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Brief Profile – Venkat Rangan

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Venkat Rangan, 26
Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer, INXS

Venkat is a chief entrepreneur-in-residence at INXS. Venkat can be
described as a cutting-edge early entrepreneur. He is a co-founder of
several start-ups, picking at the loose ends of topics ranging from
telecom to multimedia to Wi-Fi. Previously, he was the co-founder of
Media IPX (Singapore), an obsessive start-up developing “Online Media
Convergence Network". Prior to which he founded Pacific Multimedia, a
multimedia upstart, servicing international clients such as Citibank,
N.A, Ford, Bharthi. From a humble 750sqt. office in Central Chennai
almost a decade ago, he has been exposed to a rich & varied
experience and has emerged as a larger than life leader. He was a key
driver of tele-medicine with Arvind Eye Hospital where he started one
of India’s first remote tele-ophthalmology network (ATN) in 1999.

Do your own search!

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According to a news in Alexa a subsidiary of has decided to open up the use of search engine, or web crawler to any programmer who would pay for the same. This is a big break through for both the searcher and for Alexa. By using the web crawler, the user would have access to thousand of Internet archives. By opening up the Alexa web search platform, it would enable the users to searching, indexing, computing, storing and publishing vast quantity of database. The web crawler searches about 1 tetra byte of data a day. The transaction itself is priced at $1 per transaction.

This is a great breakthrough in the history of search engines. By throwing open the vast database it has lead to great advantage to all the users be it a scientists or a musician. This is a great boon to all the search engine users.

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