Richard has decided to step down as AMD’s Sales and Marketing chief and move on to a new position. Richard’s exit might have caught AMD at a wrong foot, as the company is already dealing with lot of problems at hand. Richard is the next to quit after Dave Orton who was incharge of Graphic business at AMD. A representative of AMD has said that Henri Richard has fulfilled his job to make AMD as a new global sales and marketing organisation. AMD prepares to launch Barcelona its quad core server processor, which is already facing lot of hurdles in its release.

So far the going has been tough for AMD due to the stiff competetion with Intel. Guess we need to see the performance of AMD after the release of Barcelona in September.

Asian Market

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Everything seems be well with the Asian market. This can be attributed to the decision of the Fed. to cut the rates to calm the turbulent situation in the U.S. Sentiments for the both U.S and that of the Asian countries seems to have lifted after a ‘not so bad’ performance by the U.S market on Tuesday. But all is not over yet and people still are cautious about the fallout from the U.S. subprime sector. Assurance have been given by the Central Bank would use all the available tools to calm the financial situation.

NASDAQ and S&P 500 had risen on Tuesday, after the Fed’s decision to cut the benchmark rate, though many analyst speculate such a cut is not actually necessity and is done only to affect the psychological factor of the traders, and it has definitely done the work. Many analyst feel that there is still a looming danger and that this issue has to be resolved for overall benefits. The Energy sector tried to pull the indices on the negative site, with the ‘Dean’ bringing chaos to the oil rigs. But the positive side was that of Apple which had gained around 4.4% and pushed Nasdaq towards positive points.

Refurbished Phones

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Now both the original model and the refurbished phones are available on the web for sale, with a discount of about $100 with free shipping charges. That means that 8GB model is available at $499 and that of 4 GB at $399. Some of the customers are happy about the reduced price, but are also wondering about the reduced price, but knowing Apple it is only quite obvious that it is one of Apple’s strategies!

Well there is a rise of about 0.16% gain in Apple from June, but this could be attributed to the discounted price, don’t forget that Apple has also unleashed a couple of more products in these months!

A bio degradable laptop!

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This is what is called as green revolution, or better still a green company. Fujitso has joined the bandwagon of ‘Green company’ by being manufactureres of Laptop chasis which is made of corn starch rather than petroleum, you throw away the chasis and it would blend or degrade with the environment in months time, rather than decades which a PVC takes. Fujitsu has already used corn starch to manufacture cell phones and point of sale terminals. Of course this has been bought out by Fujitsu in Japan, this would be shortly followed by US and other European companies. The manufacturing of the corn starch plastic itself causes less of carbon emission that that of manufacturing other plastics.

According to Cnet’s News blog, cereplast and Archer Daniels midland production might take this to a new level and this in turn would reduce the cost of production and hence the price of the product itself.

Guess this change should be bought about immediately the world over, especially with the results of the Greenland’s Glacier melting and the carbon content in the atmosphere getting higher, it is time we especially U.S.A and other Europe countries act fast and bring about this revolutionary change.

To know more do visit Cnet News Blog.

Fed’s change of priorities

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The Fed’s dont seem to be worried about inflation anymore, atleast for the time being. This was made clear on Friday, when Discount rate charged on direct Fed’s loan to the banks were reduced to one half of the percentage. The Fed has kept its conern over Inflation aside and instead would probably cut its target Federal Fund rate to support growth. With the credit market situation having all power of slowing down the economy, it has only become important for the Central Banks to be ready for sucha situation and act accordingly.

The requirement for a rate cut has been the want of many analyst and experts alike, like Jim Cramer. The discount rate will only lower the cost of emergency borrowing by various institutions. Wherase in case of Fed. rate cut, all the banks cost of funds are affected. Many feel that the need of the hour is a Fed. rate cut.

Post Celebrations

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Most of us would have utilised 15th August as a day to relax, to hang out with friends or just watch television. In other words enjoyed the freedom which our forefathers had earned for us. Yes it was a long struggle then, it is the fruits of that struggle that we are able to enjoy right now! What do we do now so that our future generations could enjoy the fruits in some time from now….what else give a secure, comfortable and a well equipped society. For this each of us must be responsible for our own action and think about the consequence it would have. It is also required that each of us is responsible for at least one of our less priveledged brother and strive to make his future generation a well equipped one.

Each of us as an educated, free citizen of India, has the responsibility to strive for a prosperous society that inturn would strive to give equal opportunity for all. Believe me equal oppoprtunity and education for all is the only answer to have a prosperous and developed India. India is already on the path of being a ‘developed’ nation, but it should not stop at the point of GDP or growth percentage alone, we need to set an example for one of nations that believe in equal opportunity for one and all irrespective of any differenciation, and this could start only with us as responsible citizens of this great country.

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