April 2007 -

What’s new?

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Wikis all the way!!
Only up to a few months there was a wiki site of only one kind, now many are building wiki type of sites using tools. These tools are majorly produced by two kinds of company called the PB wiki and wet paint. Mohr Davidow ventures gave PB wiki a bout of $2 million cash to provide tools to non techie users of wiki. Now PB wiki targets the ‘educators’ and the ‘small business’ sectors. David weekly head of PB wiki says that tools are free but up gradation needs subscription. Wiki has gained immense popularity and so have many like sites. Google has also now acquired its own wiki building site called as job spot.

Now when the ‘wiki-like’ sites are going on a frenzy to find their own targets, the founder of wikipedia, Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia is all geared to build a new wikipedia called as wikia. Need to see how this is going to reach the community with the other wikis’ existing and doing good!

Say No to Gas and Yes to Air!!
Luxemborg based company called Moteur Development International (MDI) is the new addition to the ‘Green Companies’, which has done away with Gas and has designed the all new car which runs on compressed air! This is a breakthrough and India based Tata group would be developing cars using the MDI technology, this would be a major stepping stone, especially for a country like India which produces about 10 million cars per year and the demand is growing.

Well this is how it works: Air is compressed and stored in a carbon fiber tank and released into the piston and thereby driving the crankshaft. It also has an engine which runs on battery which again is used to kick start the compression and expansion cycle.

As far as the countries other than India are concerned, MDI has signed about 40 licenses around the globe. But the company has to make some more refinements in its technology and MDI has signed up with EADS to built safer tanks, now it has to be seen if MDI would give license to this sophisticated and safe tanks to India (i.e if it is part of the agreement).

What does a stronger rupee mean?

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What does a stronger rupee mean in comparison to a weaker dollar? For one thing the imports become cheaper, more traveling abroad etc. But does that mean that a strong rupee generates only a positive note. The answer is no! What about sectors which deal only with the U.S dollar example the ship yards and the shipping industry as such and even the hospitality industry, industries which depend on tourists from abroad might be hit. For the Indians it might mean cheaper traveling fares and more stay abroad. But looking at the revenue part of it, the tourists, especially from U.S (who also form the major chunk!) might find the travel to India getting costlier and the industry associated with the foreign industry might be hit, e.g. hospitality industry. Given the stats the rupee has appreciated by about 5% and the depreciation of the Dollar since April’07 has been to the tune of about 4%.

Not to forget the IT sectors whose revenue is mostly in U.S dollars are affected, the companies falling into this trend are that of TCS, Wipro and Mastek etc.

On a positive note import and the imported products seem to have gained. Examples are that of oil imports. The companies which have gained are that of Bharat petroleum, Hindustan Petroleum and Indian Oil, which import crude oil. The other sector is that of Gold, with the perennial demand for Gold in the country and the appreciation of the rupee has broadened the market. The telecom industries have also gained. Thus the appreciation might not necessarily spell only positive bell the negative part is also present, which is but a natural consequence of a currency appreciating and the other depreciating almost at the same time and thus nullifying their earnings.

Microsoft leading the market

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The vista has been a major reason for the shares of Microsoft to rise after this quarter. The shares had risen about 5%. Revenue rose more than 32% this quarter and overvwhelmed the analysts, as it had surpassed their own estimate. The reason of course has been the Vista which has has very well received and the going is great as of now! putting speculation to rest, the MS has gained their place in the market. The company recorded a 65 percent increase in their profit percentage.

Initally there was some concern as far their outlook for the year 2008 was concerned but this performance has put all the speculation to rest and the Microsoft has all the reasons to believe that it would continue to do well.

Fed’s view

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The next meeting by the Fed is scheduled to be on 9th of May. The Fed’s believe that the rate would be stuck at 5.25% which seems to be the case since June. As far as the economy is concerned, it has registered a slow growth of about 1.8%. The manufacturing sector saw a slow growth, the housing sector was on its all time low. Clothes and apparels are appraently doing good. Bernanke feels that as far as the inflation rate is in check and if it start receding, there would not be a crisis. But the lower growth in the economy might ease the inflation.

The 1.8% growth rate was due to the fact that the economy is trying to recoup itself from the gulf related issues. Well the lower growth in the manufacturing sector might be due to the fact that a slow growth in the housing sector has lead to lesser demand in furnitures, woods, appliances etc.

Market Overview-U.S

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As far as the major players in the market are concerned, the Dow seemed to be making a good progress until yesterday. The major contributor towards Dow’s rising graph was that of IBM, which has recorded around 4.1% increase in its growth has been responsible for 31 points for Dow. The other factors which generally affect the economy are the housing sector and that of oil. Need to see if consumer confidence would be restored and if they could make a difference to the market. Majority of the contribution was done by that of Texas Instruments, AT&T whose dividend results and those of profit results was positive and were the key factors for taking the Dow towards their 13,000 mark. But yet the traders are apprehensive in their outlook and are apprehensive in buying.

As far as NASDAQ is concerned the results are mixed with tech. companies leading the way. Of course the biggies in the market were IBM and Texas Instruments. Oil prices did decline but again much depends on the economy and that of the Fed’s decision on the rate. Telecom sector fared bad. Utilities, consumer goods and health care were among the good performers in the market.

Need to see as to how the trend would be for the rest of the week, as far as my projection is concerned, the markets might not fare bad and tech. companies would definitely make a positive difference to the market.

What in the world…

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Looks like U.S market is pushing down the European market as well. The U.S market has not been doing quite well thiw week. The pan european FTSEuro first 300 index edged down 0.1percent. Some of the major decliners in the European market were TeliaSonera. U.S market did not fare well as the ‘real estate’ business also showed a downward slope.

As far as the Asian market is concerned it rose because of the ‘better than expected’ performance of Texas Instruments Inc. Inflation caused the Australian dollar to go lower.

We need to wait and see the trend in the U.S especially in the housing sector to see how the Fed’s will fix the rate. Here is a list of the few of the top players in the market, which are Google, Viaspace, liberty mines incorporate and Sirus Satellite Radio. We need to keep a watchful eye on these players to see how the market would move and thus influencing the European market, as well as the Federals decision.

Air Sho

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Giving work a break, I decided to see the ‘Air show’ performed by IAF personnels near the Marina beach. The show was to begin at 5.00 in the evening on 21st. All the roads in Chennai were leading to the Marina on Sunday, all the routes seemed to be blocked and traffic was being diverted. Looks like there were many who wanted to see the feat by the IAF personnel. Since there was no way I could get to the Marina since it was Jam packed and seeing the show from there either meant losing one of your limbs or you wallet (I was ready to loose neither!), i tried the next best alternative….i went to the ‘Citi Centre’ if you are thinking I am crazy, you might bother to find out that there were lot like me.

Yes I went to Level 4 (if you thought smart brains…there were others like me up there!) in citicentre, of course sensing that the crowd was not for their service (which in either case is pathetic) the crew of lv 4 tried their level best to push most of them out…hey but not me, i was there for my cappuccino (of course the air show came free with it). The capu. was bad, pathetic yuck! but the air show was fantastic. It was a mindblowing feat by many of the personnels. The fighters were in their orange and white paints and looked like some extinct beautiful birds!. The tri-coloured smoke looked spell binding, the best part were when the fighters made a heart with another passing a arrow through it (some start stuck lover could have used it as a right time to propose!). The best feat according to me were from the choppers who did some seemingly impossible and amazing stint…like flying backwards, flying vertical (many did not realise how dangerous it could be given the propellers of three choppers being so close together!) Well I just held my breath and saw the most amazing site… what could be a treat for a flight watcher like me!

Well the show came to an end at around 6:15 I guess and having nothing else to do, i took the elevator down to the basement!

My date with the press

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We at Inxs asia are all set to relese our product…nope i am not giving you guys any clue. It will be launched on the first week of may and am proud to announce that it is being released well in advance, due to my dedicated team! Well as a prelude to a product launch I had to go through the rituals of some PR activity.

The first one was from a reputed newspaper.
The second was from a very reputed blogger, Mr. Kiruba shankar. I felt what better way than get exposed to the right kind of audience(you must have figured atleast what platform i am launching the product on!) Well with all the video cameras rolling( i least expected this actually!) the the interview was some what on the lines of “walk the talk” show…of course there was more of talk than walk, given the space constraint of my office! But what was enjoyable was the way in which Kiruba had conducted the entire set of interview in an almost casual yet in a very professional manner, he has a way in which the best comes out from the interviewee. I really did like the entire content and how the show was taken…yes there are formalities to be completed before which you can watch the show on kiruba.com. Given the set of podcast interviewes that he had conducted i am really enthralled that we would be featured next.

Inxs as a company is informal in every aspect be it the heirarchy followed in the office or dressing or the recreation activity we provide. We want the team to be at their comfort level when they are at work and the best is sure to be achieved. Inxs as a team has strived very hard on the development/business and marketing front and am convinced that the end result that would be awaiting us would be more than positive.

So await with bated breath for the most innovative, revolutionary and technological breakthrough.

Hearing out Infosys!

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Logging on to the webcast on the ‘Earnings Conference Call’ held between the management of Infosys and the rest of the callers on 13th April 2007, really gave an insight into Infosys managment, their performance this quarter and their projection for the next. One thing that enthralled me was the clarity of vision that the managment had and this really did make the differnece on the performance of Infosys.

Infosys expected a 20-30% of growth margin. Taking over the reins of CEO and MD Mr. Gopalakrishnan gave assurance that there is a growth of 1.7% increase in terms of new clients. As far as growth of employees were concerned, they were expected to grow around 6,100 by next quarter and around 24,500 by the next fiscal.

According to Mr. Bala, the operative profit might have gone down during the end of the quarter because of the rupee(depreciation) impact. But overall the figures were as usual quite impressive.

Answering to questions posed by various professionals and investors the managment did give a positive response and had given a good response as far as their spending pattern and their emphasis on ‘consulting’ were concerned.

Inspite of the not so rosy picture of the U.S. economy was concerned, the managment were sure that they would definetly be on the path of growth as far as their U.S stand was concerned because of their existing and new customers

So any of you holding infy share can be rest assured about their performance, (as usual)!

Google makes its presence in the Internet Ad. strong.

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Google’s is all set to acquire ‘Double Click’. This acquisition will make Google’s presence in the internet advertisement stronger. The acquisition will make Google’s presence stronger and more powerful and of course faster. This acquisition would take Google to the front against Yahoo and Microsoft. The acquisiton would be closed somewhere later this year. Scmidt is all excited about this new venture. Good Luck Google.

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