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Moneymaking is his hobby!

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The ‘wired’ magazine has published an article on a self-made millionaire (he is 22 year old!). Thought I would share it with you guys. The article brings out the increasing incident of cyber crime. His name is Tew, he had all the signs of a millionaire from the beginning, like selling swigs during soccer practice (where water bottles were not allowed), selling DVD’s from a game he had participated, therefore it was not unusual when he had used his money making tactics to pay for three years of his college, this is how he did it: Tew had decided to sell pixels, he had created websites where all small advertisements or banners on different websites, were bought together in his single website, soon his idea spread and many companies, including a Japanese dating company approached him , he sold $1 per pixel, and he agreed to put up the ad for five years. He had earned around $1,037,100 by January 11. As apt as his earnings, he had named the site as www.milliondollarhomepage.com. Now here is where the blow came: The site had become slow in a couple of days, and ultimately the service to the site was denied (without the hand of his web hosting company sitesolutions). The truth was about 23,000 computers were unleashing an attack on the site, the group was called as the Dark Group and tried to extort about $50000 from him, but Tew refused, and he began to see a solution, he contacted web security company and earned the security of his site by trading space with his website. His site got protected, and he got more traffic (because of the increased popularity, the site received after this incident). Thanks to the Dark group he is richer than before.

So we need to be wary of these hackers and extortionists. Of course with cyber laws developing and helping website holder we can be rest assured that these hackers would be bought before the law very soon. But meanwhile, like Tew let us learn not to give into their game and protect others and ourselves.

Source: www.wired.com

Linux gaining importance in PC market

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Nicolas Negroponte, of MIT Media Laboratory, is going ahead with the plan of” One Laptop Per Child Project” in the developing countries. This is a big jump for Linux as it is going to be used in the laptops to be donated to the developing economies. This project would make Linux popular with desktops (it presently is used more in servers). Mr. Negroponte believes that the OLPC project would help developing countries, by helping the children educate themselves, the provision of PC’s to poor students would help them to teach themselves, this is particularly useful in countries where access to education is very bad, and the teachers themselves are not qualified enough to teach. The laptops are to be priced at the rate of $100 per PC but the price might change to around$135 to $140 when the project is declared in the developing countries. Red Hat and AMD have expressed their solidarity to the program while Intel and Microsoft are not too enthusiastic about this. (Probably Bill Gates doesn’t want this to affect his own plans for developing countries!)

This idea put forth by Mr. Negroponte might be commissioned by 2008, and he hopes that similar misktakes are not committed, earlier the children were led to believe that the system was Government property and the PC’s were locked up in school after school hours, but this time Mr. Negroponte want the student to take possession of the laptops an teach themselves. Let us hope that this concept takes shape and Mr. Negroponte achieves his target of providing 100 million PC’s to the downtrodden.

SOURCE: www.Cnetnews.com

Aftermath of increased oil prices in the U.S economy

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After the increase in the crude oil prices, the divide between the lower income and the higher income group has increased. While the higher income people are spending more and more on luxury items like cars, the lower income and the middle income group have cut back on their spending. The increase in divide is very obvious, the reason behind this is that while the lower income group have to spend around 10-15% of their income on gasoline/petrol. While the higher income group spend around only 1-2% do not affect the rich class. Now while the consumption of the luxury goods have increased, so have the productions for the same, this has increased productivity and increased income, but again these increased income is concentrated only in the hands of the fewer rich. Though this situation has bought about what can be said as stability of macro-economic factors, but these do not trickle down to the other individuals (micro economic) who are mostly in the middle income and the lower income category. According to experts like Mr. Bernestein of Economic Policy Institute, the divide among the various income groups may be high due to other factors like that of demand of highly skilled (mostly related in IT fields) labourers, also there has been weakening among the unions who represent the lower income groups. Hence all these factors including the increase in crude oil prices have increased the income gap.

In conclusion it may be observed that the situation might continue for some time, until some policy change is bought about by the congress. The Government has to intervene and bring about a change in the economy by increase in the demand for less skilled work forces, availability of goods at a cheaper price, curtailing inflation etc. But with the present trend of inflation, and increase in the rate bought about by the Federal bank the situation looks worrisome for some time though in the long run with the easing of the inflation and with the introduction of other economic policy the situation might improve.

Source: June 2, 2006 www.wsj.com.

What happened after Katrina?

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The free wireless access to New Orleans promised by the Mayor of New Orleans, is having troubles. Putting up an entire region under wireless access is a difficult process and all the more tough after Katrina ravaged New Orleans. Many people in New Orleans are displaced from their home and business, but those who have remained say that, they cannot find wireless access, and providing one would be extremely helpful for those who want to continue their business. The free wireless in New Orleans runs at 512 kbps(donated) that is higher than a dial up and lesser than a broadband. But providing even this has become extremely difficult. The online Yellow pages are bombarded with telephone calls as to the availability and the usage of the free wireless access. This problem was sought to be solved with the help of a talk show, but the interview fell through when the spokesman from the mayor’s office failed to appear.

As a solution to the problem Earth link has stepped forward and has agreed to help to increase the existing free wireless access area to another 15 square miles area. At present it is claimed that the free wireless access network is working in some part of Downtown and half of the French Quarters. After the disaster (hurricane Katrina), it is appreciable that New Orleans is able to offer at least some part of the city with free wireless access service. One should wait and see if the Mayor keeps up his promise and brings the entire area under the free Wireless access service.

Source: www.wired.com

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