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Bugs of a different kind.

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Well it is another type of bug that has been worrying the software professions for some time now. According to Cnet news.com, last year the researches found about 5,125 bugs, this year toll rose to about 5,450 bugs while an all round gross estimate for the year totalled to about 7,500. This year saw a 37% increase in the software flaws than that of 2004. With the increase in the software vulnerabilities, the like flaws are also increasing. Even with many complex software security systems in place, the flaws just seem to seep in. It is with the help of complex software tools that the flaws are being unearthed and dealt with. Well according to the experts, professionals can now bet on web based attacks, and some attackers specifically target organisations. So the professionals need to brace up for unearthing more such flaws and vulnerabilities.

Skype in Europe

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Skype founder Niklas Zenstrom, while speaking at a technology conference held in Barcelona, had spoken the minds of many. He felt that Venture Capitalists were concentrating on the later stages companies. He said that though more capital was available for start-ups than it was a year ago, it is still not enough to attract young recruits. One reason for many venture capitalists not forthcoming is because Europe is not a ‘risk taking’ economy and do not welcome failure. Another important aspect in Europe is the presence of Bureaucracy and red tapism. Though much is being is said about unity as far as the European community is concerned, very little is done in practical life. Thus the European union has to change its attitude towards tech start-ups and do away with the many levels bureaucracy.

It is imperative here to say that Skype users database has increased to about 113 million, in the second quarter of 2006, and hence it is trying its best to capture the European Market also.

Oracle realises importance of Partners.

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Oracle is now all set to bring an all round revamped website which would promote third party applications. As well as other offerings from its partners. This effort is to straighten its relationship with its partners, which have not been very smooth in the previous years. This strategy was already adopted by IBM and Microsoft to strengthen their relationship with their partners. Needless to say that Oracle earns about 44% of its revenue from its partners.

Oracle will also try to include its partners into more of its activity. One example is the ‘Oracle’s world OpenWorld conference which will see more of Oracle partners participating in the event.

Market Watch in the U.S.

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As reported by the ‘Wall Street Journal’ as far as the market in U.S was concerned, stocks showed a weaker increase after the labour market showed a very less increase as far as the job creation was concerned in September. Dow Jones showed a lower trading when the industrial average had fallen to 11 points. Standard and Poors also showed a decline of 1.3 points. Nasdaq retail fell down to 2.5. As far as the individual companies are concerned, Micron Technology is in news, as its stocks surged with an increase in its profit by about 28%.

The non-farm payroll though increased to about 51,000. The September unemployment rate had fallen from 4.7% to 4.8%. As far as the crude oil prices were concerned it had risen to about 16 cents per barrel. As far as the dollar was concerned, the Euro was at

$ 1. 2621 from $1.2624


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According to a report in the ‘Economic Times’ India is all set to welcome, $12 billion as Foreign Direct Investment. India had surged in April-July by about 92%. One of the most important and major investments this year was that of Barclays Bank of Singapore, which has brought about an investment of $380 million. The major recipients of the increased investment would be that of the manufacturing sector. The manufacturing sector is all set to increase its share in the growth of the economy to 25% from 17%. So the manufacturing sector as well as the other sectors are all tuned and ready to receive its first major foreign investment this fiscal year. But India should gear up all its mechanism especially infrastructure, such that India grows as attractive a lucrative economy to attract more foreign investment which invariably would lead to growth of the economy.

Sony’s new Avtaar

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Sony is all set to launch its high definition blu ray, high definition disc recorder. This Tokyo based company which has lost its dominance in the walk man market, is all set to make a come back with its disc recorder. The cutting edge to these types of recorders is that they are manufactured with blue rays, which are of higher densities and shorter wavelength, which is a must of higher denisty music and video’s. Sony is late by about a month than Matushita in the production of the blu-ray recorders, and is aiming to hit the market with the recorders during the festive seasons.

One important news of Sony Corp. is that its stocks fell by about 2.75% this week. The hope is thus squarely based on the recorder, that it would boost sales and hence the stocks.

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