February 2007 -

Go Wireless

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Latest Survey shows that one third of the Internet Users in the United States use the wireless for sending emails checking the net etc. Well the most important gadgets used are that of cell phones, laptop and handheld personal digital assistant. Wireless network gives the freedom for one to send of a quick email or check or give a glance to the stock market. Guess the entire world will soon gear up towards wireless and wires and cables will be things of the past.

Social Networking

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Well Social Networking is in vogue now. Following Youtube is now Stick Cam which gives in live feed about people in front of their web cam. Well people have recorded their entire day/week or months on webcam and feed it on Stickcam site, such that people can have some real ‘reality’ show on their comp. This might appeal to some exhibitionist. Well there is news that this stickcam will be used for that of After-Oscars party, and also for some private parties…Well with Stick cam guess nothing would be private about these parties any more! Thanks to social networking!

Security Interrupted!

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European laws have become stringent with cyber laws becoming more defined and transparent. For example in Germany Law is being passed that e-mail account cannot be created with fictious information (as is the usual practice). In Europe, it is required that the Phone company keeps a complete data of the caller, example location from where he/she is calling. It is usually the practice that when a investigation is conducted the phone companies divulge information of caller data for three month time period. Now it is required that more data for longer time are stored by the phone companies. The security has been strengthened because of the recent bomb blasts and occurring in various parts of the world. For one it might be increase in the security measure by the state, on the other hand it is invasion of privacy of many innocent citizens. Of course development is underway to enable phone companies to store large database for longer period of time.

Yahoo in line with Google

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Yahoo is following in footsteps of Google. If you are thinking in terms of ‘search engine’ then you are mistaken, Yahoo is following Google in its footsteps of online advertisements. Yahoo is trying to woo the media network by coaxing them to sell major part of their primetime shows on onlin-video which would help them to increase their reach as well as their revenues. At present the online ad spending is small but is growing at an enormous number and is sure to meet its. Now the media network are beginning to see how video advertisement can help their business and Yahoo is trying to woo these potential advertisers. Let us see if Yahoo makes a mark and succees like Google as far as online advertisements are concerned.

Let us welcome our new family members.

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I am proud to have on board some of the most talented minds in the form of Gopinath, Deepak Ragunathan and Sulakshna Jayaraman. Let me give a gist of our newly acquired valuable assets.

Gopinath: Sr. Vice President: He has a wealth of experience, from which Inxs is glad to draw its resources. Gopinath has a wide array of experience in Investment Banking from Cholamandalam Finance to BNP Paribas. He has been handling Private Banking, Asset and Liability Management. At Inxs he has been entrusted with the task of Product Positioning and execution. Gopinath is entrusted with the responsibility of steering Inxs and to position it at the right place and at the right time!

Deepak Ragunathan: Manager-Business Development:-Another energetic and enthusiastic person to join the Inxs team, he has done his graduation in Information Technology from Manipal University. His experiences ranges from Calsoft to ABN Amro. He was a Business Analyst and had later joined the foray of pre-sales and sales profession of Finance, ERP and Education software. Well what else then, INXS has entrusted its product launching effort into his hand and has full confidence in his effort and dedication.

Sulakshna Jayaram: In-house Counsel: Apart from drawing road maps and pondering over legal matter at INXS, Sulakshna is also a trained Bhartnatyam Dancer, who has won accolades and awards by performing at concerts in Germany and U.S.A. and member of the ICCR (Indian Council for Cultural Relation) and also an A grade artiste at Doordarshan. Well in the professional front she has a Bachelor degree in Law from the Dr. Ambedkar Law College and on Intellectual Property law from NLS. She has worked with Adv. Mohan Parasuram and has served in the ASG office (Additional Solicitor General). We have entrusted the legal section to her and are confident about her valuable inputs and advices.

New methods for funding

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Ventur Capitalists can now breathe a sigh of relief, if what a Professor at Wharton School of Business claims could work. Andrew Metrick feels that in this world of Internet facilities, a simple Windows Excel spreadsheet and common sense is all it takes to evaluate a company. Michael has written a book called ” Venture Capital and the Finance of Innovation” which has all the promises of becoming the textbook for evaluating potential value of each start up company. He claims that a ‘reality check model’ described in the book helps in making some quick caluculations. Guess the rest is upto the readers and their evaluation on the book!


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Variety is the spice of life, and this holds true in case of the U.S. Market also. In the recent weeks blue chip companies had mixed results. HP gained 1.8% after it had acquired Bristol Technology. IBM added 1.2% by seeling 3.5% after selling its stake to Lenovo Group. But surprisingly Microsoft had falled down by 1.9% because after Vista’s release, the company recorded a fall in its share and not the other way round. On the whole the market had performeed badly with S&P making a downslide of 1.40points and the technology heavy NASDAQ had registered a downtrend of 5.28 points. The only market seeming to make a flurry is that of the Real Estate Market.

Google’s Gain

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Google is in for a large earnings this quarter, as earnings nearly tripled for this (near monopoly) search engine. This major improvement was due to the various advertisements campgain undertaken by the company. Revenue nearly increased by 67% after Google had diversified into various fields and into various business line. The earnings increased due to online advertisements had enabled Google to pay about $3 billion in the year 2006 from about $2.1 billion in the year 2005. Added to these various sources is Google’s new acquisition of YouTube, an online video company. This has been a great source of revenue and advertisement.

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