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How technology can help in flying!

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NASA has bought about a revolution in flying, NASA Ames has developed a flight simulator and virtual airport which can either be used to train pilots or to know the working of a airport and to study or research on traffic controls. It looks like this simulator was a great help during 2001 to train pilots and in Air Traffic control for bringing about a overall improvement in the Los Angeles International Airport. It should also be specified here that the simulator is software generated and can be programmed to represent any airport in the world. Guess this is a great way to plan on Air Traffic control, anti-collusion management, security management at Airports and even to train pilots. By the looks of it looks like NASA flight simulator might come in handy for various reasons.

Microsoft acknowledges the Open source community!

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Microsoft has come up with a document called OSP, Microsoft Open Specification Promise on Tuesday. As the name implies, this encourages users of Open Source and other programmes to use this document. Any third person can create a’ software’ or implementation with the use of a set of guidelines put forth by Microsoft. This product is designed such that people can use web-based protocol more freely. Also this sort of documentation does not require people to sign any kind of licence. This kind of specification helps developers and other people to use it more freely and forever. It is a kind of a boon to the open source community to use this service of Microsoft without really paying royalties or signing up licence with the giant and instead use their skill set in developing and implementing this web services. Let us say such web-based protocols including those in OSP form the foundation for communication of Vista

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

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If you are thinking that everything looks quite peaceful at the Microsoft front then you are quite wrong. Microsoft is all disturbed at being delayed in the launch of the new Vista version. The European Union Regulatory board has found some flaws in the security part of the Vista range of software and feel that the consumer’s are not given enough of advantage due to the security features in the software. Anyways the EU feel that they cannot be blamed for delaying the release, as they have provided a detailed list of ‘areas of concern’ to Microsoft in early July itself. Well Microsoft has already been bit by the anti monopoly campaign and was fined as much as €497 million. Well this time MS is not taking anychances and wants to do everything according to the ‘book’ even if it means delayed release of its new version of Vista. Well it is quite apt to say here that ‘Once Bitten, Twice Shy’

Conference Calls for free

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If you are one of those people who are constantly hooked in to conference calls then here is a good news (it is actually a great news to all the entrepreneurs out there). VAPPS Voice over Internet Application is providing free conference calls called as ‘ConFreeCall’ which is available as a download from ‘Yahoo Messenger’. VAPPS, a New Jersey based company, which has been providing the equipment and services, has confirmed that it can provide free conference call facilities for upto five hundred participants! Similar services are being offered by VAPPS through Skype, the web based phone services. VAPPS is planning to earn revenue through additional services like that of conference call recording, use of the twenty four hour coordinator who would help in connecting calls, play back option etc. Now to set up a conference all you need to have is either a yahoo ID or a Skype account and viola your conference call facility is ready without extra cost.

Google is hiring!

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According a news released in Reuters, Google is hiring more engineers in Japan, where it had set up base in the year 2000. It has its own R&D lab in Japan. Google wants to develop its market in Japan, where mobile technology and advertisement through the net has the largest market. Goggle has tie up with KDDI Corporation, the countries second larges telecom sector. Most of the Japanese population use mobile to search the web and to download video and audio. This Mountain View, California Company has offices all over the world and the engineers in this company work together to bring about great improvement in the web technology.

PRETEXTING is the buzzword

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Ever since HP adopted this practice to smoke out the member of the board who was responsible for leaking information to the press. The use of this method has bought HP under sever criticism and the person who is bearing the brunt of this is none other than Ms. Dunn, Chairman HP. The use of Pretexting as a method of investigation had led to failure of renominating of Mr. Keysworth (who was found to have leaked the info) and resigning of an erstwhile boardmemebr Mr. Perkins, who was one of the people under investigation. Other than these the two journalists of Cnet (which had published the story in early Jan this year) were also the subjects of investigation.

Pretexting is a method by which an identity of an individual is used to gain information about his credentials and records, in other words obtaining information of an individual by assuming his identity. Pretexting as a form of Investigation is not generally unlawful, except in case of using it in financial institutions. But anyways AT&T has gone ahead and filed a lawsuit against HP for obtaining data from its sources. Though this form of investigation has helped Dunn to identify the black sheep, it has more than bought a lot of uncalled for attention to her.

Transparency is the word!

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The man behind the most powerful institution in the world seems to be a man of transparencies and no nonsense. If you are wondering as to whom I am talking about, it is none other than that of Mr. Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve of the United States of America. Unlike his predecessor Mr. Greenspan, who made the media and the market hang on to each word of his speech, the present Chairman feels that the Institution itself must be given more freedom and must be transparent in its approach, such that the working of the institution would give the cue as to the expected change in the market and not only his words. The attitude of the present Chairman is evident when he gives more space to the other policy makers and gives his own opinion or speech towards the end. It is evident that the new Chairman does not wants his words to dictate the vagaries of the market, instead wants the institution to speak for itself. Probably this is one way where the Chairman seems to bring about stability in the economy, wherein a smooth and transparent working Federal Reserve would bring about security and in a way little stability to the economy as the communication from the institution to the market would be direct without any sort of misinterpretation or misrepresentation, well one needs to wait and see how Mr. Bernanke’s approach would bring about a change in the market situation of the worlds most powerful economy.

British Minister David Miliband goes online!

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British government minister David Miliband[Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA)] has at the moment stopped postings in Wikipedia temprorily, after some comments in wiki has started questioning about the Government standing in Environment contracts. Mr. Miliband had started posting on the wikipedia on an experimental basis. At the movement all the editing work as far as the Government contracts on Environment projects are prevented. Miliband has expressed his views that wiki would generate useful comments as far as this project was concerned, and said his temprory prevention of all the editing programme is to prevent any sort of vandalism, well this is one news from Cnet shows as to how Government is using Interactive web page to promote many of its programme.

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