June 2006 -

Honey, we shrunk the world!

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We have heard about multinationals, but what about Micro Multinationals. Yes this is a reality, and they been around since the late nineties and early 2000. With the growth of technology, mushrooming of such enterprises was inevitable. Though I cannot offer definite definition for Micro Multinationals. It can be meant to be those, which goes global right from the start. Such multinationals might not bear the big names like ‘IBM’ or ‘HP’ but they are present globally and work with employees around the world. So you might ask what is ‘micro’ about them! Beats me too! But I guess that growing within a small span of time and yet not belonging to a major corporate house might have lead to the coinage of such a term. And of course they could have started up as any ‘garage’ enterprise.

Just the other day I was discussing about the various technologies add on’s that giants like google, Yahoo are into. And also about business and advertisement through Internet. This might be an extension of those articles, but of course with solid examples. Thanks to the magazine Business 2.0, I was able to gather some data. Interactive web pages like wiki and Voice Over IP like Skype providing the breeding ground for such micro multinationals, it is of little surprise that multinational companies stand at the staggering number of 60,000 from that of 30,000 in 1999 (U.N. Report). Citing the examples from Business 2.0, the two companies that have made it big using the many advantage of the ‘Broadband’ are Sonoa and Sundia, while the former is IT based with employees concentrated in Bangalore, India and Silicon Valley. Sundia is fruit and juice enterprise started by Mr. Oberwager who can be termed as home entrepreneur, as he works from his hometown in the United States and has a pulse on his entire work force working all over the world. Another pioneers in this field seem to be Niklas Zennstrom and Jano Friis, who started the Internet file sharing system called ‘Kazaa’ in 2000. Well are you people taking guess on what it is worth now, well hold your breath it is a whooping $2.6 billion. The most important Micro Multinational tool kit according to the magazine are (a) Voice Over IP. (b) Instant Messaging like Yahoo, MSN, Google talk, (c) Wiki (d) Pair of good speakers phones, (e) Online Meeting Service like Goto meeting, but it can prove to be costly if not used too often the other is the free collaboration Hive services. I guess the magazine has put forth all most all the services that are available online in case of interactive sites. Of course, the good old conference calls still hold good in most of the cases.

Hey just I had predicted through my earlier articles, the world is becoming a smaller place to conduct business. With the availability of broad band services and jet’s it is no matter a concern as to the place of work, be it a beach or home or a restraunts, what today’s start up founders need is quality and time frame, which is met by employees irrespective of their place. One advantage of having employees all around the globe is cost factor (though it is not the only reason) and the time frame within which the employees are able to deliver their expertise.


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No sooner had the festive airs surrounding INXS since its last award function had faded, than it is time for the award function ceremony for the May 2006. We at INXS simply love this, because it gives us great pride to see our group striving hard and outdoing each other in their efficiency and dedication.  As the basic protocol at INXS we strive for excellence and expect other to follow the same.


We also feel that those who strive to take us to greater heights must be aptly rewarded, and that is why we take this opportunity to reward our outstanding employees.

We take great pride and pleasure in announcing Udayasri as our “Most Valued Software Developer” May 2006.  Taking this opportunity we at INXS greatly appreciate Udayasri’s effort. Udayasri was one of the first employees to join the INXS family, and taking her task seriously has single handily and efficiently lead our ‘Palm Development Effort’.  Kudos and three cheers to Udayasri.

Another one of our most valued employee is Kiran, who has won “Most Valued Rapid Application Developer” Award for May 2006.


Though Kiran has undertaken her first active development role with INXS, she has proved herself by steering towards the right direction.  Achieving the milestones in time, she has created a niche for herself.  Good going people!

We also take this opportunity to applaud the entire team at INXS for their best efforts and endeavour to make INXS a rocking success! Let us cheer on this occasion. HIP HIP HOORAY!  to all the INXS members.

Check this out!

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Google is coming up with a new payment processing method! This is called as google check out method; accordingly anyone can shop online and pay through the google check out method. The main feature of this payment processing method is that, the consumer can enter his or her credit card number and the article he intends to purchase on to the google check out method, and can pay at a later date. Another important factor is that instead of filling out different forms for different products, the consumer has to pay only once through the check out method. Also google helps the consumers to find out various products through its online search mechanism (but of course!). The last but the most important feature of the check out method is that products purchased and payments can be tracked through this payment processing mechanism.

Tackling Inflation the U.S. way.

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Here is the much-awaited news; According to Reuters, Federal Reserve Bank has given a go, for an increase in the interest rate to 5.25%. After a much speculation, Ben Bernanke has given a green signal to increase the interest rate. The United States has been plagued by increased inflation rate for some time now, the first aim of Federal Reserve Bank has been to stabilise the price level, even if it meant reduction in the growth rate. Ben Bernanke has to face the congress in mid July regarding the monetary policy issue of the United States. There was talk earlier this year, when the Federal Reserve had predicted a break in the continuous increase the interest rate, but that was not to be. At least for the moment the concentration seems to be, to maintain the price situation. One needs to wait till July to see further development on the monetary front of the United States, when the monetary policy is formed, till then it is a tight situation for the United States.

Dell Laptop turning into explosive

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After the bursting of cars, the next in line of turning into explosives are laptops, not just any other laptops but Dell laptops. Are you shocked! So was I when I read this article in Reuters. Apparently digital photographs of Dell laptop bursting into flames at a conference in Osaka was put up in a web site of ‘the Inquirer’ last week. The company immediately recalled the notebook and further investigations are on according a spokesperson from Dell. If any one of you could remember, sometime in December 2005, Dell had recalled some of the batteries used in certain of their laptops due to problems of overheating. Well this surely needs some research as to the model of the laptop, as the spokesperson from Dell had denied the announcement of the same.

So if you are in a possession of a Dell laptop, better take precautionary measures. Meanwhile I am going to check on the website of the inquirer myself. Hey looks like nothing is safe from cell phone to laptops…. then what do I carry? Well advancement in technology has its own price. It is better therefore to take all precautionary measure while using these gizmos. Due stay hooked on to this website, on more development in this news. Till then have safe conferences!

The world of web 2.0

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Welcome to the world of web 2.0! For you guys out there, who are a novice as far as technical jargons are concerned, let me explain to you in simple words, about Web 2.0. An article on Cnet news.com, explain clearly about the usage of web 2.0, which inspired me to write this article. I would not be elaborating on Web 2.0, but here is a brief write up on Web 2.0.

Though I am unable to find a clear definition of web 2.0, it can be defined as a collaborative medium within the site, unlike the earlier approach, which needed a complex document management system. Web 2.0 paves way for interactive and collaborative means of using the web page. Another important aspect of the web 2.0 is that unlike the earlier versions, they provide access to the end user themselves, through easier tools. By following simple instruction, an end user would be able to use some of the techniques available on the net to collaborate and interact. Some of the most important web 2.0 tools are wiki and blogs. Where instead of emailing message, the same subject can be discussed and improved upon through interactive web pages like wiki. It not only paves way for improved interaction between consumer and the manufacturers but helps them to interact with other groups too. This form of interactive web pages are slowly entering into the corporate world and thereby paving way for an easier and interactive mode of business. This definitely does not mean that it would replace the existing complicated means of DMS (Data Management System). Since web 2.0 is more simple to use and a user-friendly method it is just an easier form of communication or medium within any circle, be it corporate or academics.

RSS is the word!

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Really Simple Syndication or RSS is the word buzzing around in the blog circles. With use of RSS as a platform many developments are made. Example RSS provides many news feeds and links to many blog site, which is really a boon for the bloggers. Technocrati and RSS have really attracted good money through the way of venture capital. Technocrati is one of the leading blog sites and offers real time blog search function. And provides links to other blog sites. News is that Technocrati is using the money to provide infrastructure and facilities to the visitors.

For security reasons..

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In my previous articles, we have seen about security issues concerning software i.e about hackers. In this article, I want to discuss about real time security i.e surveillance. In our everyday lives we come face to face with so many security cameras, in the grocery shops, at the traffic signals, in our office, in our clients office. Guess the only place left is the rest rooms …hey probably it is already there and we might not know it! Ok about the topic, we need to see what are the measures taken to catalogue these vigilance database.While this was running through my brain, I came across this article in the Red Herring magazine (again thanks to my reading habit!) it was about this security searching company called the 3VR (by the way it is one of the top hundred company listed by Red Herring magazine). The major function of 3VR is to catalogue these vigilance data and store them in such a manner that finding one part of them become easier. Head of 3VR, Stephen Russel feels that after increase in the security measures after the 9/11 incident and general increase in threat the world over, such a security measure has become important. So has cataloguing the same data and finding them when needed. It is for the same reason that 3VR has made it big and is one of the thriving industry. So next time you are starring into the eye of a camera think about the lives it would save.

What’s up in Microsoft?

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Hey long time we tailed on Microsoft. Let us see what happened after Mundie and Ozzie were named the successors of Bill Gates. According to an article on Cnet news.com, Mr. Taylor, who was the advisor to CEO Balmer, left Microsoft abruptly. Taylor was in charge of campaign against Linux. Also interestingly Taylor was the key man behind Microsoft’s new instant messaging system. Another news is that Microsoft would use the top cream of executives to pool in their ideas.

Talking about vertical system of working, Microsoft would further open its doors to workers by allowing them to take part in major decisions and give in their ideas on technical aspect.

Well looks like the company wants to make all its employees a part of the organisation, this might be a psychological approach making the workers believe that they are more than just salaried employees, it might make them feel as part of the organisation. But how many would welcome such a move, especially the top people at Microsoft who were the pillars of the organisation. Is that the reason that People like Taylor are leaving the company after putting in more than thirteen years of work?


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After hitting it off low on 17th and 20th because of a warning of further inflation, the stock market staggered but seems to be in control While 21st of June saw a mixed results. But then on 22nd Fed ex and Morgan Stanley helped the market by reaping more than expected increase in their shares. Well as of Thursday it looked like the fear of inflation and rising of interest rate by the Federal Bank, seems to have been put to rest and the market seems to have stabilised. But 23rd saw a small sink of about 60 points. The reason for the slip might be due to various factors that determine the economic growth, in this case the United States economy seems to have been plagued by increasing unemployment rate, rise in the oil prices, and the inflation level. All seems to have contributed to the decrease. The inflation rate could be curbed with the increased interest rate, which the Federal Bank is likely to announce but the general apprehension faced by the economy is not helping the situation.

The Dow Jones slipped by about 60 points while rising as much as 105 points on Wednesday. Standard and Poor was again low of 6.06%. In general it is reported that Dollar surged a little against the Yen, the gold price was little lower. Of course the crude oil price increased and settled at a barrel costing up to USD 70.84

The inference that I can draw is; that though the week opened positively and there was even a surge ahead by the stock market, the situation continued to be low for the past two days. Again the factors affecting the economic growth have played spoilsports for the market too and the general feeling that there might be economic growth downturn has made the situation worse. To top it is the decision of the Federal Bank on the interest rate that it would be deciding on Wednesday or Thursday has made people apprehensive.

Source: www.moneycontrol.com

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