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Changing for the better

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The latest news at INXS is that we have completely gone for a makeover of our dietary habits. Healthy life lies in helathy food. Eating no longer is associated with hunger, but instead with boredom, tension and just for time-pass. This has to be identified by all the corporates. Well we have gone along and identified the problems. Keeping fit eating good is what matters. This realisation made me to make some changes in the pantry. Some of the changes bought are replacing sugar with sugar free powders, colas are an imminent must so they are replaced with the diet colas (hope people completely do away with the fizz drinks though!) Of course the others like low fat chocolate’s and drinks are always present. There has been an increase in the provision of fruits!

Even the INXS refrigerator has a new shine to it….must be due to all the healthy stuffs inside!

We believe in team spirit and to keep the spirit alive I believe in fuelling it with healthy food!

Wall Street News

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The two major news that seems to have caught the front pages of Financial Journals as well as that of online journals is that of resignation of Chief Executive Terry Semel. Yang, the co-founder was named the chief and former DFO Decker was named the President. This change came about after investors hue and cry for a new leadership. It is quite interesting to note that Semel was instrumental in many of the profitable changes in Yahoo, including the introduction of online advertising concept. The good news is that shares rose after hours of announcement of the change in leadership!

In another breakthrough event, the Supreme court in U.S dismissed an investors lawsuit that brokers syndicate had worked in consortium to drive up the prices of the IPO’s during the 90’s. The investor bankers and other brokers made a huge profit during the boom, but some of the retail investors were worst hit. Many of the brokers name such as Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley were involved. The company who were on the right side of the bubble were Amazon.com, eBay and Priceline.com. The court decision is that the Securities and Exchange Commission had the relevent experience to distinguish between permissable consortiums and syndicates and should be left to their descretion, well this ruling pronounces only one thing that Anti Trust laws are having the noose tightened.

Major players

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The takeover speculation on Alcoa made the market go up today. Most of the major industrial houses showed a upward trend. Some other major player included Apple, whose stock rose after the announcement that iphone proved to perform higher than anticipated, like that of eight hours of talk time, six hours of internet and twenty four hour of radio, CV Therapeutics and China Medical Technologies were some of the major players who contributed to the positive growth of the market.

Talking about apple many are seeing a downfall in the near future and say that iphone release would not have an effect, as iphone is part of the package of the stocks right now and that the reason for its good performance. But according to me the management and technicals show that as far as the long term is concerned, it is definetly a good buy.

CMT showed a positive trend as in-vitro products and diagnostic product and ultra sound therapy system made a major upswing. Now it is a good news as far as stocks are concerned but otherwise…

Market is on the rise

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Friday showed a positive trend with most of the Industrial Average showing a gain of more than 2%. The reason for this might be attributed to many. The major factor being that Inflation seemed to have eased a little, thereby bringing down the interest rates and hence leading to more buy. The other being that the the CPI of May had rised only at 0.1%and hence the market is reacting positively this month. The Fed. have still not decided on the course of action, but a increase in Interest rate has been waved off as of now, and this is one reason that the Market is showing an upward direction.

But for one, there were lot of factors like that of increase in retail sales, and an increase in the CPI index only as much as 0.1% which had influenced the economy and hence eased the inflationary presuure which again has lead to positive trend in the stock market. The coming weeks are very crucial to see how the market performs.

American Shoppers

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An article by Tim Lacono in ‘seeking Alpha’ had made me think on the recent increase in retail sales in the U.S. This increase in retail sales did seem to put everyone into a bit of’confusion’. Confusion, because even with the increase in the gasoline prices there seems to be more left for shopping. According to the article, sale of clothing, accessories and garden equipment seems to have increased by more than 2%. Well where did the shoppers find the money to finance their shopping, obviously through their credit cards.

On the other hand what does this spending mean to the economy. I agree with Lacono when he says that this spending is vital for the economy. Any economy would require more money in the circulation and expenditures would definitely mean a boost for the economy. This increase in spending/expenditure would lead to more positive reaction and investment would increase. On the other hand when there is no saving and only expenditure, this would certainly lead to more debt…. where is the economy heading?

But then again how long will this spending spree would continue no one knows…. because the American shoppers are so unpredictable! These are some of the questions, which will definitely find answers in the next few months.

At Inxs

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Long time since I gave you a peek inside INXS. What else but people are all neck deep immersed in their work, for days together. Some fine tuninings are happening. But on the whole we are working IN EXCESS! and enjoying it!

Good News is here at the Market

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Things are beginning to look up as most of the major Industrial Averages recorded more than 1% growth on Wednesday, the 13th June. The reason might be due to the fact that the Interest rate might not increase after all. The S&P increased more than 6.9% and Dow Jones was up by 8.2%. The reason for the bad performance last week might be attributed to the fact that a dip in the bonds might have triggered unnecessary doubts that the Fed. might increase the rates, and also due to the fact that the European Central Bank and other Banks around Europe had increased their interest rate to counter the increase in the Inflation rate. But according to the ‘Beige Book’ of the stock market , there is no real reason for concern and the Fed. given the present situation might after all not increase the rate.

The areas of concern though are the real estate market and the manufacturing section does seem to be picking up.

The crude oil did rise but is well below the $70 range and is in the band width of $66-67 per barrel.

Dollar rises for a brief period

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The recent news shows that Dollar rose temporarily on Wednesday after a retail sales boom (after January 2006). Alongside with this the import prices were on the rise. But this boom subsided after the U.S. treasury yield slipped on Wednesday. The European market and the Britain market reflected this…the European market was almost flat seeing this trend. NASDAQ and S&P 500, showed a negative trend. It is yet to be seen if the Dollar rise would change the outlook of the FED.

Looking forward to….

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Next week will witness the “Reuters Investment Outlook Summit” which will have over a dozen leading portfolio managers and strategists to discuss the recent increase in Interest rate. This week alone saw a surge in Interest rate in European Central Bank, Reserve Bank of New Zealand, South Africa’s Central Bank. The summit comes in wake of sliding stock rates and the surge in Bond Yields. Much awaited is the outcome of the summit, some strategic decisions are sure to be made by the next week end.

More on my run ;)

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In continuation of my runing I started, I should say that there is one great guy I took inspiration from, Harishankar. All you guys should know him by now, our HR Chief and the guy who co-founded the Chennai Runners.

The day I called and told Hari that I wanted to run and that I bought a pair of Nike shoes, he came rushing to office dropping all his work, very excited. He said he is super happy because I have already started to think in the lines of running. He ensured that the enthusiasm doesnt die in me. This was followed by the running with Hari early next morning morning.

Was in the office till early morning, realised that if I sleep I wouldnt be able to make it to the run, so went to Hari’s place about half hour early. This was just in response to Hari’s enthusiam to see me running if not my own haha. Hari started with teaching me with some warm up workouts before we started our run. This is a must to ensure that you dont injure your legs. The stretch again follows the run, now this is to ensure that we dont end up with cramps.

Now coming to the most interesting part. Met with a 55 year old Dr. who started running for a cause. Really felt that my energy levels tripled after I met this gentle man. Great guy to be friends with. Spoke a lot of things during the run. And when we were returning back, Dr. said hi to some one who was crossing us, a guy about 6ft tall, well built and a nice pony tail. Guys I knew I was poor at guessing age but never knew I was so pathetic, I told Dr that he should be in his early 60s, to my biggest surprise, this gentle man who was running with all the worlds energy and his face full of life was in his early 80s. Believe me guys I think every one who is complaining about their health should just go and look at this gentle man running. Iam sure even the last guy will get inspired by him to keep himself healthy and fit.

Hope my Perseverance doesnt die and I keep running. Will be running in the evening again today. Will post on this in a couple of days among other things.

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