August 2006 -

Alliance between Intel and Google

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If you people out there are thinking, that there is no much news about alliances, then here is the news. Eric. E. Schmidt might be joining Apple Board. Apart from the similarity that both the companies are forerunners in Silicon Valley, Eric E. Schmidt and Steven P. Jobs, Co Founder of Apple have one more thing in common, that is their rival Microsoft. If sources are to be believed then, Schmidt is interested in developing ‘web based’ technology, which could prove to be a stiff competition to Microsoft. Apple Macintosh recent alliance with Intel goes to show that it is trying to build a better market than Microsoft. One has to see what the alliance between (if it happens) Apple and Google might spark…so people get ready for more fireworks from Google.

Intel on a competitive mood.

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According to a news release in the Wall Street Journal and Reuters. Looks like Intel is all set to overcome the hurdle that was put forth by its competitor AMD. Intel has introduced a high end chip for server family. This is especially designed for server families using four chips. Intel is all set to take over the niche market that is being dominated by AMD. Ever since the IBM deal was taken over by AMD, looks like Intel is leaving no stones unturned to prove its presence in the market.

Ebay’s deal with Google

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According to news in Cnet. Com, the recent development in Ebay is that it would depend upon Google to handle its online ‘text’ advertising as far as international arena is concerned. Ebay had depended on Yahoo to do its online advertising for U.S. Google and Ebay deal is the most important developments recently. This year seems to be good for Google which has branched itself into various other areas, other than as the ‘search’ engine for which it is famous for. Google has recently come into news for entering into web application programmes, which it would develop for email and communications purpose. The details of which is not entirely known. Well if one company is doing good in various other spheres then it is Google, whose online advertising strategy seems to be providing good results for the company

Is there a relationship between tech. Start boom and real estate?

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Well if there is, then it looks like both tech. Start boom and real estate have indirect relationship, yes there has been increase in activity of the Venture Capitalism and tech start in the Silicon Valley. But there seems to be no takers for the property around Silicon Valley? Now that really is concerning. Some of the places showing these phenomena’s are that of Santa Monica and Los Altos, California. The occurrence of such a lopsided development might be due to the fact that even though there are no takers for homes in these places, the prices have dipped slightly but the interest remains high! Due to which the EMI for these places are obviously high! And another reason might be that even though VC’s and tech start up companies might be on the rise, the money is not flowing that ‘freely’ as of now…now I guess that once a venture is started…we need to wait a while for the money to really pour in. And with so many tech start up’s on the block…one needs to really wait and see the returns for their investments. So my guess is that situations might really start improving in the real estate after a while.

Celebrities leave their footprint in the market!

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Guys if you think that only big companies make the share prices rise or fall you are grossly mistaken! Yes in this new era, some thing like share prices have heavy linking to celebrities. Are you surprised, then you have not been abreast with the recent news. All one can hear nowadays is about Tom Cruise splitting with Paramount! And what is more Mr. Cruise has now entered the foray of ‘hedge’ market. Any guesses as to who broke this news to the world. It was Wall Street Journal! Guess celebrities do leave a mark when they throw their ‘star tantrums’. Ok coming to our desi situation, none other than our Shahrukh khan was the recent celebrity to join Jet Airways…guess this is in retaliation to Ms. Yana Gupta being the brand ambassador for King Fisher. Companies are trying to lure celebrities into their board to make an impression to the public as trying to increase their standing in the stock market.

Hey this is too much of glamour for me to take on in a day! And too much of in a week

IBM has acquired ISS

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IBM has acquired Internet Security System Inc. by spending about $1.3bn. IBM is on a drive to spend about $3.6bn to acquire new services and infrastructure, which may revive its ongoing ‘slump’ in growth. ISS in other words may help IBM to had ‘security management’ as on of its various branches of services. By acquiring ISS, IBM has joined the competing array of Symantec Corp, CA Inc., and EMC Corp. Such an acquisition only goes on to show that IBM is trying to stabilise its growth by branching itself into various products and services. And Security Management is one of the critical area, where most of the large companies are at the movement concentrating. Security Management has become an area of concern and importance. Large players to create a niche in the market for themselves are absorbing many of the smaller players. Well one needs to wait and watch, as to how this new acquisition will help the growth graph of IBM?

You tube hounded by celebrities

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Well ‘You tube’ the favourite interactive video site may not be all that non-commercial as it claims to be it. Or it might be that the most famous and the not so famous together hound the interactive web site for promotion. The latest to join the ‘You tube’ video site is none other than Warner Bros. Record which would be promoting ‘Paris’, Ms. Hilton’s debut album. Of course like all other interactive video’s it would be rated. The other news is that this ‘Brand channel’ will have sponsors like that of Fox’s ‘Prison Break’ for Ms. Hilton’s video. In other words unlike the other video’s the brand channel video’s main purpose would be to promote their product and probably to have an idea on the creditability of their product among viewers as ‘You Tube’ offers rating for its video’s. Well this is a nice break for this relatively new video interactive web site and am sure its CEO Chad Hurley would be one of the happiest person.

Nuance communications paves the way:

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Well there is a new competitor on the block for Adobe Acrobat users. The PDF converter of Nuance converts text to voice. I.e. PDF documents to WAV audio. At the movement the text is read over by a male voice. There are plans to improve the technology and offer the services in other voices. This converter complies with the U.S standard for accessibility of documents for disabled users. Infact this particular technology released by that of Nuance communication could be defined as “ Blessing in the form of voice” for disabled people, especially for blind people. The PDF converter version 4 will be available in the form of corporate edition from August 22 for the U.S citizens for a prize less than $100. Hey this technology is cool it combines practical usage along with a good price factor. Other than this like the Adobe Acrobat reader, the soft scan version provides the conversion of PDF format to excel, word and Corel draw format. Other than the above features the Nuance software is secure that it allows access only through the permission mode. This particular technology has also been successfully tested on the Microsoft vista version.

Buyback time at MS

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Well Microsoft closed down its tender offer on Friday, after it had offered a buyback option to its shareholders, by pricing the share at $24.75. But the die hard Microsoft supporters refused to part with their shares, arguing that Microsoft would eventually do well and that the price then would be much higher than that offered by MS. True to their word, the share price of Microsoft was that of $ 25.79. Microsoft had opted for the buy back offer when its software business failed to provide the expected returns and after its heavy investments in online services. But shareholders are optimistic and vouch that MS would eventually reap what they had sowed in the form of online investments, well that is what is called as shareholders support. But with all these going on, Microsoft has started paying dividends to its shareholders (this is the first time they are doing so!). Well after Bill gates stepping down from the active day to day operation of MS, and heavy investments in advertisement and online services have led to a drop in the companies performance, but many are optimistic that MS would soon rise stronger than ever after their various investments pay off. Well I guess all the MS shareholders are keeping their fingers and toes crossed, and hope that the going goes good for MS. WE SURE HOPE SO TOO!

Artificial Intelligence no more thing of the future-It is here!

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If you guys think I am talking about the movie Artificial Intelligence, sorry. I am talking about the real world AI, and how it is going to dominate our world. In a article released by Cnet, the web page talks about search engines like Google. Though Google has made a major breakthrough as far as search engines and Internet Advertising are concerned (see my earlier articles on these!). Google is not the end of the world, but Infact the beginning a of a whole new era. Google has paved way for the dominance of Artificial Intelligence taking over our entire future. Search would slowly become, something taken for granted like ‘breathing’. It is in this scenario that AI would come into play by searching for words or sentences, which the searcher would exactly like to see. The scenario in google is that some of the words like ‘by’ ‘are’ ‘and’ are not taken into consideration while searching, instead the search algorithm, is programmed to search only the key words, well that would slowly change now with AI coming into full fledged activity. Search engines yet to be launched would solely based on AI, which uses human expression and interactions to search for the particular text. It would no longer be necessary for humans to break down sentences or use only keywords for search. Well that is for AI. With launch of more and more programmes that would use of AI, the day is not far off when computers would start to read the human mind and interpret their meanings!

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