September 2005 -

Boardroom meetings and sales meeting goes Hi – Tech.

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All most all the major companies in India are relying heavily on technology to make their internal meetings and conferences. A set of Plasma TV mike and camera are all one needs to make nation-wide conferences and interviews. No longer are executives expected to make journey across the nation to attend conferences and meetings, instead the time and money can be saved to make internal conferences and interviews. It just takes minutes to send a e mail to all the concerned and arrange for a meeting through the web camera and viola decisions can be made in matter of minutes and at the same time actions can be taken to implement the same…do you realise the time and energy saved on this. Thanks to the advancement made in technology. Similar is the case in case of Interviews arranged across the state, some of the HR consulting firms are equipped with these hi tech gadgets to conduct interview across states. Man that is really fantastic!

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