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Guys have you ever wondered how can one promote products without advertising for the same, the answer is to market them online. But I am not talking about online advertising as in banners or pop ups. I am talking about strategies adopted by various companies to promote their products. In his article called “ Blogging for Dollars” by Bruce Sterling,(published in the wired magazine) he gives example of Skype, Wikipedia. For example in case of Skype, which offers, free service for all online call but they charge for calls not within their network area, thus Skype is promoted and people don’t mind paying the extra sum when they get connected to their loved ones. The other method is through interactive blogging methods adopted by individuals and corporate. Some of the blog sites are so popular that many of the Internet users are guided by such blogs. But of course there are other mediums available for users to get their data or search for information. But the idea is to promote the product online in such a way, that the consumer feels that he is contributing to the development of the product and in an unknowing manner becomes a patron for the product himself. So this is another form of advertisement, which the start-ups should know about and use it in a manner to promote their company or product. Again welcome to the world of the net!

Looking at greener Pasteur.

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This is an article with a difference; this talks about green revolution but with a difference. Green revolution with the use of existing technologies. Yes it talks about green revolution without doing away with the technologies that already exists. The conventional green revolution talks about alternative methods of providing energy and using natural products and to do away with existing products, but this is not possible in the real world. I got the inspiration to write this article, from the article named “ The next green revolution” by Alex Nikolai Steffan from the Wired magazine. As said by the author it is impossible to do away with the existing technologies and bring about a new one.

Let us analyse what are the means through which such a feat is possible. For one along with the existing power source, we need to develop the renewable sources of energy like solar power, wind turbines etc. The use of the renewable sources of energy must be gradually increased to an extent that it replaces most of the non renewable methods of providing energy. But of course we cannot completely do away with the non-renewable sources of power at one shot too, the change must be bought gradually. This gradual transformation has already begun. The other change that we can bring about is using natural products along with the other product that we are used to. But again the use of the natural products must gradually increase with time. We need to change our lifestyle gradually such that our children and the next generation are more tuned to the use of alternative sources of energy and natural products and are comfortable in them. Let us conserve the existing resources and try to build new ones along with the existing resources, in time the natural resources and other renewable form of products would replace the non-renewable and toxic products.

We are social animals, and always are in groups. It is this group endeavour and practice that could reform the society as a whole. The green revolution cannot be bought overnight. A lot of hard work and dedication has gone into the existing society and not to forget the rich benefits that it gives us. It is necessary to change only those aspects, which threaten our existence and future, but we must work towards the conserving of those products and energy, which is beneficial, in the long run. Let us work towards it and the future would definitely be bright. After all planet earth was not formed in one day, lot of transformations and changes were required. As beings of the earth, we are also part of this transformation and change, a change that would bring about a safe and secure earth.


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I must thank my reading habit, this has helped to gather information and store it somewhere in my subconscious. Believe or not good reading habit is always useful. Okay I will stop reeling about my good habits and come to the point. I had come across the article called “ Feet of Clay” in the Red Herring magazine. The article was on the Dell, Microsoft and Intel and the interrelationships among these companies. Actually to put it simply it traces the growth curve of these industries, and helps us analyse the growth pattern that these industries had taken and how it had influenced each other. This can give us a cue on how we could conduct our own business, and how to take care of pitfalls in case of interrelated activities. Take Dell of instance it has been doing well from that of ’93 to 2005, but this growth seems to have developed a hitch and there seems to be a crack in the wall. Even with new strategies introduced Dell’s sales of PC seems to be down.

In case of Intel and Microsoft, their recent strategy seems to have backfired. Intel’s strategy on resurrection has not paid off, neither has Microsoft’s venture into other areas (read my earlier articles on Microsoft). Bur not so long ago the three had made their mark in the Information Technology sector. IBM has made use of Microsoft’s software strategy and Intel provided the brain behind this. But Dell neatly packaged all this, better than IBM and this hit off well in the market, and ever since there has been no looking back.

But now Dell faces the challenge of low sales. Actually the entire PC sale has been low. It is estimated that PC sale would grow only till 8.0% as of 2009. In case of Microsoft, Linux had snatched away its dream of ruling the corporate server market. And as already seen in my earlier articles, AMD and Texas Instruments have been proving tough competition for Intel.

But all is not lost, with the launching of Windows Vista and Intel fortifying its Chip business, things are beginning to look up and might prove to be beneficial for Dell too. Let us wait and watch, meanwhile I will pursue my good habit of reading!

Q1 not quiet successful

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According to any management mantra, any product before being launched needs to be backed by good research. This has been proved yet again by the Q1 series of minitablet PC launched by the Korean Company Samsung. Launched last month, the product is yet to pick up sales.

According to the new site Cnet news.com, the first minitablet PC of Samsung has been launched in a quiet manner. Though the officials of the Korean Company say that there has been strong demand, the market sees other wise. There has been very limited response to the mini tablet PC. Q1 – as the minitablet PC has been named uses the Microsoft Origami Project software. The minitablet PC is being sold online and at Best Buy stores in Texas. According to an analyst in IDC, the minitablet PC has not be attracting much of sales, probably because of the following reason; one is that it is highly priced secondly the battery life of the PC seems to be quite low.

Probably foreseeing the market for such minitablet PC, there seems to be very less of this product available in the market. One way to increase the sales of the existing minitablet series might be to decrease the cost of production thereby reducing the price. The other might be to make it more specific in its use, such that it can attract specific market and not only the gadget and gizmo collectors.

Do your own search!

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According to news in Wired.com. Alexa a subsidiary of Amazon.com has decided to open up the use of search engine, or web crawler to any programmer who would pay for the same. This is a big break through for both the searcher and for Alexa. By using the web crawler, the user would have access to thousand of Internet archives. By opening up the Alexa web search platform, it would enable the users to searching, indexing, computing, storing and publishing vast quantity of database. The web crawler searches about 1 tetra byte of data a day. The transaction itself is priced at $1 per transaction.

This is a great breakthrough in the history of search engines. By throwing open the vast database it has lead to great advantage to all the users be it a scientists or a musician. This is a great boon to all the search engine users.

Exit Bill Gates; Enter Ozzie and Craig

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I know I am running this news on my weblog a wee bit late. But I thought why not renew it again, when people thought ‘that is the end of this news life’. If you guys are thinking about Bill gates quitting from day-to-day operation of Microsoft, then you are absolutely right! According to a recent interview held by Cnet News.com, both the successors of Bill Gates, Mr. Ray Ozzie and Mr. Craig Mundie seems to be extremely comfortable in the roles that would be undertaken by them with the exiting of Bill Gates from his day to day activities at Microsoft. Both were working as the Chief Technical Officers at Microsoft. In the interview, Ozzie has laid the stressed on ‘service’, and believes that this would reap more benefit to Microsoft. Ozzie is now designated as the Chief Architect, and as is apparent would be the man behind the Live Service push. Craig Mundie would be handling the research units. Mr. Mundie can be now counted as the external voice for Microsoft; we can expect to see much of Mundie in the coming years! Looks like the transition though gradual was anticipated within the Company. In my coming articles, we will analyse how this change within the Microsoft has changed its market position. Well as of now good luck Mr. Ozzie and Mr. Mundie.!

Wikipedia’s growing protection

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‘Wikipedia’ an online website on information, is known to all. If you haven’t referred to Wikipedia even once while searching information, it is a surprise. Wikipedia has grown as the third largest web site offering information. As you guys know that Wikipedia’s main trait, is “any one can enter information” policy. Volunteer administrators can add their version of a particular news or term and upload it. This way Wikipedia has earned the distinction of being ‘run by many’, who are free to upload and edit information.

According to the online news site services, news.com and Newyork times, Wikipedia has introduced a clause wherein a particular information or news is protected or semi protected like the information on Islam, President Bush, and Singer Aguilera etc. This is protection must have been undertaken to avoid disputes on sensitive subjects. Well as against the general opinion, the Wikipedia is actually managed by 1000 core volunteers, who are responsible for up gradation and editing of majority of the articles. Though the site can be assessed and uploaded or edited by other volunteers too. According to Mr. Wales of Wikipedia, this semi protection and total protection on the information is done mainly to protect the quality of the site. I feel that this protection is actually important to prevent vandalism and any sort of defaming activity that could occur to such a site. I feel that when the websites themselves come up with self-protecting policy such as this, many a dispute can be avoided.


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The other day, I had written an article on Internet Vs. Television well here is one invention, which would be satisfying consumers of both the products. Sony has launched a new 20-inch LCD monitor. This is the first monitor, which can display shown and PC at the same time.

E-Paper technologies will now pave way for flexible screens, which would be the size and weight of a slim magazine for on-the-go reading. The company E-ink has developed a rigid e-book that uses power only between page turns (virtual page turns) and can be read in direct sunlight. The next venture would be shrink the paper such that it can fit into a persons back pocket.

Source: Popular Science Magazine June2006


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The other day I was going through this article, on Harvard Business review, the article was titled “ Avatar based Marketing” written by Paul Hemp, and here is my summarisation of the article. The crux of the article was ‘avatar marketing’. Well for those who are thinking what it is about- Avatar in Indian term means a new incarnation. Well with the advent of Internet facilities, same person is available in different destinations like through chat, messaging facilities etc. With Internet facilities, many people are reincarnating themselves to perform dual or more roles. Some of the people who in the real world are shy and reserved are able to explore the other side of their personality through Internet. It is to satisfy these alternate personalities that many online companies are marketing products. People who would normally not use a product, which might be in contrast to their actual characteristics may go ahead and buy the same online to satisfy their alternate personality (the question of “why not try this? Occurs to them.).Online marketing just got bigger.

Reading this article, has revealed certain facts. A target market may well spread over a vast horizon, people who were not even considered a potential consumer, might be so through online marketing. There are many who spend as much as forty hours a week on the Internet, doing just that, satisfying their alternative personality. Well to think that the market for many products has just got bigger with the advent of online marketing. Brood over this!

Get connected to your loved ones through MS web cameras

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Want to talk to your son or friend in the United States, buy the MS Life Cam!

With more and more Indians, leaving abroad for various reasons like education, training and careers. It has become imperative and necessary to get connected to them; this has become easier and simple with the use of Web Cameras. Microsoft has launched their new range of Web Cameras in India, these cameras offer digital photography and video of superior quality. The Web cameras come in two ranges VX 6000 and VX 3000. These Life cams, as Microsoft calls them are prices at Rs. 5,631 for VX 6000 and 2,764 for the VX 3000 range. The cameras have high resolutions and provide good clarity with 5.0-mega pixels for still photography and 1.3-mega pixel for video.

These web cameras can have muti usage when they are used at their optimum efficiency. They can be used for still photography, for video and audio. Other than the MS life cams there are other web cameras available in the market like Intel etc. Of course with the various online telephone facilities like Skype, these Video Cameras can assist in providing the video image along with the voice facility. With the introduction of more and more gizmos as far as connectivity and entertainment are concerned, the world has become a smaller place to live.

Source: 15th June 2006; www.economictimes.indiatimes.com

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