January 2007 -

Cisco’s presnce in India

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John Chambers, CEO of CISCO was here to some groundwork, before some of his executives get transferred to India. As you all know, Cisco is now based in Bangalore. The fist executive to move here was Wim Elfrink, who wil retain his title of Sr. V.P of Customer Advocacy. Ten more executives will relocate from U.S and Europe to Bangalore including the V.P of finance and Human Resources. The reason why Mr. Chambers chose India :

a. Highly skilled work force

b. Supportive Government

c. Innovative Customers

d. World class partners who already have global presence

Guess the world’s corporates are watching. India is now all geared up to welcome the MNC’s of the world.

AMD’s Loosing Battle

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No sooner did my weblog publish the story of Intel’s taking over its ‘old’ stronghold of SUN, than AMD’s share fell down…well I am kidding the part that my blog was the reason for AMD’s downfall. But the truth is that AMD’s share fell darastically in the market, and the main reason for the downfall is none other than Intel. AMD’s share fell down more than 4% the reason being the intensive battle that Intel is lodging against AMD. Intel has become aggressive in its approach and is leaving no stone unturned to establish its strong hold, the SUN and Intel’s partnership being one of the outcome of Intel’s competetiveness.

Back in the race!

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Remember the shockwave that Sun had sent across the globe by opting for Advanced Micro Devices’ Opteron in early 2005, stating that the Intel chips were more power hungry. But the tide has turned in Intel’s favour this time. Otelli will endorse, Sun’s x86 version of servers thereby giving it the much needed elevation. This will bring Sun in par with Windows and Linux. Intel will help Sun by providing in with the hardware support and engineering resources towards the software. Ok you guys guess what is in store for Intel, if you are still frowning then you are out of touch with’tech’ news. Well the answer is that Intel will get to sell Solaris rights(big bucks!). Well though the partnership might boost ‘things’ for Sun, Intel does not gain large in this partnership, excep that it has suceeded in ‘bringing back’ its position in Sun, and of course as a morale boosting partnership. Well ‘Intel’ for one does not want to lose to its competeitors and as the present partnership suggests is very well back in the race!


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Guess I have not been giving you people much news on the market, but as results have started coming in for the fourth quarter, let me produce the results, as well as some analysis.

For one, as the economy(U.S) is towards the end of the fourth quarte, the results seem good. S&P have recorded a 10% increase. The news is good as far as the basic materials and telecommunications are concerned, if anyone of you guys have plunged into the market, then you have made your mark. But the analysis is that the market would not look so promising towards the end of the year. The reduction of the crude oil prices by about 13% has helped the market to grow. But the greates t disappointments has come in the form of the Fed’s(hey I guess ben must be facing lot of frowns) that is because, the interest rates do not seem or show any sign of reduction. Well to put it in layman’s language, when the rates fall, borrowing becomes cheaper and more and more business men and houses can invest in the market. But looks like ben is not giving way for that, probably in fear of the increase in inflation rate (hey he has his own reasoning!). Analysis is that the U.S dollar might slip down in value when compared to other currencies in the later part of the year. Well I guess I would dedicate the next article on the Asian and South East Asian markets to see how they are faring.

Well that is the Analysis as of now folks, so make hay while the sun shines is the moral of the story

Apple’s new Flavour

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While the rest of bloggers are busy anticipating what Apple’s next move for 2007, I dont want to be left behind. Well you people might have known about it, even then for the uninformed, here is a bit of news. Well the rumour has it then during the early 2007, Apple will introduce a device which will combine the feature of its ipod with that of a cell phone. The advantag is that it will give Apple a huge access to the wireless market. The phones will be the product of Cingular Wireless operated by AT &T and Cingular wiress feels that such a combination would be a huge hit among the subscribers. Well the majority in the market feel that Apple should enter arenas like that of cell phones and that of televisions. Well plans are already underway, wherein a new intereactive television would soon be launched by Apple. Well it is sure good thing to see Apple entering into various categores and diversifying its business. Good going and the flavours are really many and interesting

Technology not on the agenda(U.S. Congress)

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Technology does not come under the wraps of ‘priority’ as far as the Democrats are concerned. The senate’s 100 hour agenda would rather concentrate more on stem cell research, increasing the minimum wages, and of course the lower prices of prescription drugs are the main topics to be discussed. Technology seems tohave taken the back seat as of now due to its ‘complex’ nature. The U.S. congress has got to technology as near as that of strengthening anti-terrorism laws on the internet and that of providing high speed net access to the enitre nation. But the spokespersons are of the view that the agenda as such is not a totally comprehensive in nature and might include other sections like that of technology in the later stage. Well one only hopes that the congress identifies the importance of technology eventually

Welcome 2007!

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It is around 4 in the evening as I write this, I am sure, all of us would have settled down after all the rejoicing and celebration in welcoming the new year. It is also the time when we look back and smile in content about the achievement and remember the lessons learnt. Of course there is so much to look forward to in this year. Well it has been a great year for team INXS and there is sense of achievement and joy when we are all stepping in to a New Year and era. With the joy of achievement comes the responsibility of carrying forward and maintaining the standard and quality, which INXS has achieved. Hence in the coming year we have been entrusted with the double responsibilities of maintaining the standard that INXS has been associated with, along with more achievements and breakthroughs, which I am sure we would definitely achieve. After all when you are with INXS you live life in excess!

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