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Fitness Mantra

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Venturing into various things at a time seems to give me a ‘high’ and now along with other things….I have decided to ‘own the road’ … to run!

I think fitness and workouts are the most essential ingredients in one’s life. With the work pressure and the sloppy food habits, it has become very important for us to keep ourselves fit. Cramping too many things in one’s life seems to be the forte, and guess there is always space left for one to include workouts!

Well I am a believer of good health and have given up junk, replaced by some real nutritious stuff. Yesterday I visited the nearest Nike showroom and bought some cool running gears! All set to commit myself to fitness. check this out!

so next time people see me i hope they find some real change…so I am off running!
Hope u guys out there get some cue….keep fit and healthy, you owe it to people around you and to yourself!

Market is slump!

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Stocks slipped again this Wednesday. This was attributed to an increase in Labour Cost, there are also growing concern, that instead of lowering the rate, the Fed’s might increase the Interest rate, by the end of this year. The concern of Inflation, along side with the decision of the European Central bank to increase the rate to 4% has sent the jitters. But many of the analysts are of the opinion that such a down slide is expected especially when the market was in the upswing for some time. Inflation might be a cause for concern for the short term period, but it would cease in the long run. The analysts also feel that in the long run the U.S. equities are bound to do well.

The top three index was down, with Dow Industrial Average was at 13,465 and the S&P 500 Index showed a slump of 0.89% and that of Nasdaq was down by about 0.92%. In the commodities market however, gold seemed to make a mark with Gold making an all time high.

Viewing the long term position of the economy, revival is surely on the cards. As of now the concern is that of the rate, and many hope it would not increase.

Web Start-ups have good company. (Contd.,More fund down the drain)

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Was going through the Guy Kawasaki site, and came across his article on ‘Truemors’, ‘By the numbers: How I built a 2.0, user generated content….’In this article he writes how ‘Truemors’ survived with nil capital from Venture Capitalist and ‘o’ Business Plan. People may have reasoned this success saying that it was ‘Guy’s’ site, but hey look at the other side of things also, ‘Truemors’ was wrote off as the worst site, by the inquirer on the very second day of its launch and yet got about 315,000 hits.

Let us assume that ‘Truemors’ was a real business venture, and did take off as a very good site. What about the endless array of Social Networking Sites, which are heavily funded!
Man, I really think that some people have flair for investment;-) don’t u?

BTW does the meaning of ‘Truemors’ ring any bell to you …try in the lines of ‘Rumour’!

Market Overview

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Guess it is time again to take stock of the market right now. As all of you know, the $ is not a good shape, situation, it seem to have worsened after ‘Bernanke’s reluctnace to reduce the rate, as Inflation still seems to be his forte. China Market has been quite volatile, and had settled a little after Wu Xialoling, a deputy central governor assured that the volatile stock position would not affect the market.

The dollar touched a three week low against the Euro on Tuesday.
London Brent crude was up by 32 cents, but as far as Gold is concerned, it did fairly well after the Dollar weakend. Probably people are shifting to rare metals like Gold to invest, as the Dollar continues to weaken. Need to wait for some time to see how the situation revives.

Outsourcing Knowledge

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We had belonged to the era of ‘brain drain’ well the leftover brains in the country are seeming to make a good business though ‘outsourced’ works. It is no more just mass outsourced works that people in India or East Asia are receiving in fact there is a lot of ‘personal outsourcing’ work. United States and other countries may cry ‘foul’ as much as they want regarding work getting outsourced to Asian continents, but when it comes to certain areas like ‘knowledge’ sharing, ‘designing’ some people have very strong appreciation of work done by Asians. For example ‘tutoring’ seems to be one major area where Indians seems to be appreciated. A housemaker obviously good with numeric skill tutors a child in Cananda. Another example is when someone finds out that Asians are good in ‘designing’ clothes and have outsourced work here, the quatity might be meagre, but yet it seems to form quite a decent form of income to many.

Guess we are still left with lot of ‘willing intelligensia’ who seem to share their skill and expertise not only in their own country but around the world, thanks to web 2.0 technology.

More Fund down the drain!

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This is a case of a bad investment decision and something that VC’s need to learn from. Probably a tough one, but they need to consider from henceforth about ventures which really do need their capital.

Well the company in limelight (consider this term in ‘antonym’) is that of Amp’d mobile, a popular mobile network operator. The basis of the plan was to create a social networking circle, through the world wide network of over 2.6 billion mobile users…sounds interesting and yes they competed with the most ‘heard of’ name in the sector like loopt and helio. The best part is that they were able to do away with $360 million. Well the investors who are biting their tongue right now are Verizone wireless, Motorola and Vivendi.

The company has already filed for Banktrupcy and another piece of their infomation, their assets worth are nothing near to what they owe to the VC’s. That money could have been used for a more interesting and profitable funding, well this bad investment decision would give many a start-up an heart ache!

Blog on Market Simplified

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As a first step prior to the launch of the product, we at INXS felt the need to make others aware of the product. What other better way than to blog about the product, www.marketsimplified.com, it’s evolution, characteristics and much more.

So do kindly check out our blog on Market Simplified to get ‘sneak preview’ of the Product itself. Do bear in mind that each of the write up are written by the team involved in the development of the product, thus you can get a full fledged knowledge of the product. The blog itself is still evolving and hence you have the benefit of up-to-date information on the product.

Welcome to http://official.marketsimplified.com

Dollar’s falling face

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As a kid I remember reading a lot of ‘richie rich’ comics, and what attracted the most was the dollar ‘$’ sign everywhere on the comic. Well ‘$’ is not in the yore days any more I guess, this was confirmed by Kuwait’s decision to ‘deplug’ its dinar to the U.S dollar (May 20th). Kuwait continues to be U.S. ally but it does not make any economic sense for Kuwait to carry on by linking to the dollar.

The decrease in value of the U.S. $ has resulted in costlier imports and of course expensive home mortages for the U.S. Now or later other countries are bound to follow in Kuwait’s footsteps. Nothing can be said in the long run, but this might be the sign of monetary situations in the future.

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