November 2005 -

Yahoo to bring library to the net.

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With its collaboration with the California Campus Library, yahoo is trying to digitise as many books as possible from the public domain. This helps people from all over the world to refer books and even download them from their iPods. This new method gives an edge to Yahoo when compared to Google. It is a known fact that Google has come under fire for showcasing some excerpts from copy right books, google argues that it is well within law to quote certain lines with adequate reference to source. Well Yahoo does not want to get into bad publicity as Google and has decided to digitise only books available on the public domain, and for those copy right protected books, after getting the proper consent from the people who hold the copy right laws.

So far so good, Yahoo has now an edge over Google and also it has brought about a new revolution by bringing books to internet, which is all the more easy for many academicians and students, and also the general public to browse the book at the comfort and peace of their home.

Source: http://www.cnet

United States television goes digital

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The US government is not to be left far behind, as far as the technology transfer is concerned. The senate has passed a bill, wherein all the analog transmission has to be converted from all analogs to all digital transmission. The senate has ordered to bring about a transfer of the technology through the digital-to-analog converter. All the smaller television will also be tuned to receive the all-digital signals. The set date for conversion is April 7, 2009. This date would ensure that such a change is possible for all the millions of Americans to view television on a digital scale and this bill also provides for around $3billion to facilitate such a transfer. Well the Americans have more reasons to celebrate!

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