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The Currrencies

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The U.S. Dollar seems to have hit a all time high against the yen and the Euro. The expectations seems to be down as far as interest rate is concerned. The Fed’s seems to be undecided as far as the rate’s are concerned. The Fed. is not in a hurry to reduce the interest rates. This is because they are vary of the inflation rate. As far as the Japanese market is concerned, they seems to be buying more and more dollars and the future of which depeneds on a large extent to the economic data/Fed’s decision on the rate.

China and U.S have direct exchange of view on the currency issue. U.S feels that Yuan needs to appreciate before it can increase its trading, because now the yuan would gather an unfair advantage. This might have huge impact on China investments in U.S.

As far as the Euro is concerned, looks like the market might turn bullish as the Euro zone is in quite a comfortable position right now.

Dampening Spirits!

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I am talking about oil. According to the latest reports, the prices of ‘Brent’ oil (which is the closest indicator of global oil prices) has shot up to about $70 per barrel. Such an increase is one in several months, infact after Iran-Iraq war such an high price was not recorded. If the tension in Nigeria and Iraq continues, the oil price might hover around such a high level.

Talking about alternate sources of energy, Ethanol seems to be the closest competetior to Gasoline. But again many debates seems to be surrounding the same. Example is the increased farm products prices especially those related to corn and wheat. Guess all the farming folks are having a ‘hay’ day! But the cost involved in extracting ethanol and that of transportation is quite high, and might even surpass the price of gasoline.

Next in line is that of ‘solar energy’ and that of ‘Nuclear Power’ but guess more research and development needs to be found, before they can be categorised as that of alternate source of fuel.

But the crux of the matter is that an alternate source must be found and fast . ‘Necessity is the mother of all invention’. The necessity is here!

INXS-As we Are!

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Back to INXS news. It is not a display board at office, hold your breath! it is the Nintendo v gaming device (dont let ur jaw drop open) installed in office, let us say for recreation . We are one of the few who encourage our team to play. Guess we believe in this terminology ” All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. So play on!

The two serious looking gentlemen are Ramesh and vijay as usual busy with updating accounts….we spend and they tally!Dsc00575_8

We are not into animation, it is simply Uttam’s ‘work of art’. Guess he can apply for waltdisney ‘storyboard’ artistes!(not that we are ready to let him go, anyways). The next picture is of Uttam and Arni 🙂

Prashant and unni chatting away in the language of ‘God’s own country’, all about work I guess!

Congress and VC (U.S Economy)

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If my sources are believed to be correct, it looks like congress would tax the Venture Capitalists in the form of Income Tax. Now the VC’s have come up with a defence line, they feel that they help industries grow, get people get employement and inturn help the economy as a whole! why should they be taxed for the same. Now the congress stand I guess is still awaited on the issue.

U.S. News:

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Sorry I have taken a small break from INXS news to see what is happening at the stock market. I could not help it, since Friday marked a raise of more than 13,000 points on Friday. The Dow touched 13556.53 and that of S&P reached more than 15,000 points. The reason for such an upward green arrow can be attributed to Microsoft acquiring E Quantive an online advertising firm. Sale of GE’s plastic subsidary.

The market is bullish at the movement as higher than expected profit growth, overall global economic growth and a steady inflation rate have given rise a all time high. Such an increase has also led to apprehensions in many of the investors, forcing them to think that it might be ‘too fast and too big’ in a short span of time. I feel that the market might retain its upward growth for some time. The names to watch out for are Microsoft, GE, Citigroup, Trump Entertainment Resorts.

China is another economy one should keep their eyes glued to. Foreign investment in stocks are becoming easier with the banks providing easier and very viable investing factilities. Thus it is an global boom which seems to make everyone feel positive.

Hey dont fret you will be getting more of INXS news by monday!

INXS-Our Space!

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If you think that you are in a ‘publishing’ house, then you are grossly mistaken, this is the view of INXS reception area. We have got the best books on our table and they are updated periodically. From ‘National Geographic’ to ‘Smithsonian’; you can find books to stimulate your mind. By the way you have no business here, if you fail to pick up even one (even if it is out of curiosity!). The guitar is not merely a ‘show piece’ some of our team members ‘unwind’ themselves by straining some strings occassionaly (If people from ‘unwind centre’ are watching this… our team might be good enough even to perform in your ‘June’ show). With music floating in the air, books on the coffee table, comfy bean bags, people tend to relax and love their ‘waiting’ time in our reception area!

‘An empty stomach might mean emptier head’, we strictly follow this and keep our pantry stocked. The refrigerator contains coolers to cool that over heated brain cells of our team. The coffee/tea are mere stimulants from keeping those droopy eyes from falling shut when the work requires us to go on for hours without sleep! Hey food is on the houses from wherever one prefers it from (within the boundaries of chennai of course!)

Let me introduce you to our ‘all-in-all’ velu…what is he doing by the board, must be listing out ‘eateries’ of the week..what did I tell you, all of us are organised!

A day at INXS

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Let me give you a ‘view’ of a normal day at INXS. Raghavan taking a snooze! yes it is perfectly allowed at INXS especially when you have worked your butts out all thru the day and night. I feel a good amount of rest is what refreshes the mind and what better way than be near your terminal and yet put your feet up! Hey if I hear some ‘sighing’ there are more features at INXS that might make you wonder why you are there, where you are! (sorry other employers!)
The ‘smiling Mona Lisa’ is Udayasri, as usual enjoying her work, wonder what code bought a smile to her face!
Vijay is not ‘sms’ing while he is working! well if you are wondering what he is doing with a Blackberry then you need to wait for a couple of days to find out!
Kiran Soumya had decided that she needs to hear a few of ‘tollywood’s melodies while she cracks her head with her program.


Life cant be more fun!

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In Picture: (From L to R): Deepak, Gopinath and Vinod Muthukrishnan

As the development side gets all geared up to meet the deadline, the marketing team cannot be far behind. The marketing team have their strategies in place and we had brainstormed for about an hour on a roadmap for the week ahead. Everything does see in place. Guess little details do matter to make a larger difference and we at INXS do not want to leave any stones unturned to get the best possible result.

The Business team are bustling with activity and strategies and are in form of Gopinath, our Sr. Vice President : It would be difficult to get his photos on to the weblog…as he is strictly gives a ‘no-no’ to any snaps!

Vinod Muthukrishnan: Business Strategist-Sometimes I feel this guy might just get sucked up by his Laptop…he is always into it (literally!)

Deepak Raghunathan:Manager-Business Development: The ‘light’ of the team, his findings are very crucial to our strategies…happy digging Mr. Holmes


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Let me introduce you to some of the great brains behind INXS, they are the tech./development team are working tirelessly round the clock, as the launch date is getting nearer. The team consist of
Govi, Hemant, Kiran Soumya, Kumaresan,Prashanth, Raghavan, Sriram, Unni,Uttam, Udayshri, Vijay.
They are incharge of various domains like development, webfront, Data feed, analysis, graphic designs etc.

Please be aware that no one is given a target they create their own, and all have progressed smoothly and brilliantly towards their own goal.

This was the development team we have the admin/accounts and the marketing team which would be introduced to you.

All of them are geared up to bring about a revolutionary product which would be a boon to the ‘Finance Community’. The team literally lives in INXS and are not complaining!

I am sure the end product would be as revolutionary, different and definetely a pathbreaking, when it is developed by such a pot pourri of great brains with a mixture of imagination and high dedication.

INXS news

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For those who have been following my blog and for those who arent!

I would be conentration in the following weeks about ‘life at INXS’ and the environment as we get close to our launch date. This would be exciting and will give you a peek at how we work at INXS (it is of course in excess…but we love it)
Of course it would be followed by some of the bears and bulls story…it is what interests us at INXS.

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