September 2006 -


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As far as the Asia market was concerned, it is also posed higher figures. Japan showed a increase in trend, as banking and real estate geared up. The top gainers were Mitsubishi Estate and Sumitomo Mitusui Financial group. In Korea LG Philips LCD and Hynix semi conductors. South Korean stocks fell as construction business fell. China stock market did well with the Banks leading the way. As far as Australia was concerned, the global stocks and commodities led the market and hence the stock market reflected an all time high.

Market News in U.S

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According to the Wall Street Journal. The stock market Index has been teasing traders. While it looked like the market would reach an all time high on

Thursday, it went a little low before closing. The Dow Industrial average rose to 11728.46 on Thursday morning but fell down to 11718.45. The other indicators such as S&P, and NASDAQ showed a modest gain too. One more factor which has added to the increase in the arket is that of crude oil prices, which had been declining last week. But recently the prices also increased to about $2, which could again the reason for the prices to have slipped. The silver lining was that HP shares had gained by about 1.6%.

Casual Labourers

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We have heard about flexi working hours, but anyone heard of casual working. Well those are the new breed of enterpreuners. They are know to do odds and ends of internet jobs and guess what they are paid instant cash through debit cards. This innovative new technique is done by a company called chacha search. Chacha search employs laboureres who are specialist in particular topics. The wages earned by chacha are instantly dumped in a debit card, which can be tracked and accessed by the workers and who can use the cash immediately. This is a new innovative technique for all those stay at home or freelance specialist. Chacha search charimat Scott A jones think this new innovative technique helps people to work and earn howmuch ever they want or are their requirement. Guess the mantra for this new technique would be ” you work, you earn”

New bookstore launched by Sony

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Sony has launched the new e book store. It plans to sell about ten thousand book and more from the top publishing houses. The e book is run on the “sony portable reader” which is available for $ 350 on a limited period edition. This technology uses digital texts and graphics to display the books. The technology does not require heavy power too. Let us see how it hits off with the readers. But to tell my opinion, nothing can replace books, but again e books might have its own advantage, like cheaper price and availability of more books.

The e government

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Working towards e-governance, the Government has come up with a portal called, This news must have already reached most of you through business line or the tribune. The portal is a venture between India and IBM. The portal can is available through multiple language and can be used for filing of tax returns, PAN and other government related activities. The important part is that since it has got five layers of security , the portal cannot be hacked easily.

/p> Need to wait and watch if passports can be applied through this portal, hopefully this type of e-applications are well protected and not hacker friendly.

Way to go India!

Mr. Khosla’s march towards clean technology

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Vinod Khosla, co founder of Sun Microsystems and founder of Khosla ventures has directed his vision towards ‘environment’ or what the press call it as ‘clean technology’. In one of the excerpts from Cnet, Khosla has said that the world’s future lies in ‘Ethanol’ and proper research needs to be done to realise its total utility. One of the examples given by Khosla on the optimum use of Ethanol is flexi fuel cars, which can run on both petrol and ethanol. Well let us wait and see if this visionaries dream are realised. Of course the return for this type of investment, though slow is definite and that is what is Mr. Khosla promise.

U.S Economy

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Though the beginnning of the week looked quite promising for the United States. The week ahead looks a little damp, because of some of the major sectors taking a beating. According to reports from Reuters, one of them being the Energy sector, even though the market price of crude oil was every attractive at $60 per barrel, it did little to raise the spirits as far as the energy sector was concerned. Technology was another sector which might contribute to the low market position, one example is Apple. which made about a 0.7% decline. The sector which was affected the least was that of telecon. With the recent acquisition of bell south by that of AT&T, provided the boost for the telecon sector. Well guys you need to wait till next Friday to see if the various news really did infuluence the market. And of course dont forget the Fed interest rate, which thankfully has not risen above the 5.25%. This however does not seem to provide the necessary impetus for the coming week, let us wait and watch!

U.S Market watch

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Everything seems to be on a high rise as far as the stock market is concerned. The major boost came after FedEx, decision to hold on to their rates for the second consecutive month. As far as the tech. World is concerned it looks like there are more mergers, that could affect the stocks, but in the right manner. Example is has decided to offer itself to Yahoo to a price that could be as close as $1 billion. This could provide a rise as far as Yahoo stocks are concerned.

As far as reports from wall streets are concerned it looks like the labour market in the U.S. is very concerning, unemployment seems to be on the rise and can very well touch 318,000 late this month. This could very well affect the growth factor of the economy.

Commodity Market

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In what is considered as a welcome move, India has opened its doors to the commododity markets. The Forward Market Commission had recommended to the Ministry of Finance that it allow Foreign Institutional Investors to invest in commodity market like that of Gold, Crude oil and other commodities. Mr. Sundaresan the chief regulator commodity regulator is of the opinion that investments should be welcomed in the commodity market. While the approach much be cautious and gradual. It is also understood that a investment ceiling would soon be levied on the investments in the commodity market. India is one of the most potentially viable market as it has been a major buyer of gold, silver, crude oil and other commodities. Well if a protocol is fixed as far as FII investmnent in the Indian commodity market is concerned, then there can be profitable exchange for all the Markets concerned.

The market seems to be facing the sky!

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The market is all geared up. Dow Jones Industrial average seems to be high by about 12 points and that of S&P by 0.7 points. As far as the economic market was concerned, it showed a positive note, where the Federal Reserve is not expected to increase more than 5.25% but is likely to maintain the same level of 5.25%.

After the Group of Seven meeting held in Singapoe, the Dollar seems to be ahead of the Yen. As far as the Asian market is concerned, Taiwan seems to be leading the pack, with technology shares taking the major chunk of the day.

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