May 2006 -

Apple and Nike’s new formula.

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This news is all over, so why should I make an exception. Let me give you my idea of the new accelerometer that apple has come up with. This is the wireless generation so why would top tech company like Apple and the top sports accessories company be left out; they have teamed up together to bring about something amazing. This is called as the activity-aware kind or say ‘activity based tech. Accordingly the accelerometer is designed to snugly fit into a Nike sneaker (a special one of course!), depending on the speed, distance, a sensor relays the data to the receiver at the bottom of the shoe and this in turn transmits the same to the iPod computer which changes the tempo of the music. Hey need me to explain in simpler terms. Let us say that when a runner, increases his speed the music automatically changes to something of a faster beat and when he reduces the speed, the music automatically changes too. Say don’t you think this should be used somewhere else…for those of us who prefer to live in our car than to exercise, here is the good news, this new technology would be used in cars too, like the music changes to a different tempo, when the car is in a highway and something soothing during a traffic jam. Apple would prefer to use the technology in something more stationery kind of exercise rather than during cycling…they don’t want to cyclist to get distracted and end up in an accident!

Google lends a hand in fighting Bird Flu.

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The bird flu virus, which has many parts of Asia, Africa and Europe in its deadly grip and has claimed 120, lives so far. It is heading to North America via the migratory birds. The flu might affect the United States later this Year. Experts like Ms. Davison is using Google Information System to try to curtail the problem, the GIS as the information system is popularly known helps the team of experts to identify the number of commercial farms, poultry feeds and other farm related industry. By combing the GIS along with Google earth, the number of poultry farms the area around the farms can be easily identified. In case of any reported incident, a team can be despatched immediately to curtail the spread. Where it could have taken many hours or days to identify a farm, it is now within matter of seconds that the affected area is identified and experts dispatched. This new virus, a H5N1 strain is kind of a flu, that has affected many birds including chicken, and this way has found itself into humans too. This infection is expected to spread to parts of North America through the migratory bird, which fly from parts of Asia to Alaska, this summer. Though no incident has been reported so far, the expert’s team is keeping a vigil with the help of the Google Network.

Take care of your Antivirus

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Symantec, one of the leading Anti Virus producers, have come under questioning. As their product client security 3.1 and Anti virus corporate version 10.1 has some flaws, which could allow any hacker to enter the system and create damage to the programs like editing, changing or deleting the program itself. The flaw, which was discovered by eEye digital security, could unleash an Internet worm, which could lodge itself on the computer and create havoc. This type of flaws doesn’t even require the consumer to do anything like click on the website, the mere launching of a virus could destroy the system. Symantec has accepted that the flaw is indeed present, and has reassured that it is trying to fix the same, though no reports of any damage has been reported so far. Well many of us are on alert since the major blaster worm damages of 2003. But no one could predict hackers who use such flaws to trigger a virus. As most of us know, hacking has become more common for materialistic gains.

Guys if you have installed any of the above said anti virus, be on guard!


Increase in demand for a different kind of sales personnel

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According to the wall street journals, the demand for online ad sales people have increased with the increase in the number of online based advertisements launched by the likes of Google, Yahoo and eBay. With the recent partnership entered by Yahoo and eBay(seem my article dated 27.5.06), the market is looking forward for more demands for the online advertisement sales people. Though the advertisements are online, yet many feel that sales people add that personal touch and person-to-person response is always greater, this is one of the reasons why there has been an increase in the demand for online advertisement sales personnel. The demand is being compared to the dot com boom, experienced some time ago. But the class of online advertisement sales people is not new, they were present before, but due to lack of demand had chosen a different profession, well those who remained dedicated to their job have found their results with increased demand and increased remunerations for these personnel’s, yes they seemed to be paid very high price. The high remuneration is because of increasing demand but a very limited number of well-qualified personnel’s.

Well according to me, unlike the dot com bubble, the demand would not burst. This looks there would be a steady requirements of these personnel, and more and more people getting would be qualifying for the same. This seems to be a new market for the human resource agencies to harness. Source:

Airbus to run on computers

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Airbus, which is a product of European Jet maker, has come up with decision of replacing the pilots’ manuvering with computer gadgets, this comes in the wake of much air collusion, between many aircrafts. The computers will take charge as soon as an emergency is detected and will take over the flying of the aircraft, it will also rely information to the cabin and crew of the aircraft (who shall be shortly trained to listen to the computers during such emergency situations).

Of course such a decision has lead to some oppositions from the Pilots, and the safety executives, but the European company finds that at times the pilots can react wrongly given some emergency situation and put the airbus as well as the passengers into trouble. The idea behind the computerised cockpit is the safety of the passengers and the aircraft during any emergency. Conventionally, during a possible collision, Pilots are asked to switch off the autopilot and fly the aircraft according to the demands of the situations. But with the computerisation of the cockpits the computers would take charge and fly the aircraft. Well there are companies like the Boeing, which feels that pilots decisions are the best during the emergency situations, believe in the motto of the ‘captain taking charge’.

The first such computer installation by the company will be done on the A380 super jumbo jets.


Ebay ties up with Yahoo.

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After months of speculation eBay has decided Yahoo, to be its third party advertiser on its site. And in turn Yahoo will use ebay’s Pay pal as its third party payment means. This was a set back for Microsoft and Google, who were competing with each other along with yahoo. Ebay, one of the largest online auction houses, were having talks with the three giants on the advertisement front and had decided on Yahoo.

Yahoo plans to use the Click to see method in these advertisements, where a browser can get in touch with the advertiser directly. This has come in the wake of situations when the shares of both the companies were not doing good. After this announcement, shares of eBay had increased by 12% while that of Yahoo to 3.5% (according to NASDAQ reports). What is the advantage of the partnership? Well it is a win- win situation on both the sides. While eBay known as the largest auction site online, had virtually no advertisement banners. By giving the rights of advertisement to Yahoo, it is into lot of advantage, for one it stands to gain by the brand name, second Yahoo has agreed to use Pay pal as its third party payment medium. As far as Yahoo is concerned, it has got a huge potential market covered, given the fact that many people connect to eBay everyday and secondly it has used its new innovative technology which is the click and play method of advertising.

Let us see how this partnership works. Well MSN and Google have to try other areas to implement their online advertising strategies. Given the huge amount of budget for expenditures, one wonders where Microsoft erred. But of course guys I can see a counter attack coming.


More spending, more acquisitions!

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We were talking about video advertising by Google the other day, now here is what Microsoft plans to do, according to sources, it is all geared up to acquire a company called Third Screen Media, the announcement is not official yet, but looks like the talks are on. Some of the major clients of Third Screen Media are USA today and the weather channel, impressive! But why is the acquisition, well it was Third Screen Media that was used by Microsoft for Wireless advertising through mobile phones, and what better way to expand. Now Microsoft does not want to be left behind in the race of online advertising, already google seems to have taken the cream of the market with the help of its video advertising on the net. Microsoft wants to plunge deeper and get to more people and what better way than mobile phones.

The fact cannot be denied that mobile phones have become an absolute necessity in today’s world, advertising and expanding the market through these wireless technologies is only logical. But what about the consumers, I get irritated when an unrelated advertising splashes all over my net! So the only way not to irritate customers is to text SMS or better still announce contests, by which the consumers get familiar with the brand and are inquisitive to take part. By acquiring Third Media, Microsoft will have a greater hold on the advertising displayed and the reach it has on the target customers. Well we need to wait and see the outcome of the acquisition; if at all Microsoft goes public about it.



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Microsoft has urged its users to work on safe mode while working on its word 2002 and 2003 model. Word 2000 is safe. Because of targeted attacks the word is becoming more vulnerable. Microsoft has asked its users to take care while using word like restraining the use of word as an email client and open word in safe mode only, this would reduce the vulnerability of the word to the intended attacks.

Well another news involving Microsoft isclose home. Microsoft is trying to market PC;s to the developing economy under the phrase of “pay as you go“ method. This is based on the pre paid sim card for mobile phones. Seeing the number of prepaid card holders Microsoft has introduced this strategy, such that the consumer has to pay when he starts using MS applications and tends to pay more when the use is more. This is designed to increase the sale of PC and to see to it that most of them are in use of a PC. What a noble gesture!


Another VOIP with a difference.

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If you are thinking, that with Google, Yahoo, MSN and of course eBay skype already present, who is the new company. It is PLAXO. Yes it is the same company, which provided with centralised address books all over the world, which can be used with any applications, even Microsoft outlook application has been used by PLAXO. Their next logical step was to introduce the phoning facility. Any PLAXO centralised address book user can place a call through the address books and talk. The advantage of these services as mentioned by Mr. Golub, a senior executive at PLAXO is that unlike other VOIP it does not require speakers, headphones or other software’s, now that is good! Of course PLAXO faces a lot of competition from the giants like Google, Yahoo, MSN and eBay. But PLAXO is determined to keep afloat and break even by the end of this year. The one advantage and disadvantage of PLAXO is that it has entered into partnership with AOL for its phoning facility, the advantage is that just by partnering with AOL, its customers have increased, well the disadvantage is that AOL themselves have their own kind of VOIP facility. PLAXO is a small fish competing against some of the larger fish, but they are innovating newer user friendly technology at a cheaper rate for example this new VOIP costs are as follows: It is free for the first five minutes and is less than two cents after that, within the United States and is a fraction bit more for other countries in the world. Also the second innovation is an online calendar on the footsteps of Yahoo and Google. Well the advantage for PLAXO lies in its costs and its unique technology whereby the VOIP uses the already present address books and make it easier for business men to keep in touch with the likes of their community and their customers at the click of a button. Hey this is another way of helping multitasking.

Let me quote myself again, competition breeds success. With more and more similar innovations being made in the technology world, the already present giants would only try to improve theirs lest they be threatened by increasing number of technology. Consumer stands to gain with so much of choices and quality like never before.


Google to go ahead with online video advertising.

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As you people must have already read in my recent articles about the plans that Google has, to increase its online advertisement, here is the latest of what Google has to offer, Google is going to show video advertisement on some of website that is supported by Google. Now don’t groan and say more advertisements! What google has to offer makes more sense. According to the articles in Reuters, New York times and, Video advertisement will appear in a small corner of the web page and will run only when clicked on it. This method is adopted so that consumers don’t complain on advertisements that spill all over the web page and cause irritation. Such a type of video will run on the pay-per-click basis for Google. So who benefits from this video advertising? According to some analyst and according to Mr. Gokul Rajaram of Google both a small industrialist to the top one can take advantage. For example if a small entrepreneur already has a video of his business say, his restraunts, then he can send the small video clip, which is uploaded the first day and can be viewed the next day. Also the big fish in the industry are in advantage while using the method, they can use it to see the pulse of the consumers, and change the outlook or the content of the video depending on the consumer’s response. This type of advertisement can thus be used by many as a preparation, before they are advertised through Television. This saves money and ensures good response.

Well it is a long way for google who had first started out with static text advertisements on its web page. This online video advertisements are priced by auction basis, the highest bidder gets his chance to advertise. This advertisement may be featured in one of the web sites supported by google or may appear on search engine when relevant keywords are entered. Good news is that you can start viewing video advertisements from this week.


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