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Ebay- a gold Mine yet to be tapped

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Ebay the largest online auction house is a gold mine yet to be tapped. Being the largest visited site by millions of Internet users all over the world, it is the most sought after advertisement board on the net. The top-notch companies vying at the site are Google, Microsoft and Yahoo. According to Financial Times, all the three companies had approached Ebay and, Ebay has been considering the partnerships from these companies.

It is also to be noted that Microsoft is in the process of activating its own ‘keyword advertising network’. Ebay one of the most sought after Internet site does not have any advertisement on its site yet and hence is a huge potential for the top companies to spread their business.

Impact of court ruling on Vista.

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Remember the case in the European court, which Microsoft lost. If you are wondering what this is about, let me refresh your memory. This is about the monopolistic prevalence of Windows as a operating system, and how it was used to nudge away competitors. Well in this connections Microsoft was asked to pay a compensation of $609.3 million and Microsoft is trying to reverse this ruling and has appealed. Let us see what this would do to the stock market, as we all know the position of the stock is near static from the year 2004. Microsoft shares have fallen to 1.6% from the year 2004. Microsoft is trying to diversify its operation mainly into Europe, but such a ruling can affects its overall growth and most important its presence in Europe.

Analysts are wondering as to how Microsoft would handle its next operating system –Vista to be launched in 2007. Microsoft executives must be very careful in placing Vista on a different platform altogether, as they wouldn’t want history to repeat itself and thereby making it difficult for the company. Please do note that the one of the software in Windows Vista might provide stiff competitions to companies like Google and Adobe.

Courtesy: www.news.com & Reuters

Stacking seems to be in vogue

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I am not talking about designer wear stacking and accessories stacking but product stacking of software companies, the latest and important to join the race is Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle. The concept of stacking is nothing but offering a wide array of products under one roof and marketing them, this ensures an immense growth of profit. We all know and it is a common fact that as far as Oracle is concerned, it is their Database Managements and Business Applications that are reaping in huge profits, what is missing is a good operating system and Oracle is looking at Linux for support and distribution. The other major players who believe in consolidation of various products and selling them are Microsoft, HP, and IBM.

You might ask what is the advantage of stack selling; the idea is to offer wide variety of products, the profit is in maintenance and after which you have your own consolidated customer list, which is nothing but avenues providing growth potential for the company. So get going and pick up your favourite designer ‘ware’

Courtesy: Financial Times and www.news.com

Positive Impact of rating the rupee +ve

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As per the Standard and Poor’s analyses the rupee rating had increased to positive from

stable, but soon after the announcement the SBI had bought in more dollars, probably as suggested by the RBI. But the good rating has done well to the economy such that the Foreign Direct Investments are finding the environment more favourable.

Now you might ask how does this affect the economy, Here is the answer in simple terms; With the Rupee rate at its favourable position and inflation contained, let us look as the possibilities that would follow; In layman’s view the rupee becomes cheaper, with more purchasing power, more demand, followed by supply to match the demand, here is where the Foreign Direct Investments come in making use of the scenario and increasing its presence thereby increasing the demand for money (in Indian Economy, the Rupee) in the market thereby increasing its value. Now I don’t have to remind you that value is inversely related to price (hope you remember this formula V=1/P ). This would materialise in the long run with the conducive environment of the economy and the international market.

Is Politics defining Growth Rate?

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With the GDP growth being aimed between 7.7% and 8%, I would say that the going is good for India. Inflation rate seem to be contained at 5.5% though analysts had forecasted increase of about 5.75%, this again is good news. But talking about the present scenario, is politics anyway playing its game in the market, the RBI governor doesn’t seem to agree. (This is an issue to ponder over, because it was Mr. P. Chidambaram who had, in a recent interview suggested that he doesn’t foresee an increase in the rates in the near future.) The rates are again subject to both the condition of the economy and the International market. It should be noted that any increase in the oil prices might affect the present scenario. One fact must be noted that the crude oil prices, which are government controlled has been kept intact, irrespective of increase in prices in the global market. Whatever be the reason let us keep our fingers crossed that we achieve the targeted rate.

Source: NDTV Profit.com

Acquisitions and Investments

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US based Kohlberg Kravis Robert & Co., are all set to buy Flextronics, a software development and solution business company for an amount of $900 million. About 85% of the workforce of Flextronics is based in India. The news comes shortly after Flextronics had bought Hughes Software System, which had a good presence in India. According to a press release Flextronics will get $600 million in cash, $250 million as debt instruments, maturing in eight years and will retain15% stake in the new company.

After acquiring HSS, Flextronics had acquired around six more companies which are Futuresoft, eMuzed, AUCT consulting, Deccanet, Azisa and Avinsoft. Flextronics is in the process of merging all these companies and giving it a new name. This is KKR’s first investment in India. Good news for Chennaites is that Flexitronics is looking at India for its EMS and investments in Chennai are made for its Contract manufacturing business.

Courtesy: Times of India

Indian Economy on the rise

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Indian Economy is all poised to achieve a growth rate between 7.7% to 8% for the current fiscal year; this would be possible with increase in agricultural growth and sustained Industrial growth. With the growth recording an increase of 8.1% for the fiscal year ending on March 31st from 7.5%, it has been a good year for the economy on the whole. While releasing the annual policy statement for the year 2006-2007, Mr Y.V. Reddy, governor of RBI has stressed that the inflation rate has been contained at 5.5% level. It is because of this encouraging level of inflation that the economy is in its track of structural growth. The gap in the industrial growth can be filled only with the help of a good infrastructure policy. The growth again depends on the structural development of other sectors of the economy.

Indigenous methods of Learning get Google’s aid.

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US educated Kothari has developed a system which tries to enhance the reading ability of the masses. Kothari has used SLS method or the Same Language Subtitles method to enhance the literacy level. According to Kothari, more than half of India’s Literate population do not know to read newspaper. It is through their favourite medium that Kothari has implemented his method; he has used Same Language Subtitles for Hindi songs. While viewing the song and reading the subtitles in the same language (Hindi), a villager might hum the tune and without his knowledge increase his learning ability.

Google Foundation provides grant to various learning methods which it thinks can be effectively implemented, it is in this way that the Foundation has given the grant to Kothari’s website called, www.planetread.com. As per the information on the Economic Times, the grant will help planet read to spread its wings nationwide. As for Kothari, he is feeling exhilarated on being the very few individual/organisation to be recognised by Google foundation.

Courtesy: The Economic Times

Chennai to gain from Taiwan’s Plan to diversify Investment

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Taiwan has risen to be the 14th largest economy in the world, due its electronic manufacturing industry. In the recent development Taiwan has decided to diversify its investment option. According to The Economic Times, Taiwan has invested over $200bn in China and in India it is $200mn. The scenario is changing with more manufacturing industries being planned in India. Taiwan has set up a manufacturing base for mobile phones in Chennai with an investment of $110mn and more are on their way. Trade Promotion Council of Taiwan has been set up in Mumbai. There has been a good traffic of Taiwanese investors in Chennai and other Capitals.

When son of Uncle Sam hosts dinner,

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it is an extravagant affair. No, we are not talking about President Bush but our good old Bill Gates. The dinner will be hosted on 18th April, in honour of China President Hu Jintao’s visit to the United States. The dinner will be held at Bill Gates mansion by the Lake Washington. The intention is far more interesting than the course, no points for guessing that. China has issued an order, that all the PC’s manufactured in China must have a licensed operating system installed.

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