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AMD growing leaps and bounds!

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Expanding the horizons of the partnership with AMD, Dell is likely to team up with AMD not only with servers but also notebooks and desktop PC. This might come as a big blow to Intel, which not only lost about 26% of its market share to AMD this year. HP and IBM already have opteron-based servers and Dell is the new to join them in the market. Severing its ties with Intel this may, Dell seems to be all poised to join with AMD and attack the market with its four-processor servers, PC’s and notebook, the later being introduced in October. Amid all this AMD has gone ahead and introduced its

”REV F” generation of Opteron servers, the advantage of this new servers are better memory and better circuitry. Having followed AMD’s path of success, it is heartening to know that this Texas based company has gained a major niche in the market, especially against Intel. Need to wait and see about AMD’s future vision to compete with its mighty competitor.

Is Google going wireless!

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Even as Google opens its new operation as a new wireless Internet provider in the Mountain View, California where it is based, there is a wide spread speculation that it might compete as a nation wide wireless internet provider. Adding more fuel to the fire is that Google has been selected by the City of San Francisco to collaborate with Earth link and provide wireless Internet service to the city. But all said and done Google has so long maintained its position that it would not emerge and compete as a wireless Internet provider. Google has maintained that many are competing for the wi-fi services in the nation and that Google is not interested in joining the game. At the moment Google is trying to enter into the realms of advertising in Mountain View, many of the advertisers have expressed their wish to advertise in the local area of Mountain View. Coming to the Wi Fi service provider, Google has set up many lamp post transceiver around mountain view, in case the residents of Mountain view wish to take up Google service, which comes free except for the repeater which has to be installed at their homes, these repeater cost about $30 each. Till now about 72,000 residents have taken up classes on the usage of the wireless Internet access. It is of no wonder that looking at all the effort taken by Google to set up the Wi-Fi access system at Mountain View, that many want Google to take up the role of a nation wide wireless Internet provider.

Comprehensive PC care

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‘Comprehensive PC care’ is how Microsoft has marketed its anti virus ‘one care’ product. As far as the pricing is concerned Microsoft has adopted what is called as penetration pricing strategy. The one care product has been priced below all the Microsoft products, which is at $29.67 on the average. Mc Afee and Symantec have all geared up and tried to rival the product. The one care product is a comprehensive product, which has the anti virus, anti spy ware and firewall all packed into one thus the consumers don’t have to buy separate products. Microsoft has thus tried to use both the pricing advantage and the product advantage to its benefit to reap the best out of the market. Watch out all the anti virus manufacturers.

Important news for Ruby on Rail users.

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In a high impact news released by, a ‘patch’ for the ‘Ruby on Rails’. This patch has been considered mandatory for all ‘ruby on rails’ users. This patchwork has been released for all version from 1.1 to 1.1.4. There seems to be a very serious nature to this problem and seems to be on the Rail framework rather than the ‘Ruby’ language. The criticality seems to be high that the team refuses to give the detail and has assured that once the patch has been done, the nature of the problem would soon been released. The team is of the view that once the nature of the problem is released, it would be easier for the hackers or attackers to attack the framework. All said and done, all the ‘Ruby on Rails’ users must be on high alert and access the ‘patch’ and do the needful.


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If you are one of those who have been reading my articles, and think I have no fun side then here is news! We at INXS thought that it is time to unwind and relax! and the destination we chose to do this was our good old OOTY! Well we are sure that we would have lots of fun and frolic. The motto in INXS is ‘life INXS’ and true to our motto we want to live life to the fullest and beyond! ‘More work and no play’ would make anyone dull, well at INXS we realise this and to appreciate our teams efforts and help them refresh themselves we planned this trip. So wish us all a happy jounrney.

Of course we would be filling you up with the details on our trip. Expect to see detailed version of our trip with illustrations (photograph) in the near future. So chao guys…we at INXS are all ready with our backpacks!

The wireless world

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I was influenced by an article written by Paul De Martino for Reuters, called the ‘wireless opportunity’ and how a particular company might make it really big in the future, if wireless community is the ‘buzzword’. If you could remember, not so long ago we were trying to convert our corporates into paperless office i.e. communications through the computers and other gadgets. Though it is tough to say that all the corporates have attained hundred percent goals in achieving a ‘paperless office’, the reality being that one cannot do away with paper completely. But of course there has been an increase in the speed at which the works are completed and communicated. Now the scene has slowly shifted to make the world ‘wireless’, gone are the days of landlines, most of the people around us possess a mobile phone. There is Wireless access in many of the airports and public places where Internet can be accessed. We would no more be seeing rows and rows of wires hanging from our PC or CPU; instead most of us are already in possession of laptops. Yes these changes have lead to a great leap to the community itself, and at the same time there has been some advantages too, like felling of trees are avoided to a certain extent, natural resources are being conserved. It is thus by bringing about a consensus by realising the importance of the environment and at the same time the need to enhancing our living standard that an overall improvement can be bought about.

What’s up Mac?

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Well Apple has every reason to be proud of its latest release called as the ‘Mac Pro’. Apart from the sleek design, the Apple Macintosh desktop has the latest gizmos built into it like that of the Nivida Ge Force 7300 GT graphics card, dual core Intel Xeon chips, with space provision for two optical disk drives, and of course a 250GB hard drive. Among other things, the features that is hot in case of the ‘leopard’ (Mac pro) are the time machine option, which allows the user to literally fly through years backward and look out for the file that he is searching, Photo booth or the picture taking mechanism of the apple computer, there were improvements as far as the ichat and multimedia conferencing software. Along with the ‘Mac Pro’ the Intel based x serve server was also introduced. Great going Mac! So any of you who want to buy the ‘in-thing’, check out for Mac pro. All the best Mac!

Hacker’s day out!

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So I am providing you guys with more of hacker’s information and news this week. But that is what is hot and happening in town. The ‘Black hat’ briefing by Microsoft was held in Las Vegas this year. Hackers and tech. Expert attended the meeting to face more of Vista’s defences rather than its weak points. But that is how most of the tech briefing is guys! Now the interesting part was that ‘Defcon’ the annual hackers conference that was also held in Vegas followed Black out. As per an article written by Joris Evers, this event was postponed by the ‘Fire Department’ by a couple of hours and helped the ‘not so sober’ ones from the ‘Black Hat’ party to take a break and refresh themselves. Though some of them found it all very stressful. Now the details on the Hackers bash is not particularly known, but I am sure that this particular conference can only see the attendees list swelling in numbers. As said in my previous articles with such loopholes such as the e-passport, I guess hackers will have some food to chew on this conference. I just hope all the hackers put their talent in productive means!

The Hackers get luckier

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Well the United States Government thought that it was smart. Well the Hackers are smarter; When the American and other countries started issuing e-passport thinking that they can do away with forgery (at least reduce it to a certain extent!) well the hackers pounced on the opportunity and began forge the e-passport! Well this e-passport works on the Radio Frequency ID. At the moment United States has started issuing documents for the same, whereas Germany has gone a step ahead and has issued the passport. Many critics feel that RFID is not the best technology that can be used. Because the data that goes in the chips are not encrypted and are easy to read. Anything that can be read can be easily forged. Infact it took only couple of weeks for some of the top educationalist to forge the passport, think about the intelligent forgers/hackers out there who might think that this is a ‘piece of cake offered on a golden dish’ to them. As many of the critics feel that, the bureaucrats were a complete ‘let down’ as far as choosing the technology in the manufacturing of chips are concerned.

Well being in the eye of many terrorist groups, the developed nations should have bought about a more secure way of issuing a passport. Also since the passports have to be scanned in various countries, all the countries should agree on a single, common but effective and secure way of issuing a passport. This would ensure that it is ‘hacker free’ and paperless method at the same time. For this, a team of the top bureaucrats and that of the top technological intelligentsia has to come together and devise a technique, which as mentioned above is secure and effective, for the role of a passport is not to be taken lightly.

More news on the Interactive Web page.

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The Wikimania conference that was held in Cambridge was a huge success. Jimmy Wales co founder of Wikipedia delivered the key speech and had put forth many ideas to take the interactive web page forward. Wales was happy at, Wikipedia being rated at having relatively lower rate of errors on scientific articles by Natures magazine. Wales wanted to do away with vandalism and to increase the quality of the web page rather than the quantity of the information. Many more expansion project like the ‘wikiversity’ offering a range of resources and information. The ‘One Laptop per Child’ initiative launched by MIT has decided to include ‘Wikipedia’ contents in its machines.

Looks like Wales is aiming Wikipedia to become the next ‘Encyclopaedia Britannica’ online. The co-authors of Wikipedia though are a skilled lot, there are lot of vandalism that is present in this interactive web page, hence the co-authors might strive to find out who is the really skilled among them and can contribute really to the growth of the web page and at the same time identify the anti-social elements whose main aim is to vandalise and scandalise and do away with them. Well the going seems to be good for this pioneer web page, hope to see much more quality work from them. Of course they must strengthen their stand in humanities. Well good luck team Wikipedia!

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