April 2006 -

You don’t perform, you don’t earn

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This is the mantra that all major industry houses have been adopting for the past several years. Gone are the days when a person used to get his salary cheque sans his performance. There seems to be a strategy to reduce the workforce to improve the efficiency and to cut down the cost too, the follower of this strategy in the recent months might be SUN Microsystems new CEO. The second company to separate itself from its two non Performing Vice Presidents is Gateway. The two vice presidents who have been paid and asked to leave are Scott Bauhofer and Bruce Smith, they were incharge of Peripheral business and Gateways direct business respectively. Therefore it is no more difficult to find a job but all efforts must be put to keep the same.

Another Millionaire

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Sun’s new CEO, Jonathan Schwartz is likely to receive $1million as base salary with additional $2 million, with great many stock options, and even gets to fly the company own private jet for his reasonable private uses and of course for official uses too. He has been groomed to take over the reins of the CEO for some time now. Industry watchers are keeping a keen eye on his various policies and the difference that he could make to the industry. We need to watch the market for the various changes that his appointments and his consecutive decisions that would and can affect the stock prices. But there seems to be positive vibrations since his appointment let us wait and watch!

source:cnet news.com

Global Market.

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According to the news sites,there has been mixed trend in the global markets there has been increase in bond yields, precious metal prices are on the high and the geo political environment have increased the crude oil prices. There has been adoption of tighter monitory policy especially in Euro zone and Japan. In case of U.S there has been anticipation of increase in the rate of the Federal Reserve. While in Japan the stock prices were on the increase with good earning of Honda Company touching a lifetime high.

Courtesy: www.ft.com and economic times


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According to CNet news.com, Yahoo has come up with new software “ Go for TV”. We just have to download (free) and install the audio and video inputs to the TV and viola you can watch TV on your computer screen! What’s more you can even use the same to view DVD. Can you people imagine the cost effectiveness of this software? Look at the revolution that it is going to bring about. Just a few cables and TV card, no more shelling out for standalone video or audio players. But of course you need a Windows XP for this.Next Next invention might be auto sensor computer which can connect to the TV with a touch of a button! How I love this gizmo world!

Another start-up on the block

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Wallop is using Microsoft’s Technology to provide user-interface software. This venture was started to use Microsoft’s technical inventions from its research lab. Wallop is a start up venture of twelve people, Karl Jacob being the CEO. So people out there, are you wondering what is Microsoft’s stake in this venture, well for one Microsoft will have a minority stake and also gain a membership in the board (observer). Wallop claims that this user interface provides information to people, about people and with the help of user generated tools helps to identify their likes and dislikes similar to that of their real life. We need to wait and watch how this venture is different from other user interface modules and how best it help people to get to know others!

Courtesy: www.cnet news.com

What’s New?

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VPro system, of Intel will be able to run security software system irrespective of the type of Operating System. The intention is that the built in security is absolutely tamperproof, and the security system cannot be disenabled. There can only be add on’s to the existing system and the existing one cannot be removed. Another advantage is that virtualisation is provided to client system, which was not the case earlier. There are no compatibility problems, and any operating system can be used. Already companies are gearing up to manufacture software’s for VPro like Symantec and LANDesk.

Courtesy: Cnet news.com

Rupee emerging strong:

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The rupee is emerging strong, by closing strong at 44.91/92 per dollar. What might be the reason for this? As we all know the fall of the dollar against euro might be one of the reasons for this, also other factors attributable to the strengthening of the rupee might be trade activities.

What can be the result of such strengthening of the currency in the long run? As discussed in an earlier article, with the increase in the value of the rupee (in the long run), the purchasing power parity increases thereby leading to more demand and hence more supply. This in turn fuels a chain reaction of increased productivity and trade, but one must bear in mind that a structural development of the economy as well as the international environment (in terms of trade activities and demand for Indian goods) plays a major role in strengthening the economy as well as the rupee.

Plan to Increase Retail FDI:

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Talking of India, there are plans to increase the retail FDI, though nothing concrete has been decided so far. This might be the agenda for India in the coming moths. Metro the cash and carry retail outlet in Calcutta is more than happy with the response and is showing interest in expanding its operations in other parts of India. The Government must take care such that it doesn’t affect the other retailers in India, as well as provide opportunity for the Investors. Commerce Minister Mr. Kamal Nath is of the opinion that such a decision should prove fruitful to the small sectors and to the farmers as well.

Let us analyse the various outcome of retail FDI. More products would ensure more international goods for the consumers to chose from, this combined with increase in the Per capita income of individuals can result in more productivity and hence more employment opportunities for the smaller sectors. The back end operation of these retail outlets can in turn be given to smaller sectors and the farmer community such that there is rural development as well. But all said and done I think the Government should come up with policies, which would protect the indigenous retailers as well provide employment opportunity to the rural sector.

Courtesy: The Economic Times

Market Watch

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Hedge market and Equity Market are on the high in the U.S. With the low inflation rate, both the markets are trying to spread their wings. Talking of going on’s in Wall Street, despite crude oil price on the increase, the market has opened on a positive note. The productivity of the industries and the good outcome of their quarterly earning might be result of the positive surge. The companies who have benefited from their quarterly earnings are apple, merck and Untied Technology.

Talking of India, we have analysed last week, the growth path that India is taking. It is due to its various reforms and growth related activities that IMF is impressed with India. Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund Rodrigo de Rato ishappy at the rate at which India is making a marked improvement with low Inflation rate. Let us hope that this piece of good new brings in more Foreign Investment in the country.

Pulse of the market (U.S)

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Last week has been a good week for the U.S. Economy. According to John Anthers of FT, the Dow Jones industry average had increased to six percent last Thursday, while Russell 2000, had its best rise of smaller companies on Tuesday. Also the market is unable to grasp the idea behind Federal Banks policy, in recent news the rate was increased from 4.50 percent to 4.75 percent and the increase stood at that.

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