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India and China compete for Investments!

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Let us look at an interesting fact. This news definetly lifted my spirits a little and hope we make more progress.

Asia as a whole has taken over Continental Europe, towards Investments of people residing outside their country of origin(Expats). Internaxx had conducted this poll. Of the total Expat investors who were questioned on their Investment details, 37% seems to have access and information to Asian market and 33% to that of continetal Europe, the rest taken up by the United States and United Kingdom. The reason might be attributed to that of exposure to the Asian Market, knowledge of risks present, transparent Government policies, information on Corporate Governance might be attributed to such a shift. Of the percentage of people divided in investments in India and China, 42% have invested in China and that of 32% in India. only 6% opted for Russia, due to lack of transperency in their Government policies.

Any ideas on how the difference of 10% between India and China can be made up, I have and would continue to hope and write through my blogs as to how our outlook and performance can definetly grow towards this change.

Housing Sectors looks good elsewhere!

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Morgan Stanely ‘s Real Estate unit, has agreed to buy Australia’s Investa property Ltd., Morgan Stanley has offered $3.08 for each Investa shares. As a result of this merger Investa shares has leaped to about 15.6%. The merger costs Morgan Stanley’s Real Estate A$6.6 billion, including its debt. Investa has an interesting portfolio as it is spread over an impressive section of Australia.

It might be interesting to note that it is one of the largest deal of its sort in Australia. It would be the largest acquistion of property trust in Australia by an off shore company. It is only the ninth such acquisition globally.

Money in your hands

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How the world has shrunk ! Have you ever wondered how a 130 billion dollars would look in the palm of your hands ? Well we just painted that picture .. It is the new MarketSimplified mobile that shrinks the stock markets to size of your palm. Have you ever thought about a scenario where you can decide on your investments in shares or simply ask some basic question regarding stocks or companies while walking, in the bus, or in a train (without a laptop).

We are glad to present to your Market Simplified on a range of smartphones . It has some amazing features like a simple interface that answers fundamental and abstract financial questions, comprehensive alert facilities, fundamental data , rich charting and market news .

Complete portfolio can also be maintained and monitored. It provides you analysis on the stock and can provide information that would help you answer questions like’if you should buy apple or Microsoft’.

This application is also available on Motorola verizon, Nokia N series, and Windows Mobile.

Market Simplified will make your life simpler, easier and richer. Welcome to the world of Market Simplified at

All roads lead to China

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The China market seems to be on a upward swing. What is interesting is this, the market made a surge upwards in spite of the remarks made by ‘Greenspan’. Greenspan’s comments were dismissed by many as misuguided and money seems to be pouring into market. While few invested less, there was a major upswing and the Shangai Composite Index scored around 2.11 percent. The upward trend might continue in China for sometime and the officials might even curb excessive increase by way restraining illicit money into the market.

Well Greenspans remark did not seem to deter the China market. This upward swing might lead to a positive outlook on the U.S. – China relationship.

All the talks of China markets makes me reflect on a program I had watched on a national channel, it shows Shangai as a city of sky scrapers. We all know that there is no dearth of land in China, the land mass is quite large and the city is not in an immediate requirement of Vertical Residence. But China just seems to tell the world that they are as ‘tall’ as any one else, and they are doing quite a good job out of it. Thanks to the Infrastructure facility and the organised manner in which the Government is acting, China has taken a tremenedous and successful journey upwards. China has so much to offer in terms of ‘lessons’ to us, so let us learn!

The Buy

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NASDAQ has gone ahead to buy the Nordic stock Exchange operator OMX AB and to buy out its outstanding shares. NASDAQ has bought OMX at $3.67billion. This news comes after NASDAQ fail to buy out the London Stock Exchange.

The market was affected by the news, that the Fed. might not afterall cut the rates. But there were mixed responses, with the housing sector picking up a bit. All the ten major sectors lost ground after the disappointing news on the rate, the worst hit was that of the ‘utility’ sector.

The positive side of things is the NASDAQ OMX group, this agreeement could lead to the largest global network of exchanges and exchange of customers.

Nintendo summit

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What is in store for gaming geeks like us! well we need to wait and see after the Summit which is to start on Friday, about their new products and the gaming plan they have for 2007. Prime 3, Party 8 and Pokemon and some stuffs which the gaming geeks are looking forward to. The opinion coloumn will be soon open on sites like and that of wired. Guess we need to take a look at those by the end of the day.

By the way Ninentendo V seems to be the hot choice for our team to unwind at INXS.

INXS-What’s up doc?

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With the release date of the product nearing, this is the question that needs no answer.  Why? Because we are all hell bent to reach our target!
INXS is bustling with more activity, more songs and more games as the date draws nearer.

Greenspan’s comments

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The atmosphere at Dow’s was really at an all time high, when Dow Jones average rose as far as 13,600. Greenspan’s comment on the “dramatic contraction” on the chinese stocks, made the impact and the average had come down, there was even a bidding battle for Alcan Inc. The percentage fall was somewhere around 0.11 after ‘Greenspan’s’ comment. It was Greenspans prediction about the dot com bubble which made the investors wary. The dollar steadied against currencies like that of the Japanese Yen.

What is worrying the investors is the all time high price of about $71 per barrel. Of course the oil stock piles have increased by about 1.5 million barrels this week surpassing the 1.4 million last week. The debate continues if the stockpiles are more than necessary!

Trading Zones

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NASDAQ seems to have hit an all time high due to stocks of Casino’s and technology shooting up. One major player who was responsible is MGM Mirage. Famous investor Kirk Kerkorian has bought two properties owned by MGM Mirage in Las Vegas, thereby increasing the stock percentage up by 27 percent.
Wynn resorts and Las Vegas sands were other major gainers in NASDAQ.

S&P 500 and Dow’s Industrial average has however reduced because of the Energy prices. With the situation uncertain in Iraq and Nigeria, the oil prices seems to have surged thereby bringing down the industrial average of Dow Jones. The stock prices of Exxon Mobil fell to 1% $82.77.

NYSE was on a moderate trading zone this Tuesday.

Key news to watch for this week are, the U.S -China talk including the value of Yuan.

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