March 2007 -

The Day

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The Day has finally arrived (If you think I am talking about the World Cup, then my apologies!) I am talking about the meet that I was invited to talk on. To give a gist of the meeting. It was a Symposium organised by the RMD Group of Institutions where students of MCA all over Tamil Nadu were invited for the meet and presiding this meet was a great honour for me. I was also asked to release a newsletter for the Institution and it again gave me a great privilege in doing so.

Accompanying me to this meet were Mr. Prabhu, Placement Officer, RMD Group of Institution and Mr. Harishankar, Added Values.

As I stepped in the campus a sweet shock was awaiting me. There was this huge banner welcoming me and I was overwhelmed with happiness and sense of shock at the same time. Well as per the Institutions custom, we were whisked away for a sumptuous meal, and what a meal it was! Well as someone said the stomach must be filled to impart and receive any form of education and this was the custom followed by the Institution. I was welcomed with an honouring by the Institutions Principal and the Dean. The meet kick started with the Principals and the Dean’s speech. Now it was my turn and I was faced with this vast audience of students, who seem to be all ears for any information that would make a difference to their forthcoming years. . I was engulfed by a sense of overwhelming responsibility to feed these hungry ears! It was then that I decided that I would speak from my heart.

I expressed my happiness at the honour extended to me by inviting me to preside this meet and in inviting me to release the Institutions newsletter, called ‘Reflexions’. As I said earlier, I had decided to speak from my heart and what I felt! And here is what followed:“ All of you (Students) could not have been at a better place and better time. You have chosen the right Institution and are at the country, at the right time. There is tremendous growth taking place globally and India will be and is a part of this ongoing growth process. In a few years time India will take a great leap and would be rechristened as the “developed economy” and will not carry the tag of “developing” country any more. This transition is a huge one and all of you must be happy that you would be a part and taking part in this transition”. My only request for the students was that the students must think big and large. For It is only by dreaming big that one could go forward. To attain this there are a few steps that they need to follow: They need to write down as to where they see themselves in ten years down the line; Twenty things that they would like to accomplish (even if it is the most silliest of goals!), since only by realising their aspirations that the big picture comes forward; The goals must be prioritised (i.e what comes first and what comes next); They need to prepare to accomplish these goals; and to bring these goals forward the students (in fact everyone) must dream big!

Well having said about aspirations and goals, I would like to make one more point clear. The future generation must not dream about being in the United States or ‘settling anywhere abroad’ as their goal. In fact they are needed to accomplish a lot in this country and must always envision themselves as an entrepreneur and not as an employee. The day is not far off when our own employee’s salary would equal their counterparts in the United States (or any developed economy in the world). The day is also not far off for the citizens of United States to vie with each other for Indian visa and citizenship, for this country can offer a lot to both its citizens and others. Time has come for all the next generation to realise this and make this dream possible. It is required that each young mind carries our great Presidents vision forward and make this Country as one of the most developed economy and for all this one requires to dream and dream big and start working towards their dream!

When each mind thinks of conquering the world then sky is the limit. Aspiration and drive is all that takes to carry this goal forward. Well having putforth my views and visions I wished that the students don’t take this as a mere speech and really give a good thought about this. As far as I could see my views seems to have hit the target and this I could hear from the applause I received. This was really an exhilarating experience which I thoroughly enjoyed and thanked the RMD institution for giving me an opportunity and honouring me for the same.

My heartfelt gratitude to Dr. V.C. Veera Reddy, the Principal, Dr. K. Dharmalingam, Dean of RMD Group of Institutions, and the students

Think Big, Dream Big!

Chinese love Chips

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Before you think that I am doing an ad. campaign for ‘Lays’, please be assured that I am talking about Intel Chips. If you have heard the news then you heard it right!The worlds most successful Chip maker will soon be opening shop in China.

The details are as follows the Northeast belt of China, called Dalian in the Liaoning Province is the place where Intel will start producing Chips. Intels presence In China is more than few years, but the top brass at Intel have decided that time has come to make China their base for production too. And what is more than the Chinese giving their financial aid and infrastructural aid (hey! remember my article on Infrastructrue: A comparative study between India and China, here is another example for the same), China has more than given a welcoming hand by giving tax breaks and other aids to Intel to set up their factory here. of course the other factors such as the Intellectual Property rights apply wherein Intel has decided to use its older technologies rather than the new in the production of Chips (that is the reason that Intel has decided to produce chip rather than that of their other ‘technological breakthroughs’ ) the reason behind using technology two generation behind is that China does not copy the same for Weapon manufacturing(well security do play an important part).

So the first set of chipsets will be ready to be released by mid 2010.

This is one area that India needs to draw cue and act on its Infrastructure and other Financial benefits that it can offer foreign investors….It is not worth sighing at China’s immense growth but it is time we learn our lessons!


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Yes, I have had experience in addressing gatherings …but this one was different, this was RESPONSIBILITY… I am talking about my participation in the ‘RMD Group of Institutions’ meet. I was invited to talk on’ Dreaming Big! Guys you might think that it is not a very ‘conventional looking’ topic and you thought right!

As I said, addressing this gathering and expressing my views was a responsibility, because I was addressing a group of some of the future entrepreneurs and professionals and I am sure they will prove to be an asset to the society. This would be a great opportunity to give them an idea on what awaits them ‘out there’, and what difference their contribution can really do to the society. Well I would definitely want to put forth my views, and what more great opportunity than addressing the Gen Next!!

The Next Generation as I see and perceive are the most blessed lot and opportunities are aplenty, it is in their hands to take advantage of this opportunity. I feel that given the scenario they are in the right place and at the right time.

I as a student used to look forward to such meeting where the ‘people’ in action could give their views and tell us about the ‘real world’. Well I guess I am at the different end of things now and hope that my views and thoughts open the window (or at least a keyhole) of the opportunities available.

As I said folks this is a prelude to my speech and will keep you updated on the D-Day till then keep watching for my blog…

The Story of Apple Continues…..

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Well after the launch of Apple TV, now it is the turn of Apple to face some music from EU (European Union). Well the EU has strongly objected to iTunes being downlodable only on iPod.

If Microsoft is blamed of praciticing Monopoly, then Apple is not far behind, it seems that Apple uses digital rights technology to limit consumers free use of songs downloaded or brought on iTunes, and even transfer some of the songs from Mp3. Apple Inc. is ofcourse silent over the entire issue, and many countries in the European Union hope that this scenario changes and that all iTune songs can be freely bought and downloaded not only through iPod but through other means as well.

Couch Potatoes have their day!

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After the huge runaway success of TiVo is now the turn of Apple. Yes Apple’s CEO has announced the arrival (though a week early!) of Apple TV, this is nothing but a mutation of the Cable Set top box and that of the Mac Mini(a wireless router). What apple aims to do is to bring about a consensus between Internet and that of Television.

Though people are skeptical about the success of Apple TV, and people at Apple believe that it will take some time before Apple TV can make a mark, because lot of people are in the race of connecting Inernet and that of Television. The reason behind the skeptisim is that people still like to watch some of the Soaps, Football League matches over television than in their computer.

The main contention of Apple TV is that people can buy movies and videos from from iTunes and can download them from iTune or stream them directly to their living room Television sets. Things that Apple must take care is that they need to have a clear picture on the pricing strategy and the downlodable content( they must be interesting and must reach huge number of mass), people who had burnt their fingers already on similar type of strategy is that of start ups like Akimbo and MovieBeam. Well the one reason that Apple TV might still be successful is because of their strong technology back up. Well, Well Well let us see how this bridging of gap between Internet and that of TV is going to work out!

When ‘wow’ is not the word!

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Yes, the Government of United States are finding the costing of Vista too costly and might be forced to drop the idea of upgrading the software as of now. But it is too early to come to a conclusion as the Government body might take some time to decide on the upgradation factor. Meanwhile the Government Department which has taken the decision of not to upgrade the software is that of the United States Aviation Ministry, Department of Transportation.

After Dell had decided to adopt Open Source, as MS’s software had become too costly, many eyebrows were raised. Well it might not be too long that Microsoft might be forced to think about the cost factor and take the necessary steps to reduce the same. Or the ‘wow’ might turn to become -‘ouch’ too costly

Dell and Linux Story:

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Though an old story, much remains to be analysed about Dell and Linux. After a two years of slow growth Dell has come out of its hibernation with a bang. Dell is marketing all its PC with Linux Open Source Software. It is reported that the online service which Dell has opened, is flooded with calls about the enquiry and installations. The major problem that Dell faces is with reference to the compatibility of the software and the support system. The non-tech users will be caught in a crux on the compatability issue.

The advantage position that Dell has, is that it would be saving around $60-$70, from the cost of the new computer, as Linux open source is quite cheaper than that of Windows. Also the PC would be inbuilt with softwares like that of Google Apps. While balancing the cost-benefit ratio, Dell will be doing good as far as the Developing Economies are concerend. This is becuase Developing Economies are more concerned with the cost of the system rather than the compatability issue. But as far as United States is concerned, compatability faces a major criteria and it is in the hands of Dell, as to how it would overcome the issue and capture the United States Market.

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