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Some home news

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Long time we have been tracking at the U.S Market, let us turn our attention to India, which has some good news. For one the rupee finished better than the entire week on Friday closing at 41.22/23. The Industrial growth this March has been good and has surpassed the expected level of 10.4% to 12.9%. But with the inflation on the rise it looks like the monetary policy might undergo a further tightening, probably after July. Of course the RBI has increased the lending rate to keep the infation under check. The Inflation rate is at 5.66%/yr as of now. Earlier the rupee appreciation has provided much ground for rejoice, the present political scenario also might mean a very comfortable situation for the rupee.

The reason for lower inflation rate might be due to two reasons, one because the agri-products like production of wheat was higher and also the Sugar prices was on decline. But still the inflation might be high as compared to 3.90 percent which India had achieved about an Year ago Also to keep the inflation in check the Reserve Bank of India had increased the Lending Rates to Banks.

It is Friday in U.S

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After rising steadily, the stocks had started declining this thursday. The stocks were bearish. The Fed’s move on wednesday, to maintain the same rate was expected because of the status of Inflation in the Economy. The sectors that suffered much are steel, energy and finance. As per analyst, when the market is facing a roll like this, it looks for avenues for ‘profit-taking’ and retail sales provided this. Wal-Mart was an example and had declined about 3.5%.

The decline might be due to many factors like that of iraninan troops movement in the Iraq border and also the fed’s decision. Given the overall figure, the result was much expected and was in line with the extended bad weather and early easter. The dollar against the Euro had mixed reaction.

Dollar Dips

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Dollar seems to have edged lower against the other currencies. This is weeks before the Central Bank has announced its rates. The Fed’s had decided to hold the short term rate at 5.25% after the data about the payrolls were released. The European Central Bank has decided to hold the rate at 5.75% until June. As far as the United Kingdom was concerned, it had held the rates higher than that of United States at 5.5%. Well the Fed’s are vary of the slower rate of growth of the economy and the inflation. Looks like 5.25% will be the figure for some time. A decrease in the rate might lead to more borrowing and more investment but at the cost of Inflation. One has to see if the predicition for a rate cut before December ’07 would hold good.

As far oil is concerned, looks like the oil inventories are at a satifactory level in the U.S. This is a peak demand season for oil and with the distubance in Nigeria, oil stocks were quite low but looks like the U.S has geared up and have increased their invetories, to see them through this summer.

So nothing seems to be hunky dory for the U.S economy as of now.

Market this week

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U.S. Dollar slipped agains the Japanaes Yen, as reports of ‘soft’ payroll policy of the U.S. started pouring in. As an aftermath there is expectation for the Fed’s to reduce their rate.

As far as the crude oil is concerned, there has been increased decline of the ‘crude oil’ percentage. While the Nigerian tension increases, people have shifted their attention towards other commodities i.e metals like platinum and copper. Platinum is doing good as far as Tokyo is concerned and copper in case of New York.

You all know about Sarkonzy’s victory, but the French diplomat victory did not do much to Euro. This might ‘be due to the reason that Sarkonzy’s victory was pretty much evident.

Let us see how the Dollar loses due to payroll has affected: According to the analysts the loss might be quite temprory and the Dollar might resurge again, after the Fed’s decision to lower the rate. By the end of decemebr the rate must stand at around 5.0%.

This is as far as the market is concerned and as a conclusion it can be said that though the Dollar seems to be facing a temprory setback. The Asian market is at an high because of two factors, this week marks the end of the ‘Golden Holiday’ week. Also as far as mergers are concerned there has been news in the east that there be a major merger between the worlds larges OS maker and the worlds famous search engine! (what an easy guess!)


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Well the stock markets in the U.S seems to be doing fairly well. With mergers and acquisitions the market is poised for an upward swing! So is the Asian market, especially singapore.

That is the story as far as the U.S. Market&Singapore are concerned. On a personal front the product at INXS is near compeltion stage and all eyes are glued to us. People here are working at their full potential to bring out a revolutionary product. The guys at INXS as you know are well taken care of ! from food to sleep . But at times I feel they need to get out and see their family! the guys out here are that committed.

Well everyone are at the edge of their seats at INXS, some fine tuning is being done and in a couple of days the product is all set to be rolled out!

Market on Friday

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Asia forged ahead in trade this week, followed with Australia. U.S. as of now is clinging on to gains, this depends much on their Federal’s deision on the payrolls. Japanese and the chinese were experiencing weak trade week because of the golden holidays.

The Singapore Stock Exchange is going all time high. Much depends on the Payrolls and the Fed’s decision on the rate. Much expect the rate to be cut but again nothing can be said about Bernanke’ decision to keep out inflation.

Need to wait and watch as to how post holiday session in the Asian continent would perform in the coming week. After the high drama in Nigeria, crude oil seems to have recovered some of its losses. london Brent Crude seems to be the most representative of the crude oil.

New Version of Blackberry

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RIM (Research in Motion Ltd.,) is rolling out a newer sleeker moder of Blackberry. This has smaller and lighter keyboard model, which has increased its market value. It has all the features of the Blackberry like that of the watching video and playing songs, it has the built in megapixel camera, full screen view finder etc. It comes with a media manager and photo editor as well. The Blackberry pearl which was released some time back, did not have the QWERTY type keypad. The new version of the blackberry comes with the QWERTY type keypad, which many users still prefer. The use of this keypad along with other enhanced features have given the Blackberry a broader market.

The Yellow Metal

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The Gold prices seem to have not made any new highs even with the dollars coming down. Expecting more activity after the dollar prices declined, Gold also declined. But with the Euro also sagging against the dollar, Gold has not found a better footing. Investors also sold gold on the speculation that Euro’s rally against the dollar will stall. Failure of Gold reach $700 per ounce had also discouraged the investors. Thus there were lot of selling in the market, but it failed get a good buyers list.

Well that was on the bullion front, which was not very satisfactory. As far as the stock market is concerned NASDAQ did recover and made for an upward surge. utilities provided the safest bet for tuesday. My analysis is that the market will continue to surge forward in the days to come.

Bears and Bulls take a back seat….at times!

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Stock markets interest me. I breathe my business, but at times these take a back seat…especially when I sit and think about all the people and institutions that mattered to me! We necessarily need to give back to society what it gave us…in my case opportunity. Opportunity to education, opportunity to compete and opportunity to utilitse the various resources. The question now arises, what have I done for the society. It is the same as what have I done for my parents. Only when there is give and take in the environment…in the place we live, in the place we work, will there be an equillibrium. These are the things that everyone must ponder and contribute.

I contribute as much as I can to the society and in a manner which really reaches the well – deserved. Everyone has the capacity to contribute…doesnt matter what but to whom and how and if it does really make a difference!

We talk about India competing in the global market. To be at par with the developed nations. This can be done only when we give others an opportunity to equip themselves to contribute to this society.

Tomorrow in another day…we will all be busy with our work, but we need to pause and think about others. It is important and necesary.

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