December 2006 -

Another Tech breakthrough of the century

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As the year advances and a new era sets in, one turns back and sees what he has accumulated over the years, and what do you see, well atleast I see a lot of Gizmos! It was rightly said more the materials more the worries. First step is you go on a ‘gizmo’ hunt, buy all that fancies you, next you worry about your favourite gizmos…’what if somebody whacks’ them! Well one of the most ‘whackable’ gizmo is that of your mobile phone(hey i can see your hand reach out to see if your mobile is safe!) Well for one mobiles have become a life support system and to safeguard them is all the more necessary (especially if you have an all accessories incorporated ‘thousands in one’ mobile). Ok to put your worries at rest, various antitheft technology has been introduced, other than the usual GPS tracker and voice recognition model the one that caught my attention was that of a technology called ‘Screamer’ well you are right, if you report the theft of your mobile, a scream is emitted from your mobile and an automotic system wipes out all data and shuts down the phone and what the thief is left is nothing but a piece of plastic…hey can you imagine when the mobile emits a loud scream (of a woman of course) and then the phone automatically shuts down and the thief is left preplexed and lord save him if he is surrounded by people!


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Well it is that part of the year, when one thiks about holidays and partying. It is also that part of the year when the parents go worried sick about their children and wherabouts. Well the parents can breathe easy now, Sci-Fi is here to take care of the problem, in the form of GPS (Hey you know what it means, well if you are still frowning it is Global Positioning System.) Some of he mobile phones which uses this technology is Wherify Wireless, Guardian Angel Technology, Disney Mobile, Verizon Wireless and Sprint. You need a internet connection to track(of course with the user name and password) . This system can be used for both the young(Pre adoloscent and adoloscent) and the old alike. Well I can hear the parents breathe a sigh of relief! Hey but one thing the phone needs to be on!

IBM opens shop in Asia

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Believe me I am not going to talk on a new machine which is being introduced by IBM (anyways u can catch up with such news on the television) what I am going to unravel is the development side of IBM, If you still cannot make head of tail of where this is leading to well I am talking about SOA or Service Oriented Architecture software, it is a method of building IT systems based on small modular components instead of big, integrated progmmes. Well IBM has entered into this foray and has opened counter in Beijing, China and Pune, India. Let us say that SOA is the medium of communication of a company’s IT system. This software is catching up very fast globally and the spending on this system is expected to reach around$8.6 billion this year alone! Well all of you out there get acquainted with the phrase of SOA.

Fund Flow!

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You know, I have always been surprised at this concept of ‘Brain Drain’ that the cream of the layer are working for ‘foreign’ nations and not for the motherland (but ofcourse the scenario is reversing now!). But the ‘surprise’ element is due to fact, that these people who find work and settle abroad do infact contribute to the development of the economy through fund flows, in the form of goods, foreign exchange and phone calls!

Well as if to confirm my thoughts, a recent study evealed that in the year 2005 the immigrants world wide sent around $230 billion home and of that $167 billlion wen to the developing countries, this amount actually exceeds the GDP of the country of Siapore. These Fund Flows are int he form of Direct flow of goods, travels (foreign exchanges again) phone calls and other form of exhcnages. Another piece of news is that Expatriates are also a major investors in venture capital firms and private investors in their homeland….hey everybody does contribute to their motherland whether in an active or passive way!

Scary Stock Story

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I know this sounds off beat. But weird things happen on a Full moon day not only in the movies but also in the ‘Stock Market’ Well if you are raising your eyebrows and are frowning ( well be informed that I was not watching exorsist while typing !). Research done on the stock markets of the G7 countries do really show a very eerie corrleations!

Well the story goes like this According to a research done by Ilia D. Dicler of the University of Michigan and Trody. D. Joes of Buffalo give the following results” Review done on 25 stock exchanges over the past 30 years show a strong relation between lunar cycles and stock prices (remember this was done on the G-7 Nations ). ‘Annualised daily mean daily retrns are higher around the new moon than on the full moon’ “. Well all those heavy investors in the stock market beware of this Lunancy!

Market Watch-U.S

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Bernanke in his ‘hot seat’ seems to be in total control, well he ought to be, because every single word he utters would result in a severe change in the ‘market’ situation. As of now the Fed have taken the stand that their policy on the rates would continue and seeing that the inflation risk ‘remains’, the Fed seems to have no option but to increase their rates (this would be done only after the careful consideration of the economy and the market situation). The housing industry in the U.S has really ‘cooled’ off resulting in a slow growth of the economy. Well need to see how the investments are coming in this time to revive the economy, till then there is nothing to do but to wait and watch.

Skype phones

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Talking about making the earth smaller. Some of the gadgets used for this seems to shrink the world and it would be easier for each of us to call out ” Honey I shrunk the world”. If you are still wondering if my head in in a spin, then yours would be too when you read this – After the path breaking ‘talking over the net’ through Skype, it is time for the skype based phones. I am talking Wi-Fi based phones (they are designed like candy bars) require only wi-fi network to operate. The two hot selling phones on these market are that of Netgear’s Skype Wi-Fi phones and WSKP Charges WSKP100Wi-Fi phones. You need the computer only to add contacts and to register you account. The similarily between the two phones are that they can navigate through open network, both have similar navigation schemes. Wow we are really heading towards a smaller planet

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