October 2005 -

India Vs. China

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For those of you who had this wrong idea that Consumer good markets in China fare better than their Indian counterparts, then here is the surprise. Indian consumer markets enjoyed better market share than that of their China counterpart. According to a survey report released by Indiatimes, it is found that major consumer durable markets like that of toothpaste, shampoo, Colour TV and refrigerator, India leads China in the consolidated market share of all the above consumer durables.

As far as the market for toothpaste is concerned the top three companies enjoy 90% of the share when compared to 19% of the Chinese toothpaste manufacturer. Similarly

In case of the Colour TV segment, the Indian manufacturer enjoys 52% of market share, whereas in China the manufacturers enjoy only 48% of share. In the similar manner the combined market share of the top refrigerator manufacturing companies in case of India is 63% whereas that of China is only 48%.

So this goes to say that ‘seeing is not believing’, though we might find our own markets flooded with China goods, China itself does not enjoy a good position in its own soil as far as consumer durables are concerned. Of course the country might be ahead of India in case of other developments like that of Infrastructure etc, but yet these ‘fact findings’ only reveal that India still has a strong hold on many things and requires only a gentle push from the Government to shine in other sectors such as Infrastructure, service sector agriculture etc. The day is not far when India could surpass China in all the sectors and emerge as a global leader.

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